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Title: Briggs Book Club: Silver Borne Chat | April 04 [Spoilers/Spec for future books]
Post by: Elle on April 11, 2010, 07:07:14 pm
Thanks for everyone who was able to pop into the chat and spend 4 hours  ;D chatting about Silver Borne and speculating on other storylines. There are plenty of Silver Borne spoilers here but I should point out that we did talk about and speculate on the next Mercy book, River Marked. So if you want to stay spoiler free for that I'd avoid this thread.

Like with most chats, spelling doesn't count. Read at your own risk!  >D

ETA: Wow...that's a lot of chat. :D It took a few posts to get it all in the thread. There's a bit of off-topic chatter near the end but we tried to stay to the Silver Borne discussion. Enjoy!

Hurog Chat

...Off Topic Chatter Deleted...

Elle: the chat. sorry...I"m getting off topic
lostbird: lol ... couldn't figure out how!
jax: S'okay :) What are we going to start with?
Elle: are you guys interested in a silver borne chat then say the last 20 minutes or so a bit of river marked speculation? or just full silver borne for the hour?
lostbird: hi Varg ...
jax: Hi Varg
Elle: we normally do an hour chat "officially" then continue on if anyone wants to keep chatting
lostbird: will Patty B be here???
Elle: no...this is just a reader chat. Patty won't be attending
jax: Hmm...I'm up for either, but I haven't been reading much in the way of rivermarked
Elle: Hi Varg
lostbird: i'd prefer SB ... tho RM is so intriguing
Elle: We'll start with SB and I'll ask a bit later then. Let's start with secondary characters. Ben, warren, kyle etc...what did you think of their growth in this book? and the new things we learned about them?
lostbird: i like the way Ben is letting his defenses down more and more
lostbird: i think he wants to be liked
jax: I always love to see the side characters, but Ben is my current favorite
jax: I think he's finally getting comfortable with the pack, and with having friends
lostbird: i'd like to see him happy
Elle: From when we first met him I think Ben has really grown...he's likeable in these last few books. Iron Kilssed made me love him
Elle: Hi Has! xo
Has from x.x.x.181 joined the chat 37 minutes ago
Varg from x.x.x.168 joined the chat 37 minutes ago
lostbird: hi Has
Has: Hey!!!
Varg: Hi all.
jax: I  liked seeing how well he reads people - that he really has a grip on what his pack members are like.
Elle: I love that Warren is a private investigator now and that Kyle helped him get that
Has: I wasnt sure what time it was my end LOL :D
jax: Hi Has, and Patti!
Elle: hi Patti!
Varg: Quick peek before you all start with the spoilers..... Bye now. Enjoy :)
lostbird: hi Patti
Elle: always early/late Has. :D
Elle: bye Varg. :) haven't read the book yet?
Has: cya Varg! Hey Patti!!
jax: And that the two of them are going on short nature outings together. :P The fact that the two of them are slowly getting Kyle used to the werewolf side of things is fantastic.
jax: Bye Varg!
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Elle: hi Z
jax: Hi Zealith
Patti from x.x.x.166 joined the chat 35 minutes ago
lostbird: i wonder if this means Kyle will become a wolf down the road
lostbird: hi Zealith
Patti: Just was catching up.
Zealith: Hey guys!
jax: I'm not sure if Warren or Kyle would want to risk that.
jax: Hi Janilee!
Elle: That's a good question. I don't really know if he will...but it certainly would be an interesting twist on it...I like how they are now though
Elle: Hi Janilee
Has: I am not sure but it does look like they are exploring that possibility about Kyle turning but it would be a risk
Has: Hey janilee!!
Zealith: I don't think either of them would be willing to risk it now, unless something dire happened to Kyle, but who knows what might happen down the road?
lostbird: i'm only thinking because he was so much more involved this time
lostbird: it's possible he could get hurt, collaterally
lostbird: and then there'd be a choice, maybe
Elle: I love that Kyle was helping those families that needed it...he's a good man
jax: Really? I didnt' get the idea that they were exploring Kyle becoming a wolf, so much as letting him get to know Warren's wolf
Patti: If I was Kyle, I don't think I'd try it, given the stats, for at least another 20 years.
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jax: Live a nice long life, and then reverse the aging, if possible?
lostbird: i don't know ... i think whenever lawyers are working with "dangerous" clients, there is risk of being pulled in
lostbird: why not from a preternatural perspective?
Has: Elle dont you think that might be a plot point that wil be explored- with a tidbit like that I think its a clue to future stories about Kyle
Patti: Hi, Janilee.  Future...Silver Borne now?
Elle: interesting Has! i never really thought that but it could be a thread picked up for sure
lostbird: or maybe i've just been watching too many police procedurals
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Elle: I was reading about Tony knowing the Sandoval children since birth and I wondered if he knew their father
lostbird: he's very savvy ... hiding the SB in plain sight was a magnificent trick
Has: Hey Kyria!! :D
Kyria: hey!
Patti: I wonder...if Warren came out, how would it affect his private eye work?
Zealith: Hey Kyria
Elle: I liked that we saw Tony if only for a bit in this book
Janilee Plummer: Hello all. Took me a minute to figure logistics. Kyle probably has asked about the percentages of his survival of becoming a wolf. The camping could be a way to geet to know Warren's wolf. But didn't Warren say they hadn't been camping it was Kyles sence of humor?
jax: That's an interesting question...and did their father die, or just no longer in the picture?
Elle: Hi Kyria
Kyria: Bodyguard duty it would be a plus, I bet
Zealith: It would probably harm his privite eye work Janilee
jax: Hi Kyria
Patti: I think it would be only the youngest one, maybe two.
