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Title: Briggs Book Club: Ben chat April 17, 2010
Post by: Elle on April 17, 2010, 08:20:34 pm
Thanks for everyone who came to the chat tonight! Chat was, I think, close to 3 hours. Lots of Ben discussion and about the 2 hour mark we opened it up to more general chat about the books as well. There is some mention of future books so if you want to remain unspoiled. Don't venture any further! Enjoy!

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Elle from x.x.x.139 joined the chat 72 minutes ago
Elle: allo!
CarolKat: hi Elle
Patti: Allo.

Elle: yes plese...let's start the chat. lol
Elle: :D
Elle: I'm all chatty
Elle: not in the good way
CarolKat: Ben the enigma from London

Patti: Morbid & foul mouthed, able to make almost anything sound dirty, & still charms people.
Elle: hmmm...I think it translates better in print than in RL. lol
CarolKat: I  don't find Ben morbid just foul mouthed
Patti: It's more amusing, I guess.  That website he found...?
Elle: I like reading about Ben but I don't know how much I'd like to actually know a Ben
Elle: what did you guys think of ben when we first met him?
Patti: That Mercy was right to not trust him, probably.
CarolKat: Well maybe Ben now but not in Moon Called.  I was suspicious of him and like Mercy stay away fro Jessie
Elle: I was suspicious of him as well
Elle: he seemed shifty...maybe not what he was accused of but very much a bad boy
CarolKat: The accused rapist sent away to hide in America with Bran's blessing, scary not trust worthy
CarolKat: But Bran wouldn't have let him in if he was guilty and not to Adam with his teenage daughter
Elle: I have to say that his character arc has been one of favorites...I adored him in IK but he really proved himself in MC when he took a bullet :D
Elle: Bran and Adam must know his story...or most of it
Patti: Hmm.  You know, I'm not sure I agree on that, Elle.  Lead is no big deal for wolves...
CarolKat: I loved when Mercy broke her arm and he licked her face then Adam cuffed him!
Elle: you have a point...still it takes a bit to step in front of a think maybe he was going for brownie points? :D
Patti: Whereas his care of Mercy and the relationship between them, that was real.
Elle: CK...that was so funny
CarolKat: At a very tense moment
CarolKat: Helped them to focus I think
Elle: I think him taking the bullet in MC just kind of made me take a second look at his character...that he was more than a just a bad boy
CarolKat: He has good instincts and I think Bran knows the story... Adam has pieces he has learned from Ben
Patti: It does still take some grit, but as we saw with Henry, the bullet isn't as big a deal.
CarolKat: I think it was the intent, he didn't know it wasn't silver
Elle: for me he didin't have to take it but he did...and that says a lot didn't matter if it was silver or lead. it just made me look at him a different way
CarolKat: A big red wolf, I wonder how big he is in comparison to say Charles
Patti: Not to say Chastel!
Elle: I think he's pretty lean...I think Charles is bigger and bulkier
CarolKat: was Chastel a red wolf too?
Patti: No, brindled, but huge.  The size of a shetland pony at least.
Elle: no he's brown
Elle: opps
Patti: What oops?
Elle: just posted at the same time
Elle: jinx maybe better. :D
Patti: oh, that's sop for these.
CarolKat: I like when Warren was dishing out chinese and Ben was "flirting" with Mercy
Elle: what I find interesting about Ben is that he hasn't been a werewolf for very long. 6-7 years
CarolKat: How long has he been here? How long between the rapes and now?
Elle: I like how Mercy handles him
Janilee from x.x.x.15 joined the chat 53 minutes ago
Elle: long has he been in Adam's pack?
CarolKat: I think he likes the way Mercy handles him too not condesending just real
CarolKat: Hi Janilee
Elle: Hi Janilee
Janilee: Hello all. I like how Mercy is beginning to handle him.
CarolKat: Yeah how long in Adams pack, Now I have a question for Patty, did Ben spend time with Bran first
CarolKat: He would have decided where Ben would be here.
Patti: Between London & the Tri Cities?  He might have had an evaluating stay.
Elle: Jesse mentioned meeting him for the first time in Moon Called so not very long
Janilee: Her stand off stance wasn't creating a relationship it was building a barrier.  His hurt at being exiled was a barrier to all relationships. So I don't entirely lay this at Mercy's feet.
Elle: Patty mentioned in a chat about it but not too much detail
CarolKat: So Arthur was probably his Alpha and Bran decided the best place for him was with Adam. Maybe because of Adam's dislike of swearing in front of women
Elle: Bran was pretty sure Ben was fixable which is why he was sent to Adam
Chat 2009-10-08
Patti: Ah, some "Gibbs" style disclipine?
Janilee: After Ban and his son's who do not have a pack. Adam is the strongest alpha with a pack.
Elle: lol
CarolKat: and his feeliings of respect for women in general. Agood example for him and having Mercy nearby didn't hurt
3girlmom from x.x.x.158 joined the chat 49 minutes ago
Elle: good point Janilee...I forget that all the time
Elle: hi 3GM
CarolKat: hey 3GM
Patti: Just think, Ben gets to be the Probie!  Hi, 3gm
3girlmom: Hi
3girlmom: sorry im late
Janilee: Bran's pack is already full of misfits. It might just be too much to add more at the time.
Janilee: Hi piper glad to see you here.
Patti: That was just before Mariposa showed up.
