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Title: Frost Burned Chat | March 8, 2013 **Spoilers**
Post by: Elle on March 08, 2013, 06:35:34 pm
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CarolKat: And we wait..15:45
CarolKat: What did you think Elle? I absolutely loved it.15:45
Has_mod: Posted on FB!15:46
Has_mod: Hey Knightwolfe!15:46
Elle_mod: I loved it. :D15:47
CarolKat: Hi Knightwolve!15:47
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knightwolfe: hey guys :)15:47
CarolKat: Hi gen!15:47
Elle_mod: Hi guys. :D15:47
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gen: loved it couldnt put it down15:47
CarolKat: Janilee! Hi!15:48
proudfit: is here for the beer15:48
knightwolfe: i read it in about 8 hours. i just couldnt stop reading once it was in my hand15:48
CarolKat: Hi Proudfit, aka Gryphon! No beer here!15:48
Janilee: Hello all.15:48
Has_mod: K just tweeted15:48
Elle_mod: I think it was definitely one of my favourites of the series for sure15:49
proudfit: i am sad it took 6 hrs ta read, I read too slow15:49
CarolKat: So much going on, so many twists and turns.15:49
Has_mod: I loved it - I agree it was def one of the best books in the series and I adored Adam's POV15:49
CarolKat: Took me 2 days but those were work days15:49
Elle_mod: I'm so happy that Patty gave us Adam's POV it really helped...I hope we get more.15:50
knightwolfe: it was great to see things through adams eyes. i was suprised but happy about it15:50
CarolKat: I loved Adam's POV it really adds to the story.15:51
Has_mod: I agree - def added another layer into his character especially on how he viewed himself and being a werewolf.15:51
Elle_mod: I really enjoyed what he thought of Mercy and how much he enjoyed arguing with her. good times15:51
Elle_mod: was anyone else expecting something different from the fae soverignity?15:52
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Elle_mod: I was expecting more tensions or even battlelines drawn but I liked how it worked though with public opinion on their side15:53
Lalo: Hello everybody! I finished it earlier today It was awesome!15:53
Elle_mod: Hi Lalo :D15:53
Lalo: Adam was great. I really enjoyed his point of view also.15:53
Lalo: hey Elle+mod15:53
CarolKat: I wasn't sure what to expect from the fae, But I was really glad to see Zee!15:54
Lalo: I love Zee15:54
Lalo: proudfit, it took me awhile to read it also, I wanted to savor it15:54
Elle_mod: I loved that Zee was unglamoured. :D and that he and Asil had history15:54
Has_mod: Me too and I really want to know what is going on with the fae15:54
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Lalo: I was surprised how Sylvia forgave and kind of jumped on the band wagon15:55
proudfit: i hate my pos computer15:56
Lalo: sorry proudfit15:56
Elle_mod: @Lalo I was surprised too but happy that she came around15:56
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Lalo: oh yes, very happy, she is such a proud woman and her children were in danger but she stood up on the side of the right - that was good15:57
CarolKat: I loved how Jesse handled everything!15:57
Has_mod: I think with Sylvia - she was really missing Gabriel and I think she's also a very proud person. Also this allowed her to see the wolves POV and I bet that court case with the fae and the fallout has given her new insights about the supernaturals15:57
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proudfit: i was hoping other bad guys other than vampires15:57
CarolKat: Hi Mid and BCW15:57
Has_mod: Oh I also would like to state - if the room is lagging for you let us know so we can clear the room15:57
Lalo: Jesse is very cool15:57
Has_mod: hey Mid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D15:57
Mid_mod: Hey everyone :)15:58
Lalo: Has_Mod, I think you're right about Sylvia15:58
Elle_mod: Hey Mid15:58
Lalo: and I loved that Adam came out looking like the hero he is15:58
Lalo: and Mercy's "powers" are growing, that is intriguing15:58
Mid_mod: I think I fell a little more in love with Adam after FB15:58
big city wolf: I liked getting some background on Adam and Zee that we didn't have before.15:59
Elle_mod: I loved that Adam could see Peter. :D15:59
Lalo: yes, Adam could see Peter but was that only because he was touching Mercy?15:59
big city wolf: Coyote's giving her tips.15:59
Lalo: about time Coyote helped Mercy a little15:59
Elle_mod: no when he told her where Mercy was for the fight. :D16:00
proudfit: Well Mercy is a Demi-god16:00
Lalo: oh right...16:00
CarolKat: Or at least hear Peter, Coyote talking in Mercy's head did freak me out a bit.16:00
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Has_mod: They were definitely sharing powers/abilities - I think that is going to throw some interesting quirks especially about her mortality I think16:00
Has_mod: Hey KFlynn!16:01
Lalo: I feel very sad about Peter, I mean, seriously, I feel the loss to the pack16:01
KFlynn: Hi :)16:01
Lalo: Has_mod I think you're right about Mercy's mortality16:01
big city wolf: It was good to see Tad in the story, but I wonder how come he didn't finish Harvard.16:01
Lalo: And those vampires! how mean!16:01
Elle_mod: I like how their mate bond is so unique.16:02
CarolKat: Tad didn't finish cause the Fae got called back to the reservations, it wasn't safe for him to be out there16:02
Elle_mod: @big city wolf I was so glad to see Tad as well!16:02
Lalo: big city wolf, it never said, but I figured Tad was pressured out of college - either by public opinion or because he had to take care of Zee's place16:02
big city wolf: It was sad to see Peter get killed.16:02
Lalo: we also know the queen vampire does not know everything she thinks she knows - she's underestimated Mercy and Adam cannot be happy with her now16:03
KFlynn: I know I'm joining late, but how did people feel abou the jump in first persons? All mercy books have been from her point of view, but FB read more like Alpha & Omega the way it kept jumping. I liked it, but do you think that's going to continue to the next mercy book?16:03
CarolKat: I love Tad and glad to see he has some of his Dad's magic16:03
Lalo: KFlynn, I liked it a lot16:03
Lalo: the POV shifts, I thought they were great16:03
proudfit: i hope i am back16:04
big city wolf: I liked the fact that the book went from person to person and from first to third person.16:04
Lalo: CarolKat, me too, love Tad16:04
Has_mod: I liked it too - I thought ti gave it a real insight into the characters especially for Adam16:04
Elle_mod: @KFlynn I really liked it as well. it really needed it16:04
KFlynn: Because you get more of Adam's take on things?16:04
Lalo: you're back Proudfit16:04
Elle_mod: definitely different though16:04
Lalo: I have to say, this may be my favorite book so far16:04
Elle_mod: I was sad to see Peter killed but can't help but be excited what that will mean for Honey and her issues with her own dominance16:04
KFlynn: I think Honey and Ben are going to get together in a future book...16:05
Has_mod: @KFLynn yep but also his own thoughts and feelings for being a werewolf. I think that's going to be an issue which both Adam and Mercy will have to face16:05
Lalo: KFlynn, I wondered about Honey and Ben, myself... I like Ben - Honey is not so nice - she needs someone more dominant to temper her16:05
CarolKat: and Ben's not htat dominent16:06
CarolKat: that16:06
Lalo: I love the little Sandoval girls16:06
big city wolf: The Sandovals are great.16:06
Lalo: Ben is more dominant than Peter was - I wonder if they'll find a new submissive wolf16:06
Elle_mod: I like Ben just not with anyone yet.16:06
Lalo: Ben has issues so if he doesn't mate up, I could live with that. He's loyal to Adam and to Mercy.16:07
Lalo: I love all the interaction between and among the wolves, that is just awesome.16:07
knightwolfe: did anyone else like seeing a darker side to stefen? i liked how he was a little more. blood thirsty this book16:07
Janilee: Ben is shaping up nicely, but he still needs more time before entiering a relationship.16:07
Lalo: Janilee, I agree about Ben16:07
big city wolf: Stephan was much darker in this book, and definitely a vampire.16:07
Elle_mod: I love Ben. I really want Warren to hire him and they be a rocking PI team.16:07
Lalo: knightwolfe, I was upset with Stefan at the end of this book16:08
big city wolf: Even though he isn't part of the seethe anymore, he's still involved it seems.16:08