Elle: he died Jax
jax: Ok, thanks, I couldn't remember
Patti: That Tony knew them from diapers, I mean.
Has: I think with Tony we are going to see more esp if the estrangement that Gabriel has with his mother is ongoing in the next book
Kyria: yeah that should be an interesting twist.
Elle: Did Gabriell make the right choice?
Patti: I don't know...Depends on what jobs he was offered.
Patti: Dang, I'm off timing here!
jax: I had wondered if Gabriel wouldn't try to become a werewolf - now that he's going to be around Jesse more
Elle: Or do you think his mother should have relented and allowed him to help with the Garage when mercy was "away"?
lostbird: i'm lost ... what choice did he make?
Has: I think Gabriel is sucked in with werewolves - I think she should have but could understand why she felt like that but Mercy sacrificed herself for him
Elle: I don't see Gabriel or Jesse ever becoming wolves.
Kyria: I'm all for kids respecting their parents, but I think sometimes parents need to let their kids grow up and make their own mistakes
Patti: Oh, it's one of those issues that are very individual for Sylvia/Gabriel/Mercy
jax: I can't see Sylvia backing down that quickly.
Patti: It's mostly the lie, I think.  Werewolves...she knew Mercy knows them, right?
jax: And I agree with Kyria. But Mercy was right too - that's hard to do.
Janilee Plummer: Jesse knows wolves. I don't think she wants a werewolf boyfriend. Even if she enjoyed Mac in the first book.
Elle: I can understand that she was angry at first...but when he was rescused and wanted to help Mercy...I think she was too hard to practically disown him
Elle: Patti, I think she must
jax: And I'm sure Gabriel would take that into account, but I'm not sure that would entirely dissuade him if he wanted it.
Has: pride - Sylvia is too stubborn and I dont think she's open to saying she makes mistakes
Janilee Plummer: Single motherhood drowns you or makes you tough.
Patti: It's fear, combined with core principles.  That kind of thing will bite you in the butt.
Has: so shes sticking with that - yep def agree with the core principles - maybe its due to a bad marriage? I got that sense from her
jax: *nods* That's why I don't see her backing down quickly. This issue wil lbe around awhile.
lostbird: but why hasn't sylvia been afraid of jesse's dad? she's known gabriel was dating the daughter of a werewolf
Elle: Just give a holler when you guys think the room needs to be cleared. I'm saving the chat as we go along
Kyria: I agree that I don't think Jesse or Gabriel would attempt the Change; and I also agree that while it made sense to distance her family from Mercy at first, once Mercy sacrificed herself for Gabriel it was a major over reaction to abandon her son because he stands up for Mercy
lostbird: that means Gabriel is around at least one werewolf quite a bit
jax: But Mercy lied. More than anything, I think she's was upset at that.
Kyria: Yes but she's punishing her son for Mercy's mistake?
Kyria: I don't understand parents sometimes
Janilee Plummer: We don't know exactly what happened after the first day. There may have been more arguments leading to the break
jax: No, she's standing her ground while he makes his own choice
lostbird: parents make mistakes
Patti: It's like Miles Vorkosigan says about honor vs. practicality; you rub at those two long enough and you're left with just two groups; the honorable dead and the foresworn.
jax: He's grown, but Sylvia still has to look to the little ones.
lostbird: i'm glad she's not being painted as a perfect, self-sacrificing single mom
Elle: I think she maybe deserved the yelling in the first incident but after that...when he wanted to help mercy...a too much maybe
Kyria: Do parents ever learn to see their kids as able to handle life on their own?
Janilee Plummer from x.x.x.64 changed name to Janilee 23 minutes ago
jax: LOL - She definitely has a temper and is stubborn to boot
CarolKat: Do we know how old Gabriel is?
Elle: I feel bad for Tony because I dont' see Slyvia as ever breaking her "rule" of not dating co-workers
lostbird: in this case, she's let the worry for him and the rest of her children get the best of her
Has: Also Mercy has helped them out in the past and I think Sylvia is too stubborn for her own good in many ways shes so stuck into being independent she's lost sight of things
Elle: she doesn't seem flexible
lostbird: sometimes, it's hard to back down
Elle: CK he's 17
Janilee: Still in High School
Patti: I'm still curious why Medea, Sam, or Margi weren't used to try & find Mercy.
Janilee: Medea loves everyone
Kyria: also, she's a cat
Elle: more Warren bit that I adored...telling Ben to chew on his arm. :D I loved that
Janilee: Margi may not have been told there was a problem
Kyria: cat's own people, not the other way around
lostbird: Sam never loved Mercy the way that Jesse loves Gabriel
CarolKat: Maybe since Sam isn't her love
Patti: It's not who Medea loves, it's how Mercy feels about her.
Kyria: also Sam now has Ariana
Kyria: yes but she's still a cat
jax: And while Ari could use that ability again, the fae would be on the look out for that particular trick again.
Patti: She's still Sam's pack.
lostbird: yeah, but Sam is preoccupied
lostbird: lol
CarolKat: Didn't Ari say it had to be something that had a very close connection to the person
Kyria: She doesn't see Sam as hers.
Elle: just a good way to get Bran in the story. :D
jax: They saw it coming the first time around, really.
lostbird: i'm happy for him
Has: I think the fae blocked the tracking thing - also time passes differently as well so that could have been a factor too
CarolKat: Margi might have worked if she knew about it
Kyria: I don't know, though.  Mercy still has some leftover issues about feeling abandoned by her mom
Kyria: (as mentioned towards the end of BC)
lostbird: i agree with Kyria ... i don't think Margi would have worked
Kyria: so I don't know if Margi would have worked.