3girlmom: lol hi Janilee
3girlmom: sorry about that guys
CarolKat: Probie LOL Adam was military too, lots of disipline in his pack when it's not upset with Mercy
Elle: I think that working and being a part of a good pack is a healthy thing for Ben...every little bit helps
Janilee: Prbably helps most weres
Elle: true
CarolKat: I think a real turing point for him was being captured in BB
CarolKat: and Daniel's dying
Elle: and when he was forced to kill and eat Daniel...traumatizing for him
Janilee: Well, this pack didn't give up on him
Janilee: It may have felt like his last pack did when they exiled him
Patti: Good point, Carol; I bet without that, he wouldn't have been the help he was in IK
3girlmom: I think Adam standing by him has also helped
Elle: Adam is such a good Alpha. :)
CarolKat: It was only when Mercy went after Andre that he snapped out of it
Elle: (sorry I had to through that in there)
3girlmom: I forgot about that!!
Elle: i like how Mercy and Ben have a weird bond
CarolKat: And still do and it gets Adam sometimes
3girlmom: I'm glad you said that Elle! I like it too
CarolKat: I think Ben likes that Mercy has control of her life in spite of the things around her trying to control it
Patti: I wonder if pre-Mercy Ben was more a "real life type" Omega; the one that gets picked on.
Elle: I liked Ben in BB but I really enjoyed his character in IK..and how he stood up said those things to Adam even though another Alpha would have punished him
CarolKat: I wonder if he would have said them or attempted that without the interactions with Adam and Mercy in MC and BB
Patti: Turn him from a stock creep to a real person, eh?
3girlmom: I have kinda like Ben from the begining..I just had a feeling there was more to him than meets the eye.
Elle: probably not CK...good point
Patti: Mr. Mike is on Hurog.
CarolKat: Wonder if he'll join us here
Elle: Patti...I think he'd be more of an attack first type of person pre-Mercy...still is kind of
Janilee: Do you think that the relationship between Ben and Mercy meshed after she was raped? I saw beginnings of it in the books before. Foreshadowing in literary terms.
Patti: Yeah, but still bottom of pecking order, apt to be last to feed, gets cut up when someone gets slapped down by a higher ranked wolf.
Elle: BB  strengthened it...and IK made it solid I think
CarolKat: I cried a lot in IK with Mercy first and then I wanted to smack Adam but Ben did it so much better
Patti: What, other than pack stuff, do you suppose Ben does when he's not at work?
Elle: bottom of the pecking order sure, but I just don't see him being Omegaish at all
Janilee: Adam values his work skills and his fighting skills even if he isn't very dominant. So some places he would get external validation.
3girlmom: *nods* agree 100 % Ck!!
Elle: totally CK
Janilee: He liked London nightlife. That covers a lot of ground.
CarolKat: I think he may spend some time with Warren and Kyle they seemt o respect each other in a strange kind of way
Elle: Hmmm...good question patti...for some reason I see him playing a lot of video games. lol
Elle: probably not though. :D
CarolKat: he also seems to spend a lot of time at Adam's
Patti: Wonder if he goes to Uncle Mike's?
CarolKat: Not reall secure out on his own
Patti: Or under orders, do you suppose?
Janilee: He does almost always seem to be at Adam's house. This may just be for plotting reasons, or maybe Adam wants to keep an eye on him until everything settles.
Elle: I loved how he called Kyle...Warren's boy toy and Kyle tore a strip off him and Ben just shrugged it  off...i found that amusing
Patti: Right, Janilee.  He may be under orders to get some kind of help from Adam.
Elle: definitely either or Janilee
Patti: Or just to be under observation.
Janilee: Mercy was supposed to like his "snarky" humor.
CarolKat: Don't think so I think he likes being around Adam and pack
Elle: I'd like it if Adam was keeping an eye on himn
CarolKat: I like snarky humor LOL
CarolKat: Well to a point anyway
Janilee: Pack is ihs entree into the local culture
Elle: didnt' he mention in SB that most packs aren't so great? when he was talking to Mercy about Warren and Mary Jo?
3girlmom: For me if he is not working on computers he is with Adam...
Janilee: I've spent time in England. IT is comfortable in many ways to an American. It is not home and the odd foreignness can be disconcerting.
CarolKat: I liked when Adam said that they'd know when MJ was better when she stopped saying she would sleep with Ben if he was gagged or something like that
Janilee: lol
3girlmom: A feeling of maybe belonging?
Elle: that was funny CK
Patti: Hmm; wonder if she has stopped by now?
3girlmom: It didn't sound like he had a great childhood
Elle: I think she has. :D
Patti: And I wonder what kind of bachelor pad he has.
Janilee: Yes, I do believe he gets his best feelings of comfort with the pack
CarolKat: I thought it said something about Ben too that he was attractive to women but had to shut up with the bad mouth on women
3girlmom: I think so too Ck
CarolKat: I loved in SB when he curled up on the bed with his head on Mercy
CarolKat: s foot
Elle: of the best scenes!
3girlmom: For me Ben finaly feels comfortable to let his guard down
Elle: and the bit with Medea as well
3girlmom: Best scene ever CK
Patti: A lot of people find Mercy soothing, at least in the pack.
3girlmom: Oh that made me cry
CarolKat: I cried like a baby
Elle: the whole puppy playing too much
CarolKat: Jinx 3GM
3girlmom: lol!!
Patti: I am feeling stupid.  What scene with Ben & Medea?
3girlmom: I think that's because with Mercy theres no hiden agenda
3girlmom: On the bed when she first saw medea right?