Elle_mod: Stefan has issues. I really see the fugue happening with him. he just seems to be sinking deeper into it16:08
Has_mod: I agree about Stefan turning darkside - Mercy isn't enough I think to retain his human side16:08
Janilee: It might also be that he is not part of a seethe anymore. He has been in one for a very long time.16:08
Lalo: I know, it's like Stefan cannot really get away from the seethe16:09
knightwolfe: he was, it was somewhat nice to see. he doesnt really act vampireish. though i hope he doesnt get more evil. i like him being fun loving too16:09
Elle_mod: what did you guys think of him still being connected to Mercy. not a good surprise for her16:09
Lalo: Elle, that was a shock to me too - I was unhappy with Stefan16:09
big city wolf: Wulf was a shock. he comes out on the wrong side, and then picks up Marisella to take her back and fix her up.16:09
Lalo: he's still connected to Mercy and he kind of lured her into a bad situation16:09
Elle_mod: Hi Cami :)16:09
KFlynn: I don't think Wulfe was really on Frost's side, I think he's just ambivalent...16:09
big city wolf: Stephen's connection to Mercy was a nasty surprise.16:10
knightwolfe: it was a shock to see him able to do that16:10
knightwolfe: i love wolfe, he is just so damned nuts he is awsome16:10
Elle_mod: Wulfe is just crazy. he's a wildcard16:10
knightwolfe: i can see him being a problem in some book16:10
Elle_mod: @knightwolfe totally!16:10
proudfit: don't wulf had a choice because badd could process other vamps16:11
KFlynn: Stephan said in the rules, you can name anyone to fight on your side, whether they want to or not, it seemed wulfe was just like "sure why not" but he really wasn't passionate about the outcome. Just bored and up for the entertainment of a fight.16:11
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CarolKat: I thought it was interesting that the rule of the fight were the Master of Milans16:12
Janilee: Wolfe was also experienceing nostalgia for a time when he could be openly terrifying.16:12
big city wolf: @CarolKat. And that he was still in love with Marisella.16:12
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Janilee: The Master of Milan is the Marquis of Queensbury for vampires?16:12
big city wolf: Wulfe said that he wanted to be able to feed openly.16:12
Elle_mod: Janilee. lol16:13
Cami: Hi Everybody. I'm so sorry so lost trying to catch up, I even accidentally kicked myself back out16:13
Has_mod: Did anyone get the sense Wulfe is more than intrigued by Mercy? Its more than pulling her leg16:13
Cami: I think I need to go logon on my iPad. Reading it off my iPhone just isn't that easy16:13
proudfit: tought Master of Milian was Boss Vampire for every vamp.16:13
KFlynn: Question: I've been arguring about this with my roomate...did they ever refer to Frost as "Gauntlet Boy" in a prior book? I know Mercy described him as "wearing gauntlets" in bone crossed, but I thought I remembered her using the nickname Gauntlet Boy before FB....16:13
Elle_mod: wulfe needs to stay away from mercy. he is freaking her out16:14
big city wolf: Wulfe freaks everyone out.16:14
big city wolf: I don't remember hearing the Gauntlet Boy name before.16:14
Elle_mod: I remember the scene at his house in Blood Bound. creeped me otu16:14
Janilee: Gauntlet boy was not used as a name until this book in my memory.16:14
Elle_mod: we call him Gauntet Guy on the canon16:15
Janilee: Won't be hard to change.16:15
knightwolfe: i think he is obsessed with mmercy... and will become a big problem soon16:15
Elle_mod: so if you've looked at that, that may be where it was familiar16:15
big city wolf: I didn't see the vampires being the cause of all the problem.16:15
CarolKat: Wulfe needs to stay away from everyone! Mercy just changed Gauntlet Guy to Gauntlet Boy LOL16:15
Has_mod: LOL I love our nicknames :D16:15
Has_mod: Think Yo-yo girl is another as well16:16
KFlynn: whats the canon Elle_Mod?16:16
Elle_mod: I actually didn't miind Marsilia here. i could see them maybe being friends down the road16:16
Cami: So does anybody remember yo-yo girl's first name?16:16
CarolKat: Wait doesn't matter he's dead. But what about Bernard wasn't he his get?16:16
knightwolfe: i want to see more of the fae i think... and problems caused by others, not always the vamps16:16
Elle_mod: @KFlynn it's on the forum, the canon for the books...names, packs etc You can see it here:
big city wolf: Interesting to see the Zee has to keep finding new ways to sneak out.16:17
Elle_mod: @Cami it's Edythe16:18
CarolKat: Beat me to it Elle16:18
big city wolf: And Asil was fairly quiet in this book.16:18
Elle_mod: lol16:18
Cami: :) yes!!!16:18
Has_mod: @Elle I felt like they were more like frenemies!16:18
Janilee: But there never has been a successful prisoner escape from Stalag 13.16:18
KFlynn: thanks Elle16:18
Elle_mod: yes! frenemies!16:18
Elle_mod: I don't mind the bad guys being the vamps...maybe because they freak me out the most. :D16:19
proudfit: Don't think the Gray Lords really don't boss Zee around16:19
Has_mod: *waves* at newbies - if you want to join the chat lease click join chat below! - also let us know if the room is running slow or is lagging16:19
big city wolf: But they took away his phone.16:19
knightwolfe: yeah they did take it away, but i dont think zee will really take orders from anyone16:20
Janilee: I think Zee and Mercy are alike in their way of changing the rules to fix things.16:20
CarolKat: I don't think Zee is happy being where he is, but he trying to be the voice of reason.16:20
Elle_mod: I loved that they took away his phone and how frustrated he is with the whole process16:20
Cami: I have to say I keep waiting for her to bring back Catherine from bone crossed as one of the villains in her stories16:20
big city wolf: It will be interesting to see how they try to keep him contained in the future.16:21
Cami: The ghost vamp that Blackwood allowed her to drink from him16:21
Cami: I never thought gauntlet boy would ever show up in the future story16:21
KFlynn: Do we think Uncle Mike is a gray lord?16:21
Has_mod: Oh I thought he would - he def made an impression and he was scary16:22
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knightwolfe: yes i think he is16:22
Elle_mod: I don't think so...i think he's like Zee and very powerful16:22
Janilee: The Tri-Cities should be more interesting with Marcillia more awake.16:22
Elle_mod: hi katy :)16:22
katy: Hi! Wow, y'all are chatty! Trying to catch up...16:22
knightwolfe: everyone seems to go to uncle mike for advice and stuff... so he could be16:22
Elle_mod: it's a free for all katy. :D we'll post the transcript later as well16:23
big city wolf: They said that he wasn16:23
big city wolf: in an earlier book.16:23
knightwolfe: so... does anyone else kind of feel bad for tad? since his dads forced away and he pretty much wasnt wanted...16:23
CarolKat: wonder what happened to Uncles Mike's - the bar??? closed disappeared?16:23
Elle_mod: I do. poor Tad...there is something going on with him16:24
big city wolf: I do feel bad for Tad. He wasn't a happy camper.16:24
Elle_mod: I loved that mercy thinks of him as her little brother though16:24
big city wolf: But Tad went back to work for Mercy.16:24
Elle_mod: Good point, CK16:24
knightwolfe: yeah, he was so angry and bitter, he didnt even want to talk to mercy... and thats odd16:24
proudfit: Look at history halfbreds were never truly accepted16:24
Elle_mod: maybe disappeared...mind you mundanes couldn't really see it only the supernatural beings16:24
Cami: Now that he's back from college though Tad can Now carry on a romance with somebody else if she wants to put that in the future book16:25
big city wolf: But Tad was coming around toward the end.16:25
knightwolfe: thats true16:25
katy: I wonder if they didn't want Tad or if he and Zee had managed to hide his power enough that they thought he was one of the human-like halfbreds16:25
Has_mod: I think his story in the anthology is going to cover why he's being a hermit - it could be the fae fallout during Fair Game?16:25
big city wolf: @Katy. It could be either one.]16:26
CarolKat: I think they were hiding it, and I think Tad had something happen at school that he doesn't want to talk about and that's why he didn't wnat to talk to Mercy16:26
katy: I like the idea of Zee "hiding" Tad on the outside16:26
proudfit: Well the gray lord in fair game could be petty enough to be jealous of Zee and Tad16:26
Elle_mod: maybe girl trouble? :D16:27
big city wolf: Maybe.16:27