Elle: I was really worried that Mercy was going to be there for longer...I had to skip ahead it bothered me that much
jax: The time thing didn't keep them from finding Phin and Gabriel....I'd love to see a short story about what they were doing that month she was gone
lostbird: the time thing did affect Phin and Gabriel because they left at the behest of the Fairy Queen ...
Janilee: What about any of her other close friends? Zee, Warren, Kyle
lostbird: i seem to remember them mentioning that if you left on your own, time didn't cooperate
Has: well in an interview - Patty said she would like to do a Sam book and I think that missing month will be covered
Elle: For some reason, I liked that we didnt' see it
jax: But it didn't keep Mercy, Ari, Jesse, etc.  from finding them
Elle: Interesting Has
lostbird: i'd like to see the missing time from Sam/Ariana's pov
jax: That would be nice
Kyria: Gabrielle feels possessive towards Jesse
Janilee: That would probably be a novella not a book
Has: I think we need to see that missing time from Sam and Ari's pov also want some info about their initial meeting too
Patti: You know the time worked the opposite way for Phin & Gabriel that it did for Mercy...
Kyria: Zee, Warren, Kyle, etc. don't feel possessive towards Mercy, just Adam
Elle: Hi 3GM
Kyria: and Adam was being scary.
jax: True. I wonder why that happens - why it sped up for Phin and Gabriel, but slowed for Mercy
Has: in the interview she said shes open to a full book and she might alternate it after an Alpha & Omega bk - this was in  one of the recent/signings or interview
Elle: I'm waiting for someone on the board to translate what Zee said when he did his spell
Has: hey! 3GM
CarolKat: Hi 3GM
jax: hi 3GM
jax: Hang on!
jax: I asked a friend, and he translated it for me
Patti: I doubt it was a spell, just swearing.
jax: Do you want me to pm it to you?
Kyria: Hold on I'll look it up
Kyria: It wasn't swearing
Janilee: The longer you think you're being held the more it demoralizes you.
jax: Nope - the spell to open Elphame, I got Dura to translate it for me.
lostbird: weren't they some kind of power words
Elle: right before they went to the fae
lostbird: like an incantation
Patti: Oh, you were talking opening Elphame, I was talking Sylvia's car.
lostbird: fae-style
lostbird: oh!!!
Elle: I thought so. xo
Kyria: "Earth, my beloved mother, your child calls.  Taste my blood.  Know your (something)
Kyria: My earth, let me in
Kyria: Give me (Mut)
Kyria: Drink my blood; know me
Kyria: Open yourself
Elle: Patti, I liked how Elphame treated them all differently seemed very fae like
jax: Give me Valor
Elle: nice! thanks Kyria
CarolKat: Thanks Kyria
lostbird: it always comes down to blood
Has: thanks Kyria!
jax: Thanks K :) It took me a sec to pull up the note
lostbird: and sacrifice
Kyria: My earth, let me in, give me (Glut), drink my blood, it (quillt) here for you.  Open a door for me!
lostbird: interesting how the vampires drink blood,
lostbird: the fae offer it up,
lostbird: the weres use it to connect
Elle: I liked Jesse's reaction when she saw Zee without his glamour
Kyria: Blood is traditionally very powerful
Kyria: I liked that Zee said Gabriel has said the same of her.
CarolKat: I like seeing things through Jesse's eye she has a unique perspective
Elle: Nice point, lostbird
Has: blood is a conduit for power - makes you wonder if the Walkers use it in a similar way?
lostbird: i'd like to see Patty explore this more, the one thing all these species have in common
lostbird: except for the walkers, who don't seem to have a need for blood in any way
Elle: CK, I like how mercy treated her like an adult but still a young one and gave her responsibilty but wanted her to leave when she asked her to
lostbird: of course, i haven't read RM
Patti: It's a common issue with things magical.
Kyria: that we know of yet, but we don't know much about them yet
Janilee: Native American use of blood is minimal in magic
Kyria: did not know that.  That's interesting
jax: The species can't be all that far apart - other than vampires, they can all interbreed.
Kyria: Well, they're all human-based
jax: Though the wolves have a harder time of that than the fae
Elle: janilee, that is interesting
Kyria: except the fae
Janilee: Course it depends on tribe and situation
lostbird: i never thought of that ... but NAs use "sacrifice,"
lostbird: yes?
lostbird: offerings, maybe
lostbird: sorry, this feels like a tangent gone OT
Patti: Well, as far as we know, fae/human relations have the same chance of birth/miscarriage as any human/human pairings.
lostbird: pull me back somebody!
Elle: what did you all think of Kelly Heart? good character or no?
Janilee: Part of why they have difficulty with typing the dead for DNA
Patti: Werewolf/human will abort anything not human/human genetically.
lostbird: i didn't like the bounty hunter
lostbird: i thought it was, there's a term for it that i can't find just now
CarolKat: I thought he was an arse
Patti: I think of him as a bit like the fae; he doesn't care about Mercy et al, save that they affect him.