CarolKat: When Ben told Mercy he found Medea under Sam's bed and got her out
Janilee: I just developed a question. Ben works in security. If he was looked at by the police in London, how did he get a security job in the U.S.?
Elle: when mercy realized that medea wasn't killed in the fire and Ben went to pet her
Janilee: Didn't Ben save her from the fire as well?
3girlmom: The Marrok works in mysterious ways
Elle: he's IT mean being able to work in the nuclear plant?
Patti: Yeah, that's how his hands got burned, saving Medea, but that was 'off camera'.
3girlmom: We found that out after the fact
CarolKat: Adam's Security company
Patti: Nope, Ben doesn't work for Adam.
CarolKat: We found out when Mercy did hence the tears
CarolKat: I thought he did wasn't there a reference to that in IK
Elle: i was talking about the scene on the bed...when he reaches to pet her...he obviously likes Medea a lot...then Adam was all...Medea likes vampires just as much...don't read too much into it
CarolKat: with the tapes
3girlmom: lol I love that part Elle!1
Elle: he does computer work for a lab associated with the nuclear site
Patti: hang on, I've got SB here; I can find what he says about work when the bounty hunter shows the pictures.
CarolKat: I think Adam gets a little green with Ben and Mercy, just a little but it's there
Patti: Jinx, Elle!
Elle: xo
CarolKat: So via Darryl
CarolKat: not Adam
Elle: most likely yes
CarolKat: but
Janilee: Adam's going to have to get over that soon. Mercy will need to work with all the pack to keep serentiy.
Elle: but they all seem kind of interconncected
Janilee: Pack bonds
Elle: You think that Adam is jealous about the Ben and mercy relationship?
CarolKat: Adam probably cleaned things up for him... I thought at first when he was with Adam at the garage in SB when Adam nodded at him it was to tell him to hid
Elle: I don't know...I just seem them as friends...or becoming friends
3girlmom: to me Adam is soo hyper protective it seeps out as being jealous...I could be sooo off on this
CarolKat: Not really jealous but more knock off the flirting with my mate
Elle: Let me know if the room is getting laggy I can clear it
CarolKat: I don't like it
CarolKat: kinda thing
3girlmom: yup
Elle: I dont' think he takes it serioulsy, neither does mercy...I see Ben as doing it to get a rise out of mercy
Janilee: Maybe Adam knew the others needed MErcy time after the fire,and knew to give it, but really needed it for himself.
Patti: Everything with the pack bonds & the mate bond, and general relationships are up in the air now.
Elle: he doens't really do it as often...but when he did it to Jesse to get a rise out of Mercy I thought that was amusing
CarolKat: 3GM we seem to think alike on this, get a rise out of Adam and have Mercy laugh it all off
Patti: Or at least she deflects things.
3girlmom: *nods* That's how I feel CK
Janilee: Ben could be in the habit of being in trouble. If he isn't there he makes it happen to be where he is comfortable. Like a bad habit.
CarolKat: I think Ben is using Mercy as a kind of test case as to what he can really use on a woman in the real world to find a relationship as he come to terms with his past
3girlmom: brb
Elle: interesting idea, CK
Elle: janilee...I think he has a lot of bad habits. lol
Patti: I wonder, with the pack bond settling in, & the mate bond, if (especially around full moon) she can use her read on the emotions & her knowledge of Bran's techniques to be a hell of an Alpha female.
Janilee: CK Do you think he has thought it through that deeply?
Elle: I like Ben's relationship with Warren
Elle: scene where Warren says...just go ahead and chew on my arm. :D
Elle: Patti, totally
Patti: They two, and Mercy, are all outsiders sort of, whatever the official position in the pack.
CarolKat: I think he was abused by the womenin his life Mother Aunt Sister someone.  That scene is why I think he hangs with Warren and Kyle and maybe Warren knows more now
Elle: Bran may have created a monster. :D mercy has all the insider info on how to be a Marrok, sort of
Janilee: Warren seems to have good relationships with people who will let him. Ben will let him. I don't know the root of why.
CarolKat: Warren and Ben almost died because of the Demon that's their outside pack bond
Patti: I think it's that they're both relatively new pack members, even with Warren's position as third, that they're still outsiders, and yes, the time directly under the demon.
Elle: they all seem to have a bond with Stefan because of that
Elle: didn't Ben let Stefan feed from him in BC? I can't remember
Janilee: Adam pairs Ben and Warren often. That may have started their relationship.
Patti: Yes, Ben did and Peter, along with Adam, but not Darryl.
CarolKat: Yes and Ben did feed him in BC and Darryl wouldn't and Adam didn't even say much about that insubordination there is a story there
Patti: Jinx!
Elle: it'd be interesting to see Ben and Stefan interact more
CarolKat: Yep Patti  and 3GM we can settle with room service at the Monaco
Elle: all this backstory we want to know more about :D great stories in there somewhere
CarolKat: I hope we see more of Stefan in River arrggg balnck
CarolKat: blank
Patti: Marked.
CarolKat: Thank you Patti
Patti: Not as encyclopedic as Elle, but not bad.
CarolKat: More Ben more Stefan and Sam and Ariana
Elle: I'm okay with not seeing him...I like the pack stories more...but I guess with Walkers we'll see Vamps so he may be
Janilee: Patti did you find the scene in SB with Ben's job info?
CarolKat: Ben doesn't seem to care that Mercy is a walker I wonder if he has ever met one
Janilee: In London?