Elle_mod: Mercy said he was quite the player...maybe the tables turned. I suspect a combination of that and the fae issues16:27
Janilee: They might envy his ability to touch Iron.16:27
CarolKat: That's what I think, I don't think it was the whole I have to leave although it may have caused the gorl troubles16:27
CarolKat: girl16:28
proudfit: We have to wait for Tad's tale in the anthogoly16:28
big city wolf: In the book Tad seemed to have the ability to attract attention and hold it.16:28
proudfit: no that standard galmour stuff16:28
Has_mod: I adored the scene when he was like hey hey hey to the police to detract attention from Mercy16:28
big city wolf: And he was able to draw out the silver from the wolves, so he can work magic with metal.16:29
Janilee: That is a four letter word gryphon. LOL16:29
CarolKat: Tad had a lot of things come to light in this book, the weapons, the ability to learn quickly from Zee to take out the silver16:29
katy: He's also hiding some artifacts for Zee -- they wanted everyone to bring their artifacts to the rez16:29
KFlynn: what's the anthology? when's is coming out...16:29
big city wolf: The anthology may come out late FAll?16:30
Has_mod: It should be out at the end of the year but its not set in stone. Patty is still working on it16:30
Elle_mod: I can't wait to find out what all Tad can do.16:30
big city wolf: Looking forward to the anthology.16:30
proudfit: @Janilee what four letter word?16:30
CarolKat: Tad is a real surprise but not really16:30
Janilee: WAIT!16:31
proudfit: lord16:31
CarolKat: LOL16:31
Janilee: :))16:31
CarolKat: We don't like the whole wait thing do we>​ :-P16:31
Elle_mod: I really enjoyed how Adam addressed his fear over Mercy jumpiing in and trying to save the day. he's worried. i'm worried.16:32
proudfit: Surprised that gray lords haven't tried to scoop Mercy up16:32
Elle_mod: Mercy has been so beat up inthe last few books. I'm glad it wasn't so bad in this one16:32
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Venice: Hi everyone. .16:33
Has_mod: I think the mating bond is going to strengthen even more - in my reread I noticed that Adam's change was faster ala Charles16:33
Cami from WA: ok now im on my home computer hopefully this will be easier16:33
katy: That would bring retaliation from the wolves and maybe coyote16:33
Elle_mod: Hi Venice and Cami again. :D16:33
Has_mod: Hey Venice! And welcome back Cami!16:33
CarolKat: and vice versa, Elle. The whole silver thing and the mate bond freaked them both out16:33
Janilee: But do the fae know about Coyote?16:33
proudfit: Remember Coyote is a trickster and healer from choas, with choas comes danger16:33
Elle_mod: the fae know he was the walking stick16:34
Elle_mod: oh the adventures they're having. :D16:34
Cami from WA: lol howdy. ok so how did stephan allow mercy to put herself at risk in the end? knowing it would likely bring her death? or do people think he was really that confident in her16:34
CarolKat: Oh and Stefan knew Asil!16:34
proudfit: Dat would be a cool story16:34
Elle_mod: I don't trust Stefan anymore16:34
KFlynn: how many mercy books do you think we have left after 8?...16:34
Cami from WA: stephen knew asil?16:35
big city wolf: @Elle. I don't either.16:35
proudfit: lots hopefully16:35
Elle_mod: @CK did he? I don't remember that16:35
Has_mod: Patty did say that the walking stick is not finished with Mercy - and yes Stefan lied about the blood bond!!!16:35
Venice: I like that Kyle has a more centered storyline. Love him and Warren together.16:35
CarolKat: Yes let me find it16:35
Cami from WA: yes kyle is awsome...calm cool collectred16:35
Elle_mod: @Venice I LOVE Warren and Kyle. Love them16:35
big city wolf: Loved to see how tough Kyle was.16:35
Elle_mod: and then when he's talking to Mercy...let's go get our men. :D Go Kyle!16:36
Venice: He has a natural chemistry with most of the characters.16:36
Elle_mod: he does...he's wonderful16:37
proudfit: kyle has always been a tuff cookie, He is a Family Law lawyer.16:37
Has_mod: *waves* at newbies - if you want to join the chat lease click join chat below!16:37
Janilee: This is fun, but I'm off for the night. :)16:38
Elle_mod: night janilee :D16:38
Cami from WA: i was dissa[ppointed to see honey still having issues with mercy. i thought even paul and mary joe had let go of the hatred for mercy16:38
proudfit: nite Professor16:38
annaXcharles joined the chat16:38
annaXcharles: *Waves* Hello everyone!16:38
proudfit: howdy16:38
Elle_mod: I think Honey is so angry becaues she's afraid of the changing dominance...she wasn't so hostile before16:38
Elle_mod: hi annaXcharles! :)16:39
Cami from WA: remember in silver born when they were running nose to ground to find her scent? now in this book she speaks like they still hate her16:39
big city wolf: And she lost her mate.16:39
Venice: Did anyone else find the whole Asil/Adam interaction hilarious? Ah the power of true dominants. Also liked that he recognized the three most dangerous wolves who were witch-born; Clan Cornick!16:39
Cami from WA: maryjoe and paul i mean...why are they baqck to hating her?16:40
Has_mod: Yep and I think not all of the pack are against her. I think its definitely about dominance issues. Women's perspective with alpha posturing bet that's a factor with Honey as well16:40
Elle_mod: @Venice I really enjoyed they tiptoed around each other and I loved Ben with Asil as well16:40
proudfit: How old is Honey? Was she stable before she was changed16:40
annaXcharles: I really enjoyed the AdamAsil interactions. Granted I was to busy being excited that Asil was here xD16:40
KFlynn: I think when anyone gets kidnapped, they all just get cranky at mercy...again...16:40
Elle_mod: :D16:40
Cami from WA: i was sure asil was going to be in the fight in the end but but then she picked did asil sit and watch if he is so uncontrollable?16:41
big city wolf: I think she's blaming the whole thing on Mercy.16:41
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Hey all
DandelionWine joined the chat16:41
Elle_mod: Hi DandelionWine :)16:41
Venice: @Proudfit The book says Honey has been with Adam's pack for 30yrs16:41
big city wolf: And she was with other packs before that.16:42
DandelionWine: I just posted on the site with some questions about Honey, and her being roomies with MaryJo16:42
proudfit: Maybe she just hates choas, Mercy is choas breed16:42
Cami from WA: i hope there is never a futrure book where honey wants adam like maryjoe her a rightful place in the pack as a dominant mate....kinda like leah (brans mate)16:42
DandelionWine: i think she's been the "pretty one" for so long, she's not sure how to be more functional16:43
annaXcharles: I think it's gunna be interesting to see how Honey and Mary Jo interact as roomies..16:43
KFlynn: Asil did try to fight, stephan held him i guess Stephan is stronger than Asil OR Asil didn't fight with his full strength...i would have thought Asil could take stephan one on one...16:43
Cami from WA: oh thats right...he was trying to get in there16:43
Elle_mod: hopefully they'll help balance each other out16:43
Has_mod: Oil and water methinks with Mary Jo and Honey but its definitely interesting. Although I wished Mercy has a female friend when it doesn't have to be antagonistic16:44
Venice: The "Laverne &Shirley" of werewolves lol.16:44
Elle_mod: @Has I really want that as well...just someone other than Jesse to chill out with16:44
Cami from WA: do anyone wonder if honey will turn....bad so to speak?16:44
KFlynn: spin off...16:44
Elle_mod: @Venice yes!!16:44
proudfit: Remember ASil ain't all that stable, and he fights he may lose it16:44
DandelionWine: Asil seems a bit more solid now, I hope he's gotten a little more interested, less bored16:45
annaXcharles: I kinda wanna see a little more Anna from Cry Wolf in Mercy's world.. Idk. I just think Mercy might be "good" for Anna. Considering Mercy tends to say before she thinks. Anna could use a little boldness..... Idk. I think I'm the only one who wants to see a MercyAnna friendship16:45
DandelionWine: not much more solid mind you, but a little16:45
Cami from WA: yes he is which is why i figured he would jump into requesting he be the second or third fighter... it wasnt until later we found out it cant be a wolf16:45
Has_mod: LOL16:45
Elle_mod: marsilia is sly16:46
proudfit: Patty has said no cross over16:46
Elle_mod: i love how Mercy's ghost abilities are growing16:46
KFlynn: ditto @ Elle16:46
Elle_mod: what about Thomas Hao. i wasnt' expecting to see him again16:47