Janilee: I think the bounty hunter meant well, but is in a marginal profession
Has: I think we might see him back - he gave his contact card - in the mercyverse that means something :D hee
lostbird: lol! that, too
Kyria: I thought it was an interesting character, although I found him kind of irritating
Has: I agree CK
Elle: I'm not sure how we could have gotten the Daphe Rondo information without him but it was interesting
CarolKat: Not checking to see if the warrant was real and no pic of the person he was going after just weird
lostbird: but i think KH was just there to get the Fairy Queen into the story
Janilee: I'll try to get back later.
lostbird: it didn't feel organic
Patti: I think that if he finds out about Mercy killing "Daphne", he might be an enemy.
jax: The bounty hunter just made me laugh. It was like a poke at Dog the Bounty Hunter
Kyria: agreed
lostbird: Yeah, i noticed the similarity as well
Elle: I enjoyed how insulted the cops were when they found out that he was there becuase they "couldn't handle a werewolf" lol
Kyria: except I get confused cause to me Kelly is a girl's name
Kyria: particularly with Adam standing there beside them!
Patti: That's one of the problems with "reality shows" as opposed to doing your own research.
Elle: Kyria I know girl and guy Kellys so that didn't throw me
jax: Yep. But it was fun to watch. I like Adam "I'd say it's a pleasure, but I don't like to lie."
Has: But I thought if he was a rip off Dog the bounty hunter it was realistic because he is a bit of an arse too
Patti: If he'd been doing his job with his real staff, without camera crap, he would have checked into who he was going after, don't you think?
jax: Or even better "People taste like pork."
Elle: Good point, Has
Kyria: Yeah Adam was great there
lostbird: jax, priceless!
jax: Has - LOL.
Has: when i read his name - I did laugh because it was a girls name- remember our last chat and my theory about the bounty hunter and Sam :P LOL
Elle: Heh. :P
CarolKat: Has I remember LOL
Patti: I won't be shocked if we see him again.
CarolKat: So much for our idea, maybe next time he'll be looking for Ben
Elle: Maybe Warren being a PI may have contact
Has: I loved dont shoot the bullets and Mercy was the same with her tool with Gabriel :D
jax: He is wonderful comic relief
CarolKat: He wasn't exonerated in the London rapes
Kyria: He gets assigned to come pick up another of Adam's wolves, or Sam, and arrives and looks at the cops and goes, "Oh, never mind" and leaves.  Heheeh
jax: Ben wasn't?
lostbird: nope
lostbird: there's definitely a story there
CarolKat: Just with Adam
jax: And Mercy
lostbird: remember that mercy said the rapes stopped after Ben left
Patti: Werewolves smell lies.  If Adam point blank asked, & Ben answered, it's done, for them.
lostbird: this was in MC I believe
CarolKat: and that he said he tried to stop them or help
jax: He was the first one that came to mind when they said they had a warrant, but I can't think of a reason that there's be a bounty hunter involved in a international case like that
lostbird: yes, but does that mean that the wolves in London can't smell lies?
Kyria: The wolves in London, whether or not they knew he was innocent,
Kyria: didn't want the cops sniffing around one of their wolve
Kyria: s
Elle: what did you all think of Mary you think she would have been taken in as much by Henry if she hadn't still be recovering from being brought back to live?
jax: I have to wonder is living in the city doesn't change how they use their senses. Mercy was glad Ben was sent to watch her, because he'd be easier to fool
Patti: They shipped him out because they hadn't come out yet, or said that werewolves smell lies, so they couldn't prove it.
Elle: life
Has: Also I think bran would have known or sussed him out as well - I suspect ben knows who is behind the rapes though
jax: I think she would have - she couldn't get past feeliing like Mercy wasn't good enough for Adam

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Title: Re: Briggs Book Club: Silver Borne Chat | April 04 [Spoilers/Spec for future books]
Post by: Elle on April 11, 2010, 07:08:09 pm
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Elle: Thanks guys.
lostbird: that ... is ... cool!
Kyria: lol totally didn't figure out what you were talking about until it actually cleared
Patti: It's all mixed together about Mj; she resents that even before Mercy, she wasn't good enough for Adam, and then Mercy lower on the 'food chain' and he wants her, then the weakness in the pack, then the death thing, & Henry.
Kyria: I'm a genius sometimes
jax: :) So, Has, do you think they still would have tried this, later on, or was it just the right time?
Elle: I agree lostbird. I didn't like that Mary Jo is able to hide her feelings about both Mercy and Warren sowell
Kyria: Yeah MJ is a really complicated case
lostbird: yeah, i can't say any of this made me dislike her
lostbird: i'm disappointed
lostbird: deeply
jax: I think that if they had waited much longer, the playing with Mercy's head wouldn't have worked
Kyria: I agree, I'm still mostly dissapointed
Elle: She seems to have worked through her Mercy issues mostly by the end of SB but I'm not sure about Warren
lostbird: i don't know that i can trust her
CarolKat: She did a good job when guarding Mercy though, helped her work on cars
Kyria: but I will be watching her with suspicion for a while
lostbird: and i don't want Mercy to let her guard down anytime soon
Kyria: She guarded Mercy and helped with cars before Mercy staked a claim to Adam
jax: Not being able to trust her isn't the same as not liking her. I think Mercy and MJ will always walk carefully around one another
Kyria: so MJ was just following her Alpha like a good little wolf.
CarolKat: but they were mates according to Adam
jax: MJ's issues with Warren do bother me - more than her issues with Mercy
Elle: I like that the pack isn't one big happy family and they have issues
Kyria: yeah but the whole pack knew that was just nominally
CarolKat: Yep just as difunctional as the rest of the world
Patti: Oh, it's just like 90% of human interaction; "I'm being good & following my leader/religious principles - as *I* interpret them.
Kyria: so as long as Mercy hadn't said yes, MaryJo didn't feel so threatened.
Kyria: yeah, what Patti said
CarolKat: So true Patti
Patti: Once she did, MJ lost her dream chance at getting Adam, & the resentment grew.