Patti: Oh, I thought you were satisfied with what Elle had said.  I'll look.
Janilee: It is a cosmopolitan city, so it isn't inconceivable that a Native American walker could live there.
Elle: I would think so, CK. if he did meet another one he probably didnt' know it
Janilee: Hmmm, that would suggest we've all possibly met walkers.
CarolKat: Your right Elle, if he knew more he would sneak info into a conversation with her
CarolKat: Just like he did in SB
Patti: Found the scene I was thinking about.  Ben says "It's the job."
Patti: "Information technologies, IT-- you know, computers.
Janilee: That helps a lot.LOL
Patti: Doesn't say who for but it's not Adam.
CarolKat: hee hee my degree is in IT but software not hardware  broad very broad computers
Janilee: Maybe he nightlights for Adam then.
Elle: he works for Pacific Northwest Nation Laboratory
CarolKat: With Darryl, I wonder if Darryl is his boss
Janilee: Specifically for pack things.
Janilee: Darryl doesn't seem a snotty with Ben as he does with Warren.
CarolKat: Ben's a geek and not gay
Elle: I don't think he sees Ben as a threat...not sure if he sees Warren as one but Warren is def more dominant
Janilee: Ben is not a close in pack ranking
Patti: Noooo.  Ben is last non-submissive; Darryl is third most dominant, but 2nd ranked.
Janilee: Werewolves seem to see ambiguous ranking as a threat. Ben knows his ranking.
CarolKat: There is that too, Darryl knows it would be maybe not be a close thing if Warren challenged him
Elle: I wonder what the future holds for Ben...i can see him growing in confidence and becoming more dominant but I don't see him as an Alpha ever
Patti: No, Ben has no alpha potential
Patti: Far aside.
Patti: Far, far aside!
CarolKat: I think Ben is happy where he is, He likes observing and getting the scoop.  You advance too much you lose that advantage
Elle: I hope he'll take Adam's advice in IK and not let his past determine his future
CarolKat: LOL patti
Janilee: Packs need members besides alphas. Or there are no packs.
Elle: he wouldn't be Ben without the snark though
CarolKat: I think is doing that step by step Elle
Elle: CK, i'm definitely enjoying watching it
CarolKat: snark will always be ther just maybe toned down
Elle: he just makes me think so much of Spike from Buffy
Elle: :D
Elle: the attitude and bit of the look
Patti: Well, you know Spike was a mommy's boy... alive.
Elle: i'm going to clear...I maybe have to run out for a few minutes
Patti: Good idea.

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Title: Re: Briggs Book Club: Ben chat April 17, 2010
Post by: Elle on April 17, 2010, 08:21:21 pm

Hurog Chat
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Elle from x.x.x.139 cleared the room 95 minutes ago
Janilee: Eww Knowing what we know of Ben's past that thought just bothered me.
Patti: Which, that Spike was a momma's boy?
Elle: I'm talking more his Spike personal not his William/human one. :D
Janilee: That Ben was like Spike who was a mamma's boy.
Janilee: Who and what was Ben like before he became a werewolf?
Elle: I think he was only around 19-20 years old when he was you have to wonder how he got changed
Patti: We have no information, only the innuendo about his having been abused.
Elle: and that was really recent as well
Elle: I think if he wasn't in Adam's pack he wouldn't make the 10 year mark
CarolKat: I don't think the abuse was recent I think that was long term from childhood based on what was said in IK
Elle: I think the abuse was perhaps when he was quite young and when he got away from that wrong place, wrong time and got changed
Janilee: Wouldn't you say the change was abuse? It has to be an attack.
Patti: Wonder if it was trying to break free of that that got him turned?
Patti: He hit anywhere from about 15 - can leave school that early in England, can't they? - & left home.
Elle: you could look at it that way...he was a forced changed
CarolKat: He may have run away and hooked up with a were unknowing and then decided to change or are those rule only in the US
Patti: Had no skills, ended up being 'throwaway street kid' & prey for some werewolf.
Patti: No, only US has that rule from Bran as Marrok.
CarolKat: He knows the rules to the letter though I think he changed because of someone he respected
Elle: interesting Patti...I like your theory
Janilee: He had to be somewhat of an adult to get his IT training. School in UK have a two way training path based upon testing.
3girlmom: For me I think his mother might have looked away when it was happening....his dislike for woman.....
Elle: maybe when he was in the London pack they sent him for training
Patti: And somewhere along the way, he may have been the computer equivilent of a street chemist making meth.
CarolKat: Then got thrown out because he was tryig to stop a rape and got fingerd
Janilee: That wouldn't get him into sensitive work in US unless someone forged papers.
Patti: Some werewolf nice person found him & brought him into a pack, and he wasn't well tolerated there ,so when the police were looking for rapist...
CarolKat: Adam - Darryl - Bran - forged papers not an issue
3girlmom: they fed him to them.....when it was someone else
CarolKat: Witness protection of a sort
Patti: After he was taken into the English pack, he might have gotten official certification.
Janilee: Patti I like that better
Patti: And he could pass the tests, with or without forged papers.
Janilee: Hmmm doesn't make me feel good about IT security, but I can see it.
Patti: Piffle; there are all kinds of breaches of security all kinds of places.
Janilee: He does have issues around his exile, not just the missing London nightlife he will admit to.
Patti: Did you hear about B of A selling a comletely paid up house in foreclosure, without informing the owners?
Janilee: No, but it does not shock me.
Patti: Not even the  first time they've done that.