KFlynn: When did we see him in the first place?16:47
annaXcharles: We saw him before?16:47
Elle_mod: Short story called "Fairy Gifts"16:47
DandelionWine: I want to hear more about that girl from D.C. who went to Bran for help, can't remember her name. I hope we see something about here either in a Mercy bookor in an A&O book, or short16:48
KFlynn: What did his character do in fairy gifts?16:48
Has_mod: Yep - it should be included in the anthology as well - Patty said the previously pubbed stories will be compiled16:48
Has_mod: *waves* at newbies - if you want to join the chat lease click join chat below!16:48
Elle_mod: the Naked City anthology16:48
KFlynn: Kara16:48
Cami from WA: yes!!! that young girl whol was changed at ?16:48
Elle_mod: you learn how he is created16:48
Dani K joined the chat16:48
Elle_mod: and he gets a gift from a fae he rescues16:48
Cami from WA: she was changed young at like thirteen?16:49
KFlynn: yea16:49
CarolKat: Hi dani!16:49
Elle_mod: hi Dani :)16:49
DandelionWine: changed at 10, was 13 in Silver Borne was it?16:49
Venice: She was just a child16:49
Dani K: Hi Carol and Elle16:49
Cami from WA: i keep waiting for her to come to adams pack and be a main character...cant remember her name...16:49
big city wolf: Kyra16:49
Has_mod: *waves* at newbies - if you want to join the chat lease click join chat below!16:50
Cami from WA: maybe she can get with tad???16:50
Elle_mod: :D16:50
Cami from WA: then again at thirteen forever maybe people would think that was wrong16:50
big city wolf: Are females allowed to mate outside the pack?16:50
Elle_mod: she's one tough cookie for sure16:50
proudfit: that would be Illegal16:50
Dani K: I feel like I need to catch up fast. LOL16:50
proudfit: tad and kyra
Title: Re: Frost Burned Chat | March 8, 2013 **Spoilers**
Post by: Elle on March 08, 2013, 06:37:00 pm
DandelionWine: Kara16:50
Elle_mod: she'll grown up to about her twenties then stop like Charles did16:51
Cami from WA: is it illegal? if she would have been an adult?16:51
KFlynn: lmao kara or kyra?16:51
CarolKat: OK looked I was mistaken Asil knows Zee! And confirmed who he is16:51
DandelionWine: Kara, I looked at the ID cards16:51
Cami from WA: i mean being changed so yooung does that mean she is never to be an adult?16:51
Dani K: which story is Kyra from?16:51
Elle_mod: Kara16:51
DandelionWine: Silver borne16:51
CarolKat: No Kara was from IK16:52
DandelionWine: Her father came to the garage to find help for her16:52
Dani K: Sheesh, I need to re-read the books. I'm forgetting characters16:52
big city wolf: Kara was from Blood Bound.16:52
Has_mod: It was Blood Bound16:52
Has_mod: LOL16:52
Elle_mod: No Cami. she'll grow up but she won't physically age past her mid twenties when she reaches that16:52
DandelionWine: ... hmmm, yeah, blood bound16:52
proudfit: She may not make it to Adult hood16:52
Cami from WA: i always think about mr wallace...changed as an older man and actually becomes bodily younger...healthier16:52
annaXcharles: Now I'm not confused anymore. She was the reporter/journalists?? daughter right!16:52
Has_mod: But there was a brief mention in Bone Crossed.16:52
Elle_mod: Werewolves are different from vampires16:52
CarolKat: Right the demon thing16:52
DandelionWine: ye[16:53
DandelionWine: p\16:53
Elle_mod: now if she had be vamped she'd be screwed16:53
KFlynn: amen16:53
DandelionWine: loL fat fingers !16:53
Has_mod: @proudfit - Bran said she will be alright. It looked like she handled her wolf ok16:53
annaXcharles: xD16:53
KFlynn: think she's submissive? the pack could use her...16:53
Cami from WA: i always figured being changed so young kara would just continue to age unit she hits prime of twenty five or thirty16:53
CarolKat: I think weres make it ti adulthood and then she won't agae furhter16:53
CarolKat: age16:53
CarolKat: darn fingers16:54
DandelionWine: Yes, it's the vamps who 'freeze' at the age they get ...dead ? Weres age to maturity, then stay there16:54
Elle_mod: yes :D16:54
Cami from WA: so technically kara could find adult love in years?16:55
Elle_mod: I think it would be much better to be a werewolf over being a vampire. :D just sayin'16:55
DandelionWine: Oops! AFK for a bit! BRB16:55
CarolKat: And if you are old when you change you revert to the younger16:55
Dani K: I agree Elle16:55
Venice: It's going to be interesting to see how Adam and his pack cope without a submissive. There are a few dominants and Mercy there to stir the pot.16:55
Cami from WA: im just saying... :) go tadd16:55
annaXcharles: I think it would have it's pros and cons. But I would most likely pick were vs. vamp.16:55
Elle_mod: Good point, @Venice16:55
proudfit: i am back?16:55
CarolKat: Yep16:56
Dani K: Will Tad age slowly since he's Zee's son?16:56
Cami from WA: patricias vamps kinda give me the heebie jeebies16:56
annaXcharles: I enjoyed seeing Tadd again. But I was mildly disappointed in no Sameul16:56
KFlynn: ditto16:56
Cami from WA: well im not sure if tad would age slow but isnt he just out of colllege??? still so young16:57
Elle_mod: we're not even sure if that's what Tad really looks like or it's just glamour. I think he'll be like Zee though and long lived16:57
Cami from WA: anybody remember how old half fae finn was?16:57
CarolKat: Maybe depends, I think that he has a lot more of his Dad in him than has been let on16:57
Venice: Don't think Adam could handle both Samuel and Asil lol.16:57
annaXcharles: I agree with CarolKat16:57
Cami from WA: i think so too...16:57
proudfit: he is at least 21 to 24, that ain't young16:58
Dani K: Cami, he's still in college, but because of the fae leaving things got hard for him at college I thought16:58
Cami from WA: maybe more fae than human16:58
CarolKat: @cami yep16:58
annaXcharles: Lol. @ Venice, I don't think so either but I love the dynamics between Adam and Sam16:58
CarolKat: Sam will be back but I wonder why Bran called him to Montana before this all broke loose16:59
big city wolf: It sounded like Bran knew something would happen.16:59
annaXcharles: Sam has to come back! But that is a very good point...16:59
Elle_mod: I can't wait to see if we find out what's going on there16:59
Dani K: Maybe Samuel was called to Montana for the Fae/werewolf talks16:59
annaXcharles: Bran knows everythingggggggg16:59
big city wolf: But Bran is psychic17:00
Venice: His mate is still there. Sam will come home.17:00
Elle_mod: what did you guys think of Ari this time around?17:00
big city wolf: I've wondered how Sam and Ari's mate bond would work, and will we ever see that?17:00
Cami from WA: im just saying i could see kara with someone younger like tadd than ben or stephan or someone older. i have always wanted ben to have an entire book about him being tamed by a good woman. i thought mercys younger sister..nan is it? or maybe nan is the married one... but anyway the single sister...17:00
Elle_mod: @bcw I think we will. I hope so17:00
annaXcharles: Big city: that would be interesting to see.17:01
Dani K: I liked her. I'd like to see more of her though to get a better feel for who she is.17:01
annaXcharles: I think nan is married..... @Cami. but don't quote me on that'17:01
Elle_mod: I think she's just too much a mystery still...I need to see not around werewolves. lol17:01
big city wolf: She seems to be working through the werewolf thing.17:01
CarolKat: I wonder if once she is in control she might want to join Adam and Mercy's pack17:01
Elle_mod: who? Kara?17:02
big city wolf: And we found out that she was the last fae born before the iron started spreading.17:02
CarolKat: Yes Kara17:02
Elle_mod: maybe when she's an adult...right now I think she's safer staying with Bran17:02
big city wolf: So is she older than Bran?17:02
proudfit: Why are focusing on Kara she not even secondary Character, she like an an extra.17:03
big city wolf: Because the Romans were in Britain around 2000 years ago17:03
Cami from WA: patricia always leaves me anticipating further camios from past charracters.. cirtainly catherine...i half expected the oak man to show back up :)17:03
Venice: I think Ari and Samuels bond will be very strong. A powerful fae & super suave Sam. He is the most human of the wolves. Maybe that's why Bran needed him. Suave is not Charles strong suiy17:03
Venice: t17:03
Elle_mod: it's a free for all, gyrphon you can bring up anythiing you want. ;)17:04
annaXcharles: Speaking of Charles.... Gah I want a new A&O book17:04
Dani K: Being vocal is not always Charles' strong suit. He's a better intimidator.17:05