Elle: What bothered me about the MJ/Warren thing is that Warren doesn't think there's an issue. I didn't like that she hid that from him...I have more respect for the wolves like Paul that come out with their issues
jax: *nods* That's preey much how MJ and Henry did
Kyria: and "oh, noes!  My worldview is being threatened! I must kill someone now!"
Has: I am with jax thats offputting esp Warren is so much better and LOYAL than her so called friends
jax: Elle, EXACTLY.
CarolKat: and how did they get that past Adam? was he that preoccupied with Mercy?
Patti: Face it, gang, we're all that way to one degree or another.
CarolKat: Or the dissentionin the pack that he didn't notice
Has: I think Adam was preoccupied also add the weakness in the pack it was building up - maybe he thought the tension was the fact it was a coyote in the pack and the alpha mate at that
lostbird: gotta run to pick-up the son ... back if i can ... lb
jax: True, Patti.
Kyria: He knew there was malcontent in the ranks over Mercy, he just was hoping that it would smooth itself out, I think
Zealith from x.x.x.254 joined the chat 54 minutes ago
Elle: I think this whole time since MC poor Adam has been feelign the burden of his calling Mercy his mate...poor guy...things will be better now I hope
Elle: by LB
CarolKat: Bye LB
Has: cya LB
jax: Bye LB
Kyria: bye lb
Elle: Hi Talyn
Talyn from x.x.x.175 joined the chat 54 minutes ago
Talyn: Hello :)
CarolKat: Hi Talyn
Kyria: hey Talyn
Patti: It's all mixed up, not one thing or another, but dealing with the "open place/weakness", plus Ben, plus the messes that started showing up in the area with MC...
jax: I'm sure Adam knows who all the malcontents are with Warren too. Just that some of them can hide their issues from pack mates
Has: Makes you think if some pack members didnt make an issue of Mercy living close by - it wouldnt have forced Adam to make his move on Mercy much sooner
jax: Hi Talyn
Zealith: Hey Talyn
Has: hey talyn!
Elle: I liked how Ben sussed it out though
jax: Ben's got a better social awareness than he lets on. :)
CarolKat: Me too he seems to be asserting himself just when it is needed
Zealith: I bet that's what happened Has
Patti: I like the fact that Ben, the low rank newcomer is finding his way around rules to do the right thing.
Has: I think Ben sits back and observes people like Mercy on the outside its easier to do so
Elle: Nice point, Patti
CarolKat: I liked when he almost slapped MJ in the hospital even with burned hands
jax: He follows the spirit of the law better than the letter of it.

Janilee from x.x.x.64 left this message 51 minutes ago:
Ben is starting to get over being kicked out of London. He is starting to feel like the npack is home.
Kyria: Ben relates better to Mercy, and he really has a lot of respect for Adam
Zealith: That's great news to me. I like Ben.
Janilee from x.x.x.64 joined the chat 51 minutes ago
Elle: Janilee you need to click on the join chat button
Elle: :)
jax: And he's starting to defend it, even from those in the pack
Kyria: I like Ben too
Patti: I think that with his low rank, Ben relates to Mercy as "weak dispised coyote", and that's part of why he's "on her side".
jax: I know someone wondered if he might move up in the pack, once he was better. I ws wondering if that was possible
Elle: I enjoyed the tidbit of information that we got on the homelife of Darryl and Auriele
CarolKat: Darryl doesn't do dishes but he vacuums
jax: That was a great conversation to see!
Elle: the whole Sunday pack breakfast thing was fun
Kyria: jax, there's been a LOT of speculation on Ben's ability to move up.
Talyn: Darryl and Auriele are a amusing couple
Has: ack my computer is possessed - stupid updates - I may need to restart in a few mins
Patti: That was cool, and I like the way Auriele uses her rank & backs up her husband.
Zealith: Yeah, I'm glad we got to see the pack when something wasn't going wrong
Kyria: See if it was the other way around, I could relate to Darryl.  I hate vaccuums, but I don't mind doing dishes
jax: Yeah, Kyria, I've seen that. I just haven't been jumping in
Elle: Patti, I liked that too
Elle: Has...rb if you need to ...we'll still be around :D
Patti: I don't honestly think that Ben is a natural high ranker.  And I think he prefers that.
Janilee: The pack dynamic is more welcoming than it has been for Mercy. Interesting to see.
Has: I also liked Mercy's interactions and opening up to the pack to o
Kyria: I agree with Patti
jax: I don't think he wants to lead, but I can see Ben wanting to be in a place to help keep the idiots like Paul in their place
Kyria: Yeah its interesting to see how Mercy interacts with the ones who like her and the ones who don't
Elle: I think he's like Warren and just happy to be with a pack...I think he'd do anything for Adam and Mercy
Patti: He's a lot closer to being a submissive than an alpha, whatever some people are dreaming.
Has: i think warren and ben KNOWs that Adam is a good alpha
CarolKat: maybe he can do that just fine where he is. less conspicuous
Talyn: Has, I feel your pain. I am trying to do Windows updates
Talyn: Stupid error messages...
jax: Good point CK
Has: I am getting nags :P
CarolKat: If you just observe you get a lot more info
CarolKat: from more places
Talyn: Ben is a good pack member, but I don't get the impression that he is a leader
Kyria: good point
jax: It's one of Ben's strengths - but he also has no problem stepping in to tell people what they need to know. Even Adam
Kyria: and Ben has a good relationship with Adam - therefore the ability to honestly tell the higher ups if there is a problem.
Elle: hour already. :D
Patti: Side note; I wonder, with Zee back in the garage so much lately, and Mercy having been around the edges of 2 anti-fae groups; is she being observed, the garage watched/picketed?