Janilee: For some reason I'm channeling Ben in a pub throwing darts.
Patti: So, what kind of girlfriend do you think Ben would end up with, if he got one.
Janilee: Verbally fast on her feet.
CarolKat: One like Mercy strong, independant and with a penchant for trouble and fast on the comebacks
Patti: Werewolf or human or fae?
CarolKat: Damn did I just describe Jessie
3girlmom: beat me to it CK!! Ditto
3girlmom: lol I was thinking the same thing CK
3girlmom: Yes you did
Janilee: Jessie knows better.
CarolKat: Jinx 3GM 2 drinks now
3girlmom: I Know!!
CarolKat: Yes but that would be his dream girl but older
Janilee: I hope not werewolf. I can see being a parent as a way to heal Ben. Don't know what it would do for the kid.
Patti: I wonder what kind of thing he does away from the pack, still.  Other than video games.  I could see him on a LAN with Talyn.
CarolKat: and maybe not human would be good for Ben, don't know how he'd deal with losing the love of his life
Janilee: He might be the sort that needs to be physical after sitting at a computer all day.
Patti: So... what physical activities?  Running?
Janilee: Some wolves deal better than others Sam seems to have had more than one.
Janilee: Dancing
Elle: back...sorry about that
Patti: No problem.
CarolKat: Iz OK
Elle: are you talking about extra carricular activies? lol
Janilee: I see him as needing a group to be happy so physical that many can do.
Elle: hi ellyll
Patti: Well, he's not outed as a werewolf, I don't imagine, so what could he do?
Janilee: Yes, what physical activities might Ben engage in.
3girlmom: I think someone who can hold their own..but if he keeps hanging out with Adam his protective side will come out...
Elle: I'd be kind of curious to see where Ben lives
Janilee: karate?
Patti: Too good a chance of being too fast or too strong.
CarolKat: Me too, wonder if his idea of physical activity is really just sex or if he's all talk
Patti: Where he lives - wolf nose & control freak nature, it's clean.  That's all we know for sure.
Janilee: Dancing works for me it's nightlife, it's physical, it shouldn't easily out him, he'd get points for grace.
3girlmom: lol sex
Patti: May be full of computer geek stuff.
3girlmom: when it comes down to it i bet hes too shy
Patti: I wonder how wolves do at golf?
3girlmom: murder the ball
Patti: OMG - Imagine if Tiger Woods was accused of being a werewolf.
3girlmom: lol!!!
Janilee: Whoops missed the first hole but got onto the second green
Elle: interesting turn to the chat ;)
Janilee: Bowling as a pack activity.
3girlmom: just a little..... sex and golf. Who knew! ;)
Janilee: Ah the company of smuthounds! :)
3girlmom: lol
Ellyll from x.x.x.151 joined the chat 68 minutes ago
Patti: I wonder if we could get Nifty in here, & what she'd have to contribute.  Hi, Ellyll.
Elle: hi ellyll
Ellyll: Hi.
CarolKat: nd proud of it I might add Hi Ellyll
Ellyll: Hi, CK. :)
Zealith from x.x.x.254 joined the chat 67 minutes ago
Zealith: hey everyone
Ellyll: Hi, Zealith.
Elle: Hi Z
3girlmom: Hi Ellyll and Z!! :)
Janilee: Hello Zealth and Ellyll
CarolKat: Hey Z
Patti: Hi, Z
Elle: Favorite Ben moment?
Ellyll: In SB, or in general?
Elle: in general
CarolKat: When he told Adam to get his Arse back up to Mercy
Janilee: When Adam tells Mercy that Ben got out of his funk to stop her from going after Andre.
Elle: for me it was when he was telling Adam that mercy slunk past him to the bathroom and he almost started to  cry. great scene
Ellyll: In general, when he stood up to Adam about how Mercy felt post-rape.
Kyria from x.x.x.147 joined the chat 65 minutes ago
Ellyll: Hi, Kyria.
Patti: Hey, K.
3girlmom: Thats mine Ellyll!!
Janilee: Hello Kyria
Kyria: Hey
Elle: Hi kyria
CarolKat: Hey Kyria
3girlmom: Hi Kyria
Ellyll: In SB, I loved him pretty much every time he was in the book.
3girlmom: *nods* agree
Janilee: I also kind of like his snarl when he goes to fight the water monster
Elle: He was really great in SB...gets better every book
Kyria: yep
Patti: I also enjoyed him going along to talk to the kids who were trying to harass Jesse.
3girlmom: I just had a feeling about him like him from the get go
Janilee: MErcy picked well there.
CarolKat: I liked when he crashed through the window over Mercy to go after the water fae
Kyria: that was hilarious
CarolKat: Mercy is a good judge of character
Patti: I think that's a good pointer to the fact that he's not Alpha material; there was no reason to go through the window.
Zealith: I agree Janilee. Good Ben moment
3girlmom: lol Patti so true
Janilee: In the beginning I thought he would be the fly in the ointment character. Not a developing character.
Ellyll: No, he's definitely not Alpha material.  He's loyal pack material.
Ellyll: And smarter than he acts.
CarolKat: I didn't like him at first either, and no not Alpha material Good Soldier material, observant
Elle: He's very loyal. I like that...and yes, observant too, CK. I think a lot of the pack underestimate him
Patti: He does have good potential to last, with his way of thinking around the rules, as he did in warning Mercy about Mary Jo & PARTNER
Elle: Just see him for the surface
Ellyll: ?