Elle_mod: Mercy did think Ari may be older than Bran but that's only her guess...she could be as old as from the 1200BC couldn't she? if around iron age17:05
Has_mod: We're not sure when we will get one but Patty is def not finished with them but they are in a hppy place right now17:05
Has_mod: I would reckon around that that time. I do think she was part of how werewolves came to be though17:05
Has_mod: *waves* at newbies - if you want to join the chat lease click join chat below!17:05
CarolKat: Isn't Sam and Ari going to be in the Anthology?17:05
Elle_mod: @Cami I think Catherine was destroyed by Mercy in Bone Crossed17:06
big city wolf: A Sam or two I think they said, but we don't know about Ari.17:06
annaXcharles: I know we're gunna get one, but I just am like way in love with Charles and Anna's relationship. I just love how they balance each other.17:06
Cami from WA: wow i just got confused....kara is fae? i thougth she was a regular girl turned into a werewolf... maybe i read the about incorrectl;y?17:06
Elle_mod: Kara is just a werewolf17:06
annaXcharles: kara is were. ari (Sams mate) is fae17:06
Venice: Oh! The A&O novella is out on audiobook finally! I have the entire series on audio. I listen while I drive.17:06
Cami from WA: oh gotcha thanks...lol17:06
katy: No -- that was just a confusing mix of conversations! Kara is ordinary girl who was turned into werewolf.17:07
annaXcharles: Np :)17:07
Cami from WA: i thought i was going crazy... :)17:07
big city wolf: Have to get the hard cover of Cry Wolf so I can get the novella.17:07
annaXcharles: we're all a little crazy spmetimes lol17:07
Title: Re: Frost Burned Chat | March 8, 2013 **Spoilers**
Post by: Elle on March 08, 2013, 06:37:31 pm
Elle_mod cleared the room17:07
annaXcharles: One day, I wanna get both mercy and anna books all in hardnack17:07
annaXcharles: back*17:07
katy: Wheeee! Bright clean room!17:08
CarolKat: O_o bright17:08
Elle_mod: sorry everyone. just saving the chat and had to clear.17:08
Elle_mod: :D17:08
Cami from WA: well then although ive gone through the entire series a dozen times...they have all been on audiobook so im probably getting all the name spellings wrong17:08
annaXcharles: It's so pretty~17:08
katy: Haha! That'17:08
katy: That's one of the things I fret about when listening to a book I haven't read.17:08
Dani K: I've got all of Mercy in hardback, now I just have to get the first two A&O books in hardback and my set will be complete17:08
Cami from WA: woah!17:08
annaXcharles: I have BK-FB in hardback and then Fair Game17:09
Venice: I'm tripping over books. I download all books now.17:10
annaXcharles joined the chat17:10
CarolKat: I have most in both, all in paperback17:10
DandelionWine: Back17:10
annaXcharles: bone crossed and up are all in hardback17:10
Elle_mod: I read Frost Burned in ebook and just picked up the hardcover...there's an author's note at the back where Patty translates the spell Tad used to contact Zee with the mirror. cool!17:10
CarolKat: except those that aren't out yet17:10
DandelionWine: I only have Audibles17:11
Dani K: I started buying the books in hardback for mercy when they changed over from paperback and now that I've gotten the first three in hardback I'm passing my paperbacks on.17:11
big city wolf: I download most books, but some I buy hard copies.17:11
annaXcharles: but my copy of MC(paperback) is like, trashed17:11
CarolKat: I only buy the physical books for those I have started the series that way17:11
katy: Yeah, mine is starting to fall apart a bit, too.17:11
CarolKat: I like ahving a library17:12
DandelionWine: I have one or two in paperback from way back when, but got them all in Audio now17:12
Has_mod: Same here - I got the ebooks but getting the hardbacks as collectables17:12
Cami from WA: ive had so many paperback moon called books but i lend then out never getting them back...17:12
CarolKat: I hope to have all the hardback by the time Patty visits near me again so I can ge them signed17:13
annaXcharles: Mine got tossed about in a backback for a long while then BB actually got ripped in half cuz I fell asleep reading. ^^'17:13
Cami from WA: so ok, i have to say it was really strange not have any samual or bran in this book. it seems like it would not have been difficult for him to contact least later when at kyles?17:13
Venice: I love physical books. I would love iy even more if my girlfriends would return books when they "borrow" them lol17:13
CarolKat: Phnes tapped17:14
Elle_mod: I'm missing Samuel17:14
annaXcharles: I miss Samuel too!17:14
DandelionWine: i wonder if Samuel is helping somehow with the fae discussions?17:14
Cami from WA: yes, him and arianna together...17:14
big city wolf: Yes. Need more Samuel.17:14
CarolKat: Me too Elle, I wonder if he is working with Bran for the fae issues17:14
Cami from WA: oh that could be.17:14
DandelionWine: though I would that they'd resent him, so maybe that doesn't make sense17:14
Elle_mod: @DandelionWine I'm sure he is17:14
Dani K: I'm sure he'll be back in the next one17:14
Elle_mod: I hope so. I want to see where his head is at. :D17:15
annaXcharles: I would imagine so.17:15
CarolKat: I liked that17:15
Dani K: Elle, you mean to see if he's happier now?17:16
CarolKat: Ariana was refered to as Sam's Mate and Kyle as Warren's mate in this book17:16
Elle_mod: omg...I have to say how much I loved the Mercy/Adam flirting by the bus17:16
Dani K: That part was cool.17:16
Cami from WA: i am still just so comfused why maryjoe and paul still hate mercy... and honey now.. i get her pack dominance issue but it just seems the "because she is a cayote, not a wolf thing is so rediculous considering she always has put pack first and saved so many pack members17:16
annaXcharles: hehehe yesssss. I just love their flirting in general.17:16
Has_mod: That was so fun!17:16
DandelionWine: That reminds me, I really like the narrator for the Mercy books, (Lorelai King I think it is) i think she has a good variaty for the different 'voices' of the different characters, but she did a TERRIBLE job with Asil's voice.17:17
CarolKat: That was classic Asil with do they always flirt with biblical passages LOL17:17
DandelionWine: hmmm, does mary jo still hate mercy?17:17
Venice: @ elle_mod I think Sam's head is in a better place now. He has somone he loves and she will not die.17:17
Elle_mod: I was just going to ask that @DW17:17
annaXcharles: Carol: yesss. I laughed a bit to much with that17:17
Dani K: I don't get why some of the pack don't like mercy either.17:17
Elle_mod: we didin't really see much of her past a quick moment did we?17:17
Has_mod: I am not sure - but i hope that gets covered in NIGHT BROKEN17:17
DandelionWine: I didn't get t hat MJ still dislikes her17:17
Elle_mod: I liked that the new wolf we were intro'd to Kelly likes her17:18
Cami from WA: loralai king is amazing at doing the audible for these books...her voices...she just performs it beautifully17:18
Has_mod: also what did you think about the baby question that Jesse raised - I think Adam will have more of an issue than Mercy because of potential of being a werewolf17:18
DandelionWine: I likeher too Cami, but she messed up bad with Asil I thought17:18
Cami from WA: i thought mercy said somethi9ng about them hating this book17:18
Amber joined the chat17:19
Elle_mod: for Honey I think it's all about the dominance for the others...not sure17:19
Dani K: @Has ~ I about fell over when Jessie asked that question17:19
Elle_mod: Hi Amber :)17:19
Elle_mod: @Has. I love that Jesse asked that. and I loved what mercy thought about it17:19
CarolKat: I was wondering about that Ha, whether the panic attack was because of that question or because that was when the pack was attacked17:19
DandelionWine: Asil's accent was closer to Elizaveta (sp)'s russian accent17:19
big city wolf: With Honey, it might be because Mercy's a coyote and a mechanic.17:19
Venice: Some of the pack don't think she is good enough for their alpha. Being a coyote and all.17:19
annaXcharles: I think it was panic attack cuz question.17:20
Dani K: @Cami, mercy mentioned at the end that Honey and Mary Jo could put aside their own differences to hate her together17:20
DandelionWine: I think her freeze up was when they started darting the pack17:20
CarolKat: Not so sure and I don't think Mercy was either17:20
big city wolf: Spanish and Russian sound nothing alike.17:20
annaXcharles: but the pack being gone didn't really help matters much either..17:20