Kyria: oh jeeze, no wonder I'm getting hungry.
Has: I think Ben doesnt even want to be up on higher enchelons - I agree and that makes him a good member because he knows when to speak up
jax: He told off MJ pretty quick too, and I'm not so sure they have such a great relationship
Elle: Interesting point, Patti...I really don't think we've seen or heard the last from Courtney
Zealith: I don't think Ben has a good relationship with most of the pack
Has: Patti I think with her dating - getting engage now? to an alpha werewolf no less plus the knowledge that an anti fae member knows shes a coyote shifter methinks def trouble on that end
Talyn: I think Adam respects Ben for his willingness to step in and say what he thinks, he isn't challenging, just trying to help... most of the time
Elle: MJ never liked Ben...oil and water
jax: Good question, Patti. I'm sure she's on somebody's list to be watched. The bounty hunter knew that her place would be one to check out
Patti: Ben's interesting, when we start thinking and talking about it.  A bit like an Omega in attitude of "stuff the ranks, let's get the right thing done", but not the ability to brush off higher rank orders, did you notice?
jax: Patti - that's how I see it. :)
Kyria: well, he is ranked pretty low - not quite submissive, but low dominant
CarolKat: Yep Mercy was able to stop him cold
CarolKat: I wonder about Honey now that MJ fought. Is she going to become resentful
Kyria: and it seemed like when Charles was explaining the difference between Dominant, Submissive, and Omega; the submissive wolves are not so concerned with rank except to know that their higher-ups will take care of them
Kyria: and Ben is close enough to the bottom to maybe be bringing in some of that attitude
Elle: I think Honey was angry that she was submissive but now is uncertain that she has her proper'll be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next book
Patti: In BB, Honey seemed to want to be recognized as dominant, but not so much in SB; maybe she's been thinking more.
jax: Honey did seem a little put out by that. MJ can move up the pack...but is she stuck because of her husband? That's going to be a problem in the future
Kyria: Good question.  There is a difference in the ranks of mated vs. unmated females
jax: Kyria - that's a good point
Elle: Warren listed her under himself in that affects her marriage will be interesting
Patti: We don't know how the rank of mated wolves is going to play out, though.
CarolKat: I don't think Honey wants to fight but wants to be recognized as more dominant
Has: I think shes worried about her mate - if the rankings come out like that from the top 3 wolves it would have shaken up the pack
Kyria: the Pack magic doesn't seem to work with males able to draw on their female mates' power
Elle: I dont' know it will play out but I love that it's being shaken up
jax: If you start playing with that - what would it do to Aurielle?
Kyria: and changing the rules wouldn't change the magic
Zealith: Yeah, I think that'll prevent honey from moving up the ranks kyria
Kyria: Aurielle is apparently one of the top ranks either way
Has: The real question is that how this affects other packs - I dont think the pack magic was ever explored Kyria in that respects because of the status quo
jax: But changing people's mindsets could...magic is an odd thing
Kyria: good point
Kyria: what if the magic only works one way because the wolves have always assumed that it should only work one way
Kyria: once they accept that it should work both ways, it opens up their ability to draw it both ways
jax: And Mercy does odd things to magic anyway. :P
Patti: It sure is strange.  I liked when the "jolly green giant" tried to magic Mercy and it just fell to the floor.
Elle: I love that Patty is taking the chance to shake things up
Elle: Patti! I loved that as well...and his reaction. :D
Patti: I do wonder what happened to the remnants of his corpse...  Ick!
jax: I love that she lets the characters work through the changes. The panic attacks, Adam feeling at a loss when Mercy pulls the silent treatment...they don't lose their baggage.
Has: I hope sam didnt get indigestion :P :D
jax: The emotions are all still there.
Elle: She seems to be using her nose better as well since her foray into the Underhill...knowing that she can break glamours she seems to be doing it more and more...I liked how yo-yo girl stopped her though. :D
jax: LOL!
Has: Its real - not glossed over or ignored I think this is why its so real and relatable
Kyria: I like that the motion towards allowing females their own ranks, is a slow thing and is working in from the side; I was worried in the beginning of the series that it would be a cliche thing
Elle: That was pretty gruesome with Sam but interesting
Has: Elle her skills its almost becoming more second nature to her now - she use to work on it but its almost automatic. I think her powers are sort of evolving
Kyria: now that she knows she HAS powers :D
Zealith: And knowing is half the battle :P
Elle: I liked that it's not really new but it's stuff that she could do before she can just do it better
jax: She's also more comfortable with them. And now she knows Adam doesn't see her as weak.
Elle: or yes Has...lilke you said. evolving. LOL
Elle: I really loved Adam and Mercy in this book
Patti: Yes, the fact that Adam is glad she's her, coyote and all, not yet another she-wolf, is good.
Elle: and how their relationship is gettng stronger and stronger
Has: Ohhhh yes - I think in the next book that aspect about being a werewolf with adam - is going to be explored
Elle: Patti, that was great, that moment between them
Patti: I have to admit, I would like to see Mercy having some friends who aren't based either in the pack or the garage.
CarolKat: I almost chocked when Adam said " and you will marry me"
jax: Ok, I have to go feed the rugrats...I'll try to be back later
Has: I think in many ways - adam still has issues about his forced change and I think Mercy will help him with that
Has: I loved that because it was so Adam and Mercy's response was classic :D
Elle: bye jax. thanks for coming. :)
Patti: Bye, Jax.
CarolKat: Bye Jax
Kyria: I agree Has.  By Jax
Patti: I loved that she figured out what to wear.