CarolKat: and underneath loyal to the pack and his Alpha
CarolKat: and his Mate
Patti: If he ever finds one...
CarolKat: alpha's mate I mean
Kyria: I hope Ben gets a mate someday, though.
Janilee: He shows up as a troubled character just as the pack is going through a tense troubled time. With things settling down, he may be less overlooked and more understood.
Zealith: I think it's going to take some time before he winds up with a mate.
Elle: I think maybe eventually but I dont' see it happening too soon...getting a mate
Ellyll: I agree, Z
Patti: Gosh, yeah.  He has a lot of healing to do.
Elle: yes, Z. I agree
Janilee: I don't think he is ready for a mate yet. If he survives he may find he is ready to be a good mate.
CarolKat: or even a love interest for that matte he has a lot of internal issues to sort through
Elle: That's a good point, Janilee. When things settle down where will his place be and how will the others look at him
Ellyll: Right now, he may be too messed up that way to get involved romantically with anyone.
Kyria: yeah I agree.  But someday I hope he gets a mate.
Janilee: They've accepted him in the pack. Mercy found no tension in the bonds about him.
Elle: I think he will someday...I hope so
3girlmom: Does anyone else see Mercy as his go to gal to help with some of his issues?
3girlmom: She see's through his bs
Patti: Yep.
Ellyll: I don't think he's used to sharing his issues.
Elle: She def see through his bs
3girlmom: no not yet
Janilee: That I think would be the role of the female alpha. Barring the crazy ones we've read.
3girlmom: true but not always
Zealith: I don't think it will happen right away, Mercy has her own stuff to sort through first
Janilee: We've seen Mercy multitask
CarolKat: He may never share his issues but he'll learn to deal with them. He's taking Adam's advice and not letting his past rule him
Patti: You don't get the chance to do 'first', it happens intermingled, like the rest of life.
Elle: They seem to have little moments in each book. That's all I need, nothing big...IK was big, IMO I dont' need that kind of connection each book but it's a nice foundation  for sure
Kyria: what Elle said.
Janilee: Perhaps Adam needs to hire a pack councilor along with the pack witch.
Zealith: That might be a good idea. XD
Elle: Kind of like Metallica with their therapist? :D
Kyria: haha... the pack shrink.
Janilee: Do they change a therapist or hire one?
Kyria: Isn't that kind of... Anna?
Patti: Wow; that would require some interesting extra training for the shrink.
Janilee: She can't be in two places at once.
Kyria: Maybe Bran knows one who's already been changed.
Elle: lol. now that the mate bond has settled I think the Adam and Mercy will kind of fill that role
Patti: Yep.
CarolKat: I can see it now, Well doc one full moon I became a wolf and woke up with  a bloody deer carcass
Janilee: Maybe Kyle knows one
Kyria: Ooh Kyle probably does know one.
Ellyll: I'm with Elle.  Now that the pack is settled, they won't be so messed up now.
3girlmom: agree Ellyll and Elle
Elle: I'm really looking forward to seeing  a more stablized pack in River have to wonder if Ben has been so edgy because the issues as well
Janilee: That still doesn't handle past issues. It will make future issues smoother.
CarolKat: Adam and Mercy will be filling those roles I am sure just like Bran with his troubled pack
Elle: I'm sure he's pretty edgy anyway but maybe the problems have enhanced it instead of helped him settle down
Janilee: Remember when he called Mercy because there was pack trouble. Wasn't he already expecting her to solve issues?
Elle: For sure. I like that he looks to her as a leader already and that he liked when Adam brought her into the pack
Ellyll: He did.  Remember in BC?
Ellyll: Ben was one of the happy ones.
CarolKat: As Adam's mate she is highest ranking although I wondered about that since human mates don't have pack standing, so there was already a hint of something more there.
Kyria: But Ben already liked Mercy.  He just isn't always good at expressing that
Ellyll: I wonder if the pack standing depends on whether the human mate is mated to the wolf or not.
Elle: Human mates couldn't be brought into the pack magic so she's outside that I think
Kyria: It sounds like technically a human mate (as opposed to just wife) is still expected to be respected as if she had pack rank though
CarolKat: No one at that point knew she could be pack
Kyria: Which is why in... BB, maybe?... Mercy could already pull rank if she wanted to.
CarolKat: and humans are totally outside the pack with no real interaction in pack affairs
Kyria: which she found amusing but impractical because it would probably cause mutiny among the wolves.
CarolKat: Which it pretty much did in SB
Kyria: exactly.
Kyria: But she mentions that she could pull rank, even before she was Pack, because Adam said she was his Mate.
Elle: definitely one of favorite scenes when she calls Warren down and shocks herself and Darryl :D
Janilee: I agree that the pack will run smoother with Adam and Mercy agreeing on being mates. I don't think this will stop all pack difficulty. People will always tussle.
Elle: wow. 2 hours already. since we're heading that way anyway shall this just be a more generalized chat now?
3girlmom: its good with me
Janilee: works
Patti: Sure.
CarolKat: Do you think Jessie and Gabriel will become more serious now?
Janilee: I did wonder if anyone thinks Ben can cook? CK how serious do you want two teenagers to be?
Elle: I think Gabriel want to focus on getting into a good school so they may be serious but I dont' think they'll get serious until much later
Zealith: Probably, they're living in the same house. Not to mention they probably went through a lot in the month Mercy was missing
Patti: I think they'll continue to hold off, because of school issues.
