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Title: Love that dirty water...oh, Boston, you're my home...
Post by: Robineva on April 05, 2012, 05:57:36 pm
Hi Patty,

I just finished Fair Game, and it was a treat, especially since I live in Boston.  When I opened the book, and saw the map, I could pick out where I was at the time (Winthrop) and where my house is, in Eastie. The only thing you messed up is that Boston Common is called the Common by natives, not "the Commons".  And I loved Isaac...reminded me of some of the students I know who came here for school and never left!  And the giving out free meals thing; since there are so many starving students here, free meals are always welcome.

It's always fun to read about places you see/walk/live in.  Thanks for a wicked pissa read.