Cami from WA: lol ya something...she was telling someone that they didnt like her. i just kept going back to silver borne when they were all trying so hard to find her...17:21
CarolKat: Asil was very cool in this one, glad Bran sent him17:21
Wycked joined the chat17:21
DandelionWine: I know, the accent was terrible, but that's the only bad one I've heard from Lorelia King in this series. I know she can do a spanish accentw ell too because I've heard her do them in other books17:21
CarolKat: Hi Wyked!17:21
DandelionWine: *waves to Wyked*17:21
Cami from WA: back then, i thought maryjoe and paul had changed their tune...17:21
Has_mod: @Cami its because shes pack- they may dislike her but she's part of them17:21
Has_mod: Hey Wycked!!17:22
Dani K: I hope we see a lot more of Asil in either set of books. He's a hoot17:22
Elle_mod: speaking of Elizaveta...I was surprised that she chose to ignore Mercy17:22
Elle_mod: Hi Wycked17:22
Wycked: she sees Mercy as a "small power"17:22
CarolKat: True17:22
DandelionWine: LOL Mercy is a huge source of income for her though!!!17:22
DandelionWine: Think of all the times they've had to call her to clean up after Mercy!17:23
Wycked: Think she even actually says that in one of the books almost word for word17:23
Venice: Holter Graham (hoped I spelled that correctly) does a nice Asil for th A&O series17:23
Elle_mod: but mated to Adam and through that she's not doing herself any favours17:23
CarolKat: but causes trouble for her Adamya17:23
DandelionWine: ;)17:23
Wycked: I can't read Frost Burned until Monday :-(17:23
Dani K: @Elle, she's married to Adam now and Elizaveta has feelings for Adam... that's the way i look at it17:23
Cami from WA: i c so they were only hunting her scent in silver borne because they were ordered to? not because or any appreciation or change of heart...17:23
DandelionWine: I think they hunted her because Adam was so frantic17:23
Elle_mod: @Dani you think E is crushing on Adam? or thinks more of Adam as one of her own like her family17:23
Has_mod: Wellbeing of the pack. If she died it would affect Adam and therefore the whole pack17:24
Wycked: Hi Elle, Has, Dandelion, Carol!17:24
DandelionWine: he 'pushed' them without saying a word, he was hanging on by a thread so they were driven to search for her17:24
Dani K: I think she's crushing on Adam a lot.17:24
proudfit: howdy wycked17:24
Elle_mod: anyone think there's going to be a Witch's coup happening soon? Elizavetta's power base is dwindling like Marsilia's17:24
Has_mod: I agree about the crush - can you imagine if she found out his true age?17:24
CarolKat: I think she sees him as a son and Mercy's not quite good enough for him17:24
DandelionWine: I think they'd actually miss her though, she's been 'around' a lot17:24
Wycked: Think she respects his power more than anything17:25
Wycked: Hi Proudfit17:25
Wycked: Sorry Has, no Day Trip to London :'(17:25
Dani K: She could possibly think of him as family, but I just don't get that feeling when I read the interactions between them and how she looks down at Mercy... that says it all17:26
Wycked: She is a witch, as they point out often, witches are drawn to power like a drug17:27
CarolKat: True17:27
Dani K: Very true Wycked17:27
CarolKat: But Mercy has more than she knows17:27
Venice: Adam cares for E. His mom was Russian as well. He knows he can't Change her should she want to. Witch born wolves are too dangerous. Hi Bran Sam and Charles!17:27
proudfit: will the Pack back Elizavetta or Son who tried wipe out the pack17:28
Elle_mod: I liked how Adam is all about killing her if he needs to17:28
katy: I bet the witches don't have any idea about the powers of walkers -- like werewolves, the witches seem to be very European, so probably no exposure?17:28
Dani K: Mercy just needs to come into that magic though.17:28
Has_mod: Well witches dont have a great rep17:28
DandelionWine: It was her grandson, robert I think his name was, and I don't think he's been heard from since.17:29
katy: I don't think Elizaveta's son (or was it grandson?) is in any position to take action -- it sounded like Elizaveta is holding him hostage somewhere and using him to feed her power.17:29
Wycked: I think Mercy's power is there, she just doesn't know how to use it yet17:29
Dani K: I thought her grandson was killed for what he did. I know her granddaughter was, but Warren did that. He didn't wait for E to solve the problem17:30
Elle_mod: @Wycked it's fun seeing it grow and change. Mercy's got game17:30
Cami from WA: i am sorry to keep asking about this ...i was just sure in silver borne when bran was talking to mercy when she was in the snow looking at the garland and bonds....he was telling her look here... do you see maryjoe an paul trying desperately to find her......i just figured it meant they had a change of heart. :( i guess not.17:30
Wycked: Yes Elle, it is17:30
DandelionWine: I think they would miss her too, I think its' in part a habit of resentment for a lot of them17:31
Venice: @Dani Kay I love that cowboy! Kyle sure is lucky17:31
Elle_mod: @Cami I think the feelings change a bit...but i do think that they don't hate her...just maybe like it was stated upthread just don't like the coyote part17:32
Dani K: Venice, I do too!17:32
Cami from WA: they didnt kill robert but they did kill her neice...or granddaughter that was in the other book with kyle and warren17:32
Has_mod: @Cami I hope the pack will like her more but I think they do accept her. It is hard to fight against instincts and look at it this way. Darryl and Aurielle didn't get on either in the beginning and now they are mated17:32
DandelionWine: I think when they find out how much she helped them all by pulling the silver, they will start to appreciate her more and more17:32
Wycked: mmmmWarren....oops sorry, let me clean up that drool17:32
annaXcharles: Wyked- I'm right there with ya on that!17:32
katy: I think that's why Warren killed her like he did -- so Elizaveta wouldn't be able to do to her what they think she has done/is doing to Robert17:32
Dani K: LOL @Wycked17:33
Cami from WA: true... :) they hated mercy kinda in the beginning too...but seem to accept her now17:33
Wycked: <angel>​17:33
Elle_mod: Warren is the best.17:33
Elle_mod: Hi Fly girl :)17:33
Dani K: I just want to bear hug Warren17:33
katy: bare hug?17:34
Elle_mod: :))17:34
Dani K: That too Katy17:34
DandelionWine: I see issues ahead still between Darryl and Warren though. Warren doesn't have a huge need to take Darryl's place, but Darryl may resent that he 'could'17:34
Wycked: mmmm bare hug and roll on a bear skin rug in front of the fire place...17:34
katy: :D17:34
Dani K: Now you're talkin' Wycked17:34
DandelionWine: :">​17:34
Elle_mod: I don't think Warren would ever engage Darryl in that but you never know what Darryl will do17:35
Lalo: I love Warren and Kyle17:35
annaXcharles: I loved Kyle'17:35
Elle_mod: @DandelionWine...def a good point there17:35
Dani K: @DW, I'm not sure about that. Darryl was slightly affectionate towards Warren in one part of the book which was unusual, but maybe it means that things are changing for the both of them17:36
annaXcharles: s primadonna attitude when Mercy was getting him clean clothes. And he was getting uppity about the outfit not matching.... And I love your point Dandi.17:36
Lalo: I wish they would kill off Marsila and Stefan would take over17:36
Lalo: I think Peter's death will shake up the whole pack17:36
Dani K: Where would be the fun in that Lalo17:36
DandelionWine: Marsillia is a total sociopath, I don't understand why Stefan stays loyal to her17:37
Lalo: because I no longer trust Stefan like I did17:37
Cami from WA: how sick am i that i loved his killing spree.... just seeing adam allow the wolf to avenge and how he let honey take care of peters killer17:37
Has_mod: I agree Lalo - its definitely going to affect the pack's dynamics especially with all the previous upheaval17:37
Lalo: Cami, I enjoyed it too, I did, it was good to see Adam let go17:37
Venice: I don't believe Warren has the need to be the Beta of the group. But if Daryl pushed the envelope my money is on the cowboy17:37
Dani K: Marsillia is one that won't die easily17:37
Elle_mod: @Lalo, me either...there's no trust there anymore with Stefan17:38
annaXcharles: I think Adam needed that "release" so to say.17:38
Lalo: I doubt Adam has any affection for Marsilla after she used Mercy like she did and he probably is re-thinking his stance on Stefan17:38
