The Hurog Family

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Title: The Hob's World
Post by: Prince of Pain on February 16, 2012, 06:30:15 pm
I really got a kick out of their relationship.  Her and the Hob.  He needed a wife.  He was incapable of actually doing what local custom and their agreement indicated, which was do a deal and she's yours.  On the other hand he was desperate.  He needed her to see past his exterior and the only way to do that was to beat her over the head with her own culture stick.

She on the other hand was rightly peeved and outraged at his words.  Not to mention the way his tailed self looked.  Although as she got to know him it seemed to be more she was determined not to sell herself too cheaply.

It had lots of little twists and turns.  A bit of a comedy to it.  Which appeals to me.

Title: The Mountain, how much do we really know?
Post by: Prince of Pain on February 16, 2012, 06:33:00 pm
My question really says it all.

The Hob was bound to a small mountain.  Which seemed in some small ways to be part of a larger mountain range if I'm recalling the book correctly.   (jeeze its been like a decade since I read the book, it was one of my first three Patricia Briggs)

Anyway it was tied to the Hob after some fashion and although it normally took power from his kind, to keep him alive it was actually giving power back to him.  Kind of interesting set up.  Local Clan of Hobs tied to mountain, in symbiotic arrangement that pre-dates humanity in the area.

Title: The Dwarves, what was up with them?
Post by: Prince of Pain on February 16, 2012, 06:35:30 pm
I couldn't really tell if all dwarves were asshats in this world.   Or if we just got a bunch of isolated, womanless, and inbred rednecks.

The ones we encountered sure seemed to be an evil breed.

All living in dirt houses and interested in murder and woman stealing.