Elle: I think Ben can cook :)
CarolKat: Not that much but they both know how deep those feelings are now and Oh yeah Ben as Big Brother LOL
Patti: Limited things, he'd be able to deal with, I suspect.
Kyria: What CK said...
3girlmom: I don't know about that one...On one hand I see Jessie and Gabriel becoming best freinds
Janilee: Teenage love burns fast and deep. But it also burns out.
3girlmom: Another I can see Ben walking in on them NOT having sex but maybe a little kissing
Elle: i think they know they have the potential for something more but I don't think they'll be more than friends
CarolKat: First love is a hard one especially if it doesn't work out.  But with issues with his mother and living at Adam's. working with Zee at the garage, He's taking a lot of steps toward real independance
Janilee: Gabriel will always be in the position of knowing 'others' now. So will Jessie. That would forge a friendship bond if nothing else.
3girlmom: yeppers
Elle: do you think that Slyvia will take money from Gabriel? you know he's going to send some to her
3girlmom: Maybe not at first
Janilee: Sylvia is going to need to swallow hard on some facts.
Patti: She's apt not to, but oldest sister might.
CarolKat: She'll take it as her due, I gave birth to you kind of thing, I don't approve of how you got the money but your sisters need it
3girlmom: true or he could buy what they need and give it to them
Elle: it'll be a while before she cools down
Patti: Maybe, though, Sylvia will take some thought to the dressing down that Mercy gave her and relent.
Patti: Some.
Janilee: I think she is in the 'you defied me' mode. Until she comes off of that high horse, she won't be able to tell right from wrong. Not that Mercy shouldn't have said Sam was a were.
CarolKat: I have a feeling Sam is somehow going to smooth all this stuff out. After all he knows Sam is a werewolf and has since BB
CarolKat: Damn I  meant
Elle: sorry CK who knows?
CarolKat: Tony
Janilee: CK do you mean Gabriel knows?
Janilee: Ah. much clarer now
CarolKat: Brain and fingers aren't in sync sorry!
Elle: i don't think Tony knows does he?
Zealith: If it's been a month since Mercy gave her that talk, I doubt that speech will be involved in any relenting Sylvia
Elle: good point Z
CarolKat: Yes he does from BB he asked if Sam would be a danger to his patients before he gave the alibi for Sam
Janilee: The hospital scene after the sorcerer vampire was defeated.
CarolKat: yep
Patti: I'd like to see Margi square off with Sylvia; "My daughter was half raised by this werewolf; if he could deal with MERCY as a child, do you really think he's a danger to your straightforward human daughter?"
Janilee: Mercy is afraid of Margi fighting her battles.
Kyria: hehe that would be funny
Kyria: but I don't think Sylvia would be impressed anyway
Kyria: even if Mercy would allow it.
Elle: oops sorry phone call. I missed that thanks guys!
Ellyll: Besides, Sylvia said the problem wasn't the werewolf, as such, but that Mercy lied to her, and took from Sylvia the decision about the safety of Sylvia's children.
Elle: I think if it was Samuel and not Sam Mercy wouldn't have felt so guilty because she didn't really know how he was going to react
Janilee: Actually we don't know what Sylvia thinks of the past month. We only know that Gabriel thinks he can't stay at home and be loyal to Mercy.
Ellyll: Whether Sam is a 'good' werewolf isn't exactly the point.
Elle: good point, Ellyll
Janilee: True parents can be very crazy about their children's welfare.
Ellyll: Yes, they can.
Ellyll: Especially when the kids are little.
CarolKat: Ummm me crazy when my kids were little...YEP!
3girlmom: Ditto!!
Janilee: I don't think it stops.
Kyria: my parents are still crazy and I'm 23
Janilee: That's different dear
Kyria: haha I mean crazy protective.
3girlmom: always and forever luv
Patti: Just like what Mercy said to Jesse in the truck on the way to see Zee & Ari.
Kyria: haha, I know that
Elle: Patti, I liked that scene between them
3girlmom: exactly Patti
Elle: I like how Mercy was there with her...didn't treat her like an adult but definitely respected her
CarolKat: What my kids are adults...NOT!
CarolKat: I was wondering about how Jessie's relationshipship would grow now that Adam and Mercy are definately mated
Elle: let me know how you're doing with lag
Kyria: If a kid has demonstrated that they deserve respect, they should get it.
Kyria: I've got some lag.  It might be my parents internet, though.
Ellyll: I think it will be much as it is.  Jessie and Mercy seem to have a good relationship already, and it doesn't look like they'll change it much.
CarolKat: Mercy and Jess are making a real good start at the stepmom stepdaughter thing
Zealith: I think they won't get much of a mother daughter relationship, Mercy doesn't think of herself as some one old enough to have a kid in their teens
Elle: CK I dont' think Jesse's relationships will change much
Elle: what you said Ellylll...I see it like that
Patti: The problem is getting some adults to admit the good behavior of the kids.
Patti: No, they'll be friends from different generations, I think.
Janilee: Jessie and Mercy have a good relationship. The scene were Jessie interrupted Mercy and Adam showed her she was cared for in a wya her mother couldn't.
Elle: That was a nice scene, too from the Mercy/Adam side. :D
Ellyll: Very true, Janilee.
Janilee: Adam and Jessie have a good relationship even if it involves broken doors. The two good relationships shouldn't sour because Adam and Mercy are acting better together.
CarolKat: I just got worried after the mate bond fiasco Jessie seemed a little standoffish to Mercy
Patti: Sigh for those sex scenes we don't get, though.  Heh.