Lalo: Adam needed it, but I did too17:38
katy: I'm not sure if this is nitpicking or a matter of interpretation, but I recall Ben saying in Iron Kissed that if it wasn't for the two subs in the pack he'd be on the bottom. Was there another submissive besides Peter, or do you think he was counting Honey because of her assumed rank as Peter's mate?17:38
Has_mod: I quite like Marsillia - she's devious and I love the frenemies vibe and agree about Stefan :(17:39
Lalo: oh katy, I remember that but I don't know17:39
Dani K: Maybe Ben meant Honey's rank17:39
annaXcharles: He may have been counting Honey due to rank assumption.. But I haven17:39
Cami from WA: me too k,aty17:39
annaXcharles: t read IK in a while...17:39
Venice: @Katy Peter & Honey17:39
katy: It's clearly stated in this book that Peter was the only submissive in the pack.17:39
Lalo: I feel sorry for Honey but I hate that the two females dislike Mercy so much, she's done a LOT for the pack17:39
Elle_mod: @katy no you're right but I asked Patty about it because from Bone Crossed on it was only Peter as the submissive17:39
Elle_mod: she mentioned adding it to short story down the road what happened17:40
katy: Ah, so maybe there was another sub at that time, but they left the pack for some reason?17:40
Elle_mod: yes, exactly17:40
Dani K: I'm not sure about Stefan anymore, but I'm not giving up hope that he'll be back to his old self in another book or two17:40
DandelionWine: Do you all think Honey is going to take over Peter's business? It might give her a new perspective on Mercy's running the garage etc17:41
Elle_mod: @DW!! i never even thought of his business, good point!17:41
Lalo: I agree Dani, at this point, Stefan could go either way... I just hate that he's still dancing to Marsilla's influence17:41
Cami from WA: goodnight everybody! going to feed my little girl. will listen to frost burned again within the week and now i can really pay attention to some of the things brought up here today. :) thanks!17:41
Elle_mod: night Cami117:41
DandelionWine: *waves*17:41
Lalo: night Cami17:41
Dani K: Bye Cami17:41
annaXcharles: toodles!17:41
Venice: Ciao!17:42
Lalo: I wish Honey would have to do something besides just look good17:42
Dani K: Lalo, I agree with you on that17:42
Lalo: she could join the real world and maybe grow up a little17:42
Dani K: and about Stefan17:42
DandelionWine: I hope she continues to manage the plumbing business17:42
annaXcharles: I wish she would, but I honest to god don't see it happening..17:42
Venice: I hope Honey bounces back. I would hate to see her end up like Brans mate Leah.17:43
DandelionWine: If she keeps too big a hate on for Mercy, Adam might send her to stay with Bran for a bit17:43
Wycked: sorry to entice and run, but I have a meeting to run to!17:43
Dani K: I can't stand Leah!17:43
Lalo: yes Venice, that would be awful... I love Bran.. and don't like his wife at all17:44
Elle_mod: I'd kind of like to see Honey and Bran together down the road. :D17:44
DandelionWine: >​.>​ She and Leah can comparenotes17:44
Dani K: Later Wycked17:44
Lalo: by Wycked17:44
annaXcharles: I used to not be very fond of Honey, but I felt so bad for Honey after I found out about Peter.17:44
Elle_mod: night, Wycked17:44
annaXcharles: See ya Wyked!17:44
DandelionWine: bye wyked!17:44
katy: Good meeting, Wycked -- and if I don't "see" you again before, have a great trip!17:44
big city wolf: I have to go cook dinner. Bye all.17:44
Lalo: Peter's death was very sad17:44
annaXcharles: adios!17:44
Lalo: by big city wolf17:44
katy: Bye bcw17:44
Dani K: No, I don't want to see Honey with Bran17:44
Dani K: bye BCW17:45
Elle_mod: >:)17:45
Lalo: oh no! Bran deserves someone very special17:45
DandelionWine: oh not as bran's mate!17:45
annaXcharles: For a minute, I couldn't believe what patty did with the killing off Peter. He was one of my favorites in the pack that were just kinda there.17:45
DandelionWine: Patty already said Leah is here to stay anyway17:45
Dani K: Bran has some major issues to work out17:45
Lalo: Leah creates a lot of conflict and a lot of sympathy and understanding for Bran17:45
Has_mod: cya Wycked17:45
Elle_mod: I's a pretty massive move to kill him off...17:45
Dani K: Leah is irritating17:46
Robin joined the chat17:46
annaXcharles: I just kinda stared at my book for a minute trying to make sure what I just read was real.17:46
Venice: Honey & Bran, God no. But Honey and Asil = interesting.17:46
CarolKat: But if Honey and Bran hit it off...17:46
Lalo: Leah is dangerous17:46
Lalo: Venice, I agree... it would be so cool if Asil got hooked up with somebody17:46
Robin: Just finished reading Frost Burned a new favorite!17:46
katy: I think Asil will want someone with more depth than Honey if he ever mates again.17:46
Lalo: a new favorite of mine too Robin17:47
Has_mod: I had an evil thought about Leah - Henry is a stock broker and is currently with Bran as far as we know. And Leah is dealing with the pack finances. I think that's a match made in hell going to happen17:47
katy: I'm cheering for Sage...17:47
CarolKat: No Asila and SAGE17:47
Elle_mod: Yay, Robin!17:47
Elle_mod: I loved it A LOT as well.17:47
Dani K: I was hoping that Asil and Sage would get together17:47
DandelionWine: Nah, not Sage. just don't see that17:47
annaXcharles: I think in time Honey will in sorts, back bounce. I don't think she'll ever be back to 100% considering, but I think with time, she'll kinda be back to her sitting pretty self. Hehehe, Sage kicks some ass man.17:47
Elle_mod: I don't trust Leah and Henry17:47
CarolKat: @Elle me either but I am not sure Bran has let them anywhere near each other.17:48
Robin: What did everyone think of Adams perspective?17:48
katy: I wonder how long Honey and Peter had been together?17:48
Lalo: I think if anybody crossed Bran, he would make Adam's rampage look like a sunday drive17:48
Dani K: Loved Adam's POV17:48
Elle_mod: @Robin I loved it. I want us in Adam's head more often17:48
DandelionWine: I didn't catch that Leah is doing the finances now, i meant to re-listen to fair game before frost burned came out but didn't get to it17:48
Lalo: Robin, I totally enjoyed ADam's perspective17:48
Dani K: I'd love to see that Lalo17:48
annaXcharles: Robin- I really enjoyed getting Adam's POV in FB. I think it really helped paint a picture of what he deals with as Alpha and stuff. Plus it was nice to get another POV as well17:49
Venice: Loved Adam's chapters. I finally get him.17:49
Lalo: I thought adding Adam's POV in there really enhanced the whole series17:49
katy: Except that Bran's afraid that if he went on a rampage like that, he'd never recover.17:49
Elle_mod: I loved how Adam was pissy that Mercy wasn't arguing with him and he felt foolish for wanting it17:49
Has_mod: I agree! And so much was unsaid as well but you could see and feel how powerfully he felt towards Mercy17:50
Lalo: I still can't believe they got out scot free with the slaughter of all those former Cantrip guys17:50
annaXcharles: Yes!17:50
Venice: Also loved the fact that he tip toed around the Moor.17:50
annaXcharles: That made me laugh.17:50
DandelionWine: to be fair, they tiptoed around each other17:50
Dani K: This is true Katy. That's why I said earlier that Bran has some issues to work out. getting rid of the berserker side of him would be a good thing17:50
CarolKat: @Elle YES! Loved that and that Mercy didn't realize it17:50
Lalo: yes they did, they seemed to have sorted through their dominance issues though17:51
DandelionWine: Mercy didn't realize what?17:51
Robin: So I am new to this but in regards to Wulfe was he always on team Marisallia ?17:51
CarolKat: Heck Ben had big time issues with Asil and Mercy17:51
DandelionWine: She knew they were being careful17:51
Elle_mod: So Asil wouldn't meet Adam's eyes after their talk to me that means that Adam was more dominate or they decided that he was being in his territory he was17:51
annaXcharles: On the topic of Bran.. Did anyone else get amusement out of the peanut butter "prank" so to say that Mercy pulled forever ago? I forgot who was talking about it in FB.. I think it was Asil?17:52
CarolKat: Agreed Elle17:52
Lalo: Elle, I think that's it - it was clearly ADam's territory and Asil was just helping out17:52
Dani K: It was Asil and Mercy discussing that17:52
CarolKat: @Anna yes Asil was teasing Mercy17:52
Dani K: I laughed at that17:52
Has_mod: @Robin I think he has his own agenda which only makes sense to him but I do think he's loyal or sort of loyal to her17:52
