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Title: SM Reine
Post by: Gerd D. on November 10, 2013, 04:34:15 am
Spreading some more author love. :)

SM Reine is my current fave indie/eBook author.

She wrote the Season of the Moon/Chronicles of Cain series, an YA Urban Fantasy featuring werewolves and my current ongoing fictional crush Rylie Gresham. (The four part cycle Seasons of the moon can currently be downlaoded for free from Smashwords as ePub)

and the Desccent series, leaning to NA Urban Fantasy featuring angels and demons, with main character Elise Kavanagh.

Then there's several short stories (like the Steampunkish The 19 Dragons)

Her current Ascension series is an Adult Urban Fantasy series which combines the characters from Seasons and Descent, though the focus lies on Elise.

The first installments to the Seasons and Descent series can always be downloaded for free from Amazon.

Any fans on board?
Title: Re: SM Reine
Post by: ArtAngel on November 16, 2013, 05:25:11 pm
I've read a most of the werewolf ones and enjoyed them, but certain aspects of the romance really bothered me and I haven't managed to finish the series. I really, really don't like love triangles that feature siblings

I have also started the Descent series but haven't finished it yet.
Title: Re: SM Reine
Post by: Gerd D. on November 17, 2013, 02:28:28 am
I must admit I started Descent, and couldn't really get into it. I'm more in favour of her Seasons stories, but I chalk that up to Descent falling closer to New Adult territory.
However, now reading the Ascension series makes me want to go back to Descent, to learn more about Elise's past.

I actually like the love triangle Sara has set up, although it's a rocky relationship and there are times when Abel's "You're mine" gives me the shivers...