Has: cya later Jax
Kyria: I loved that Adam and Sam bet about it
Kyria: AND that Mercy wasn't offended
CarolKat: Why would she be she was bribing Jesse after all.
Elle: that whole wolf play things was adorable
Patti: Enjoyed that scene from Adam's point of view about when he realized Mercy was shy.
Has: its also fun :D - I want to see how that playing goes along when she moves in - I want a version of her ratty car somewhere in the house
Elle: That was nice...totally unexpected but I loved it
Has: I loved that!!!
Kyria: yeah, I'm kind of tempted to just sum the whole thing up with a resounding, "Awwwwwwwwwww So CUTE!" but I think Mercy would tear my jugular out.  Adam might find it funny though.
Elle: Has...the bed maybe? lol not'll drive him crazy
Has: also it was bittersweet because he felt he wouldnt be needed as well - but I tihnk he knows that he is needed
Kyria: It's OK, though, they have clean sheets somewhere, and they can change them.
Has: that made me giggle - we are def going to see more of that- shes so laid back and hes not :D
Has: but it was his initial thought plus he was tired :D
Patti: I wonder what kinds of redecorating we'll see with Mercy in the house.
CarolKat: Living together is sooo different from just dating and spending the night
Elle: I'm looking forward to them living together. I think they will be after this...what do you guys think?
Kyria: OMG I just realized who Adam reminds me of.  I need to get that photo off of my other computer...
Elle: Patti, maybe not so much beige :D
CarolKat: I think it's now a done it's just the getting married left to be done.
Kyria: Yeah I'm betting Mercy moves in now
Has: LOL I def think she will be moving in. I think what happened with SB and previous books theres no excuse really
CarolKat: I'm willing to bet she changes the white rugs LOL
Kyria: I agree
Has: Love seat!!!!!!!!! Oh that love seat :D
Kyria: I'm betting that there is a lot more color to come in Adam's house
CarolKat: Yep I think that will go too
Elle: the fainting couch? lol
Zealith: Yeah, I bet she will too
Has: she was not impressed with that couch :DLOL
Kyria: yeah but she thought it was funny
Has: only because it wasn't practical :D
CarolKat: Although Adam seems to have a pretty great cleaning service. but antique fainting couches are just not Mercy
Kyria: Did he replace it?
Elle: definitely the white rugs.
Patti: She likes that painting of his.
Elle: he did replace it...which I thought was hilarous...he must really like the look :D
Kyria: yeah, maybe she'll find more by that painter
Elle: Patti, I want that painting of his. :D
Has: I think the artist is from Aspen Creek - Patty mentioned something about that on the site
Has: guys im restating cya in a bit
Kyria: I actually saw a painting at the Village this Christmas that could have been Adam's painting
Elle: I'd love to see the artist in the next A&O for sure
Kyria: by Has
Kyria: wow I keep forgetting that e
Elle: cya Has
Zealith: That would be neat
Patti: Okay, bye Has.  Wonder if Bran got that painting for Dana back?
Kyria: good question.
CarolKat: How would he? Didn't the Troll do the clean up?
Elle: I think he probably didn't
Patti: Just of the body.
Elle: The troll eating Dana was an image that I couldnt' shake for a while. bleh
Kyria: *shrug* it's a predator
Elle: like yo-yo girl enjoying the taste of witch
Zealith: That was a creepy/cool scene
CarolKat: Just like ice cream
CarolKat: hee hee
Elle: she's an interesting character.
Kyria: but I guess being a field biologist gives one a certain tolerance for the disgusting...
Elle: I thought that Charles had a nice llittle cameo in the book.
CarolKat: any time spent in the medical fields give resistance to disgusting too
Kyria: once its dead, its meat, and something is going to eat it.
Patti: Most of the longer lived magicals don't seem to have a problem with consuming bodies.  Sam, yo-yo girl, Adam, the troll, the fae that Sam ate.
Kyria: Like I said, they're just predators.  That's what they do.
Kyria: Elle, I loved Charles's scene, too
CarolKat: I liked Mercy's reaction to the Pheasant.  and the conversation with Charles
Patti: Yep.  And most of them consider they are different species, did you notice in the emergency room, Mercy referred to humans, not people?
Patti: Do you mean the quail?
Elle: CK. mercy with the pheasant was amusing
Elle: sorry quail
CarolKat: Yep quail sorry
Kyria: ah, the poor silly quail
Kyria: that entire family of birds tends to not be too bright
Elle: I like how she was upset because she found them amusing and didn't normally eat them because of that
Kyria: such a human sentiment
Patti: I do find it telling, what Mercy said in the ER, and that she doesn't consider herself one of "us".
Kyria: and that she was going to kill whoever made her hungry enough to have to eat quail
Kyria: but she didn't seem so upset about the quail when she found out that it was Sam, and why.
Elle: how is the room? laggy for anyone?
Zealith: Not too much
Zealith: When she found out about sam she had bigger things to worry about
Elle: okay...just give a holler if it does
Kyria: tnx
Patti: Didn't notice it but let's see how this posts.
Kyria: yeah.  Sam takes precedence over quail
Patti: Looks alright.
Elle: That was interesting, Patti
CarolKat: Sam takes precedence over every one except Adam
Has from x.x.x.181 joined the chat 12 minutes ago
CarolKat: WB Has
Has: ugh - 3 times restart and still have updates :P its one long ass one :P
Elle: I liked how Adam agreed with what she was doing with Sam when he found out
Elle: WB Has
Has: thanks *hugs*
Talyn: I just had a good supper
Talyn: When was the last time you updated Has?