annaXcharles: Ok that's what I though but Psych hw has fried my brain at the moment.17:52
CarolKat: and trying to get her to realize he really was from Bran17:52
Lalo: yes, I love that Mercy pulled pranks on Bran... the most feared wolf in the world lol17:52
Elle_mod: I can just see little coyote Mercy hiding and watching Bran and him watching her17:53
Elle_mod: so cute!17:53
Venice: His territory. Not more dominant. But then the Moor is ancient like Samuel and they bo17:53
DandelionWine: Well, he may be more dominant, it never made that clear.17:53
annaXcharles: I can too! But I love that it's Bran, mr. Big bad werewolf. Everyone's afraid to breathe outta line around him, yet here comes Mercy and pranks him, not giving a damn at all.17:54
Robin: I think Asil was old enough to know better than upset Adam17:54
DandelionWine: Theyjust gave each other respect, to Adam because it was his tarritory and Asil has said he doesn't want to be an alpha17:54
Lalo: anna, that is priceless, but then he was raising her like his own child17:54
katy: I enjoyed the interaction between Asil and Ben17:55
Dani K: Mercy probably figured that she had nothing to lose, so why not do it... go big or go home even at that age17:55
annaXcharles: I know. I just thought the whole thing was cute. And Mercy getting all flustered when Asil brought it up.17:55
Lalo: Asil is too unstable to be in a pack, much less lead one17:55
Elle_mod: @Venice Adam is so strong though and just after Charles and Samuel in dominance. I think it's very close17:55
Venice: I meant to say they have many centuries on the others with their social graces. Didn't include Bran because he is a Beast! (Said with love since he is my fav)17:55
Elle_mod: :D17:55
Lalo: Samuel was left out of this completely17:55
Robin: I noticed that as well17:56
annaXcharles: Lalo-Mhm. But we figure he'll be back in NB.17:56
Lalo: oh yes he'll be back, I'm sure but... I thought it was strange that he was so uninvolved with this17:56
Dani K: Venice, Bran is my favorite too17:56
annaXcharles: I thought so too Lalo.17:57
Lalo: I loved all the books about Mercy and Adam and Charles and Anna.. but this has to be my favorite - the last Anna and Charles my second favorite17:57
Lalo: Bran is cool :)17:57
annaXcharles: Lalo- Omg yesssss! I lovedd the last Anna book17:58
Robin: I agree the story between Mercy and Adam has just been done so well17:58
Elle_mod: The books that have lots of werewolves in it are my favs. :D17:58
Venice: @Lalo. I agree. The last A&O I can almost quote like scripture lol.17:58
Dani K: Each book gets better and better17:58
annaXcharles: I haven't read FG in a while. That being said, I really haven't read any of the Mercy or Anna books in a while, not counting Frost.17:59
Dani K: I haven't either anna17:59
Elle_mod: I liked from this one that Mercy kept in touch with the other walkers and the coyote was around a bit18:00
annaXcharles: I keep meaning to, but schoolwork's been keeping me busy... And the antique store down the street from my work where I constantly buy books for like, $2 each >​.<18:00
annaXcharles: Elle: I thought it was really just kinda fitting that she did.18:01
Has_mod: Guys I am calling it a night! Enjoy the rest of the chat! :D night!18:01
Dani K: Night Has!18:01
katy: Good night Has!18:01
Lalo: night Has18:01
annaXcharles: See ya!18:01
Dani K: Actually, I need to get going too. I've got dishes and things to do.18:02
Venice: @Elle_Mod Mercy keeping in touch with her own roots is fantastic. Keeps her from drowning in werewolves18:02
Lalo: The first Alpha and Omega book caught me. I read it before I even saw the Mercy Thompson series. It was so beautiful.18:02
Elle_mod: night HAs18:02
Lalo: After that, I had to read about Mercy. She is the absolute best heroine out there in story land!18:02
Elle_mod: thanks for coming Dani!18:02
annaXcharles: Bye Dani!18:02
Lalo: bye Dani18:02
Venice: Bye Dani18:03
Lalo: Elle, I am also very glad that Mercy is getting some help from her coyote dad18:03
katy: bye Dani18:03
Elle_mod: I liked how she couldn't think of him as her father because that would mean he abandoned her18:04
Elle_mod: poor Mercy18:04
Lalo: they almost touched on the fact that Adam is going to live until someone kills him... which could be... forever and Mercy... will not18:04
DandelionWine: only her 'almost' father18:04
Lalo: they almost talked about that in this book18:04
Lalo: that's a vulnerability that Adam cannot stop thinking about18:04
DandelionWine: yeah... that worries me too18:04
annaXcharles joined the chat
Title: Re: Frost Burned Chat | March 8, 2013 **Spoilers**
Post by: Elle on March 08, 2013, 06:41:23 pm
DandelionWine: I wonder if she's going to be able to get something from Coyote or through the pack magic which will at least prolong her life18:05
Elle_mod: I hope so DandelionWine18:06
Lalo: me too18:06
Lalo: welcome back annaXcharles18:06
Venice: That's why I think she will have his child. So a part of her will always be with him. Ironic since that's what Sam wanted her for18:07
Elle_mod: It really doesn't seem like 2 years since River Marked18:07
annaXcharles: Ty. Darn internet connection. *grumble18:07
DandelionWine: I have all the books on my MP3 and I've got to say that they are easy to listen to over and over.18:08
annaXcharles: I haven't listened to any of them via audio book.18:09
Lalo: I was glad to see Adam and Mercy together more in this book... together as in sharing... sex18:09
Lalo: I hope Patricia Briggs is hard at work on the next book!18:10
Venice: The battery on my phone is dying everyone. Going to leave now. Enjoyed this very much!18:10
Elle_mod: She is actually. the anthology and mercy #8 Night Broken18:10
Elle_mod: later, Venice118:11
Lalo: bye Venice18:11
katy: Bye Venice18:11
Lalo: wonderful news Elle18:11
Lalo: I have a spreadsheet of authors I follow and I put the dates of the next book as soon as I find out what it is - I don't want to miss anything!18:11
Elle_mod: from the sounds of the title the Master of Milan may show up in the Tri-cities18:11
DandelionWine: They're all excellent on audio. The A&O books are good, the narrator for them is also good.18:12
Elle_mod: @DW I've never been able to listen to them. I get way to distracted18:12
Elle_mod: and then I have to start them over agaiin18:12
DandelionWine: well, I like to be able to have my hands busy while I listen, and able to do other stuff18:12
DandelionWine: I occasionally miss something too, but not much18:13
Lalo: that's why I read the books a second and third time18:14
DandelionWine: makes dishwashing go fast and I carve or crochet while listening.18:14
DandelionWine: And I have listened to FB twice already. May listen again too before I set it aside again for a while18:15
katy: Yes, I use the audiobooks to keep myself working on housework longer than I would otherwise -- I'm not tempted to sit down and read everything I come across that has words on it!18:15
DandelionWine: @katy, absolutely!18:15
Elle_mod: chat is slowing down. did you guys want to stay a bit longer or shall I shut things down. :D there's another one tomorrow as well18:17
Lalo: I think Mercy has some issues to work through regarding having a baby18:17
Lalo: tomorrow is good18:17
Lalo: Elle - do you have a month for the next book release?18:17
Lalo: or is it too soon for a date?18:17
DandelionWine: I have been trying to decide, I thought that "frost burned" was bercause of Frost, the vampire, but did you notice that when she picked up the sword, "it was so cold it 'burned' her palm"?18:17
Elle_mod: @Lalo it's early days yet18:17
katy: I should probably go get some "real world" stuff done. Good chatting with you!18:17
Elle_mod: as soon as we know though we'll post it twitter/facebook/hurog18:18
Lalo: yes, I much enjoyed the chat!18:18
Lalo: sounds good Elle18:18
Lalo: tell her we loved it!18:18
DandelionWine: nah, she said she liked the idea of a baby! I thinkitwoul d drive Adam crazy though18:18
Elle_mod: it was fun! thank you all for coming!!18:18
DandelionWine: bye!!!18:18
Lalo: enjoyed it Elle, thanks for having us18:18
DandelionWine: *waves*18:18
DandelionWine: thank you18:18
annaXcharles left this message:18:19
It was a blast! Too bad I'll miss the one tomorrow-work- :(
But thanks again!
Elle_mod: See you all for the next one!18:19
Elle_mod: we'll do others with different times aXc18:19
annaXcharles left this message:18:20
Sounds good Elle C:
Bye everyone!