Elle: Where were you reading that CK? just a feeling or a specific moment?
3girlmom: lol Patti!!
Janilee: Jessie will get to do more baking with Mercy around.
Patti: I have this sudden mental image of Patty going to a fanfic site and posting them as pretend slash fiction.
CarolKat: Elle in BC right after the baby in tsunami thing. but that seems to have resolved.  I wonder if there will be another battle with Christy and Adam though.  Jessie gave Adam some pretty volitile info
Zealith: lol wouldn't that be funny
Elle: Thanks, CK. I liked in that scene where it was Jesse who kept the cool head and sent someone for Samuel
CarolKat: WE have opened a can of worms asking for those LOL
3girlmom: tasty worms at that!!
Patti: Worms we don't get.
Janilee: She is emotionally mature for a teenager. She is also good in a crisis. Which is a good trait for a human around werewolves.
Janilee: Maybe Patty will start a trend of printing outtakes in the backs of books?
Patti: Don't think so.
Janilee: I agree. :)
Elle: I liked that mercy was with her in Moon Called when Adam was reacting to the silver and was explaining things to her...Adam had definitely sheltered her before that...she knows a lot more now
Kyria: Once she knows what she needs to find out...
Kyria: she tends to steamroller people.
Elle: i like that Mercy is straight with her
3girlmom: me too Elle
3girlmom: Jessie is a smart kid nothing gets by her
Janilee: Mercy didn't expect to have her as a step daughter when their relationship started. I believe Mercy who grew up with wolves sees  Jessie's position in growing up with wolves.
Elle: oh...I like that. :)
3girlmom: yup
Janilee: Tehy started as friends and as Patti said they will probably remain friends of different generations.
Patti: Very "younger version of me...sort of"; she'll be straight with Jesse the way she wishes Bran had been with her.
Janilee: Jessie just wishes she could turn into a coyote? :)
Patti: I have no idea what Jesse wishes regarding being a shifter of any sort.
Janilee: Neither do I just a thought.
Kyria: I would bet that knowing what she does about werewolves and about Mercy's abilities... she'd rather be a walker than a were
Kyria: but that's just speculation
Kyria: Jesse's independent, I don't think she'd want to be a female in a pack.
Elle: I hope we learn more about what Honey was thinking in the dominance shift a good thing or a bad thing for her...I like that it's shifting
Ellyll: Yeah, that definitely seemed like something that will erupt at some point, didn't it?
Patti: Not under the current rules, and maybe not even when they re-arrange themselves from what just happened with Mary Jo.
Janilee: She has the right personality. Remember she helped Mercy graffiti the car.
Janilee: Can you hear the European wolves, "the Americans are having another revolution."
Elle: lol
Kyria: haha
Janilee: "Hope it doesn't catch here."
Janilee: "Watch the French you know what happend last time."
Kyria: yeah

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Elle: I've saved the chat up to here...I'm going to head off for a bit but I'll jump back later and grab the rest of the transcript.
Elle: thanks for coming everyone! ttyl :)
Janilee: Thank you.
Ellyll: See you later, Elle.
Patti: Bye, Elle.
Janilee: With three more books in the series where do you think this will go in general? We've outed the wolves. Fixed the pack.
3girlmom: Bye Elle! xx
Ellyll: Well, there's Mercy's heritage, of course.
Janilee: Will walkers be outed?
Kyria: Maybe we'll find out how old Bran and Sam are.
Ellyll: I don't think so.
Zealith: Yes, and there could always be more outside trouble too. The vamps for example
Patti: The seethe needs to be sorted out, yes, the Walker stuff, and maybe something more with the fae, or the anti-fae.
Ellyll: Sorry.  I was answering Janilee.
Ellyll: The hate groups.
Janilee: Hate groups exist. Don't know a way to fix them.
Ellyll: I don't see them getting fixed.  I just see them being a story line.
Kyria: yeah but they can cause more trouble that needs fixed.
Janilee: True. I presume Patty will leave the series open ended enpough that she could write more if she felt like it.
Kyria: I hope.
3girlmom: Me too!!
Kyria: Although even if she doesn't, there are other storylines in the Mercyverse to pursue
Kyria: Sam's, Charles and Anna; Ben...
Janilee: As for Mercy's heritage it would be nice if some wise shaman took her under their wing, but I'm not certain that is where Patty is headed.
Patti: I doubt the shaman thing.
Janilee: Perhaps we could send Marcilla back to Italy?
Kyria: that would be interesting...
Patti: That would be nice.
Janilee: The Shaman thing would be too easy for Mercy. Not enough shattered pieces for Adam to pick up.
Patti: What a way to put it, Janilee!  I would not say that on the board, you'd  be torn apart by the "Mercy picks herself up" faction.
Janilee: She does pick herself up. It is the shattered world around her that others pickup.
Ellyll: I think you're right; it'd be too easy.
Ellyll: Having a shaman.
Janilee: If someone handed Mercy the instruction book to being a walker, I don't think she would follow the rules in it. She would probably read it for the information.
Patti: Are we winding down here?
Janilee: Looks like.
Ellyll: It's late on my end.  I think I'll bid you all good night. :)
Patti: Sounds like time to wrap it up, catch y'all on Hurog.
Janilee: Me too. Good night all. :)
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CarolKat: Nite Ellyll, I think I'll go too Nite All
3girlmom: Good night all!! xoxoxo
Kyria: 'night!

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