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Title: Will Mercy and Anna be in a book together?
Post by: Adam1WPI on July 31, 2007, 10:13:41 pm
Will there ever be interaction between the Charles/Anna and the Mercy stories' main characters?

They share the same world, but are the two arcs going to be kept separate?
Title: Re: Interaction between series
Post by: Patty Briggs on August 01, 2007, 06:14:05 pm
Bran is a fairly major character in both series.  Charles, of course, appears quite frequently in the Mercy books -- and is one of the two main characters in his own series.  Samuel has a role in the first of the Anna and Charles books.  But Mercy won't appear (except to be mentioned a time or two) in the first Anna and Charles book.

At this point, I'm working quite hard to work with the time lines established in Moon Called, as this book begins just after Moon Called.  Hopefully this will not continue to be a major factor <grin>, as it is a real pain in the rump.

So there is some interaction between the series, but don't expect Mercy to take a big role in the Anna & Charles books -- or visa versa. 
Title: Re: Charles and Anna
Post by: Patty Briggs on October 20, 2007, 05:32:04 am
Yes, Deva is right about where it is, but I'll answer it here anyway <grin>.   I'd actually like to do as little of that as possible.  The two series feel a little different (Anna & Charles books are written in third person while Mercy books are first person with Mercy as the viewpoint character).  And one of my biggest problems has always been that I add too many characters to my books.  However, some characters (Bran) are too much a part of both worlds not to appear.  With Charles and Samuel being brothers . . .   Probably, however, Mercy, herself won't appear in the Charles and Anna books.  Another problem with bringing main characters back and forth, is that it tends to confuse new readers -- or people who read only one series and not the other.
Title: Crossover
Post by: tamarphelan on June 23, 2015, 01:59:10 am
Another question:

I know it is unlikely to have a Mercy and Anna book, since their talents are so disparate, however what about a crossover book?

I would love to see Mercy with Charles, working something out that her skills will help with more than Anna's, maybe with Coyote or some such.

And I would love to see an increastingly independent Anna.  She has been growing stronger since Cry Wolf, but I think it would be interesting to see her without Charles.  She would still be around the very strong Adam and Samuel, but it might give her the reins.  Maybe she could help with the new pack member from the end of Night Broken?

Just an idea, thanks!