Kyria: I liked that too, and the way Adam handled Bran
CarolKat: and how he thought she didn't trust him
Patti: The whole way they danced around the rules or "laws of the pack" was cool; Sylvia could learn from them.
Elle: I like how he trusts her judgement
gryphon340 from x.x.x.28 joined the chat 10 minutes ago
CarolKat: and agreed with that assumption
gryphon340: hello there
Has: a few days ago but this was a windows player update and i got teh yellow shield :P
Elle: she defintely could, Patti. I agree
Kyria: that's how a good relationship is built
Patti: Hey, Gryphon.
Kyria: hi
Talyn: Hello Gryphon
Elle: Hi gryph
Has: and it says i have updates still  :P hey gryph
CarolKat: Hi Gryphon
gryphon340: I wish the fight scence between Sam and Bran took place
Has: One of my favourite bits about Adam and Mercy was doing the challenge scene and Mercy was like ohh Paul looks weak hope he notices oh I better stay out of his head
Kyria: yeah that would have been something to see... but it would not have ended well, I think
Elle: I'm really enjoying how their relationship is moving along. The mate bond scene with Bran was fantastic
gryphon340: so disappointted thatwasn't there
CarolKat: I liked the weres as rocks
Patti: I am thinking that Mercy caught some sort of mental picture of Bran's berserker side when he was helping her find the pack bonds & explaining what had been happening.
Talyn: Mercy shooting Henry in the throat was awesome in my opinion, flashback to the 5th Element for me
Elle: Definitely Patti
CarolKat: Nice that she brought the gun
Kyria: So very Mercy, Talyn
Patti: I'd have to see that again to catch the similarity, Talyn.
Elle: Talyn, that was a great bit...I liked how she was paying attention to Henry when no one else was
Has: I loved that - also shows that the pack better not underestimate her
CarolKat: I was kinda waiting for the fight with Bran myself but glad it didn't happen cause Sam would be dead now
Kyria: yeah, and WHY was nobody else paying attention to Henry?
Talyn: Oh, in the 5th Element, Bruce Willis' character goes in to negotiate, and instead of talking just shoots the guy right in the forehead.
Patti: He was sure playing the pack.  I really want Bran to take a serious piece out of Henry's hide.
Kyria: "Aggressive negotiations"
Elle: gryph, the way that Mercy was explainign why they didnt' made sense to me
gryphon340: Henry was jealous wonder how he was tring to move up
Talyn: Kyria it is the dominance thing, Alpha's like Adam just make people focus on them
Has: I agree CK - I think Sam just needed a metaphorically kick up the backside and it wasnt his wolf that needed it
Zealith: I think they were too oncerned about Paul to pay attention to Henry
gryphon340: what page Elle?
Kyria: oh yeah forgot that oops
Patti: His wolf was fine, it's his human side that needed booting.
Talyn: Zealith brings up the point too, that Paul was down on the ground with a broken sternum...
Kyria: you still would have thought that Ben or somebody else would have been making an effort to watch Henry.
Kyria: out of the corner of the eye if nothing else.
Kyria: but whatever, Mercy fixed it so no harm done
Has: It was probably an intense scene and i dont think anyone considered Henry to be that stupid to challenge adam
gryphon340: also where's line about the elopement of the half sister?
Patti: Why?  The action in the kitchen & had small audience who didn't get the chance to talk with the others.
Talyn: Deadeye Mercy! Fastest gun the pack!
Talyn: in the*
Elle: sorry...her talking about Bran having to follow the letter of the law...around page 109 ish...there's more earlier as well
gryphon340: thanks
Patti: And he was playing "innocent bystander" in the bedroom with the challenge.
Talyn: Adam and Mercy's wedding scene will be very... entertaining
Patti: If we get to see it...
CarolKat: They might elope too.
Talyn: If we don't I am sure she will lament about it/flashback :P
Kyria: "May the ceremony be interesting"
gryphon340: if it happens, do they really need a piece of paper to thier bonded
Elle: I'd be just as happy to not actually see the wedding
Elle: like we did with Charles and Anna
Patti: I agree they need the 'piece of paper', Gryphon.  As I said in the "Pink shotgun wedding" thread, if they have children, she needs emergency surgery, etc...
Kyria: yeah it would be OK, I guess, if we didn't see it.  But I hope we do
Kyria: gryphon, there's plenty of legal reasons to get married.
Patti: I tend to suspect it'll be next thing to an elopement, in the end.
Kyria: Like Power of Attorney
Talyn: I wonder if Mercy will finally move in with Adam, or will she get a new trailer and continue living with Sam?
gryphon340: maybe we should do a poll at Hurog.
CarolKat: Not to mention issues with Christy and custody of Jesse
Has from x.x.x.181 joined the chat 95 seconds ago
Kyria: boo hiss Christy
Talyn: Welcome back Has
Has: Thanks my little beastie hates me at the moment :P
Patti: Jesse- two things; she can testify on how crappy Christy is as a mom, and she's old enough she can go "emancipated minor"
gryphon340: Jesse nearly of age  a good will listen to her
Kyria: Computers make life easier... except when they don't
CarolKat: She said she was going to replace the trailer maybe Gabriel and Sam will be roommates instead
Elle: Talyn we were talking earlier and thinkign that she'll move in with him...i dont' see her moving backward but forward now
Patti: Looks to me like it may be clearing time again.
gryphon340: hey has
Elle: I think so...let me save then I'll clear...hang on everyone
Kyria: She may still replace the trailer
Has: Yep - i think they will be moving in together too - i cant see her waiting - the end of Silver Borne cemented that

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Talyn: Huh?
CarolKat: and the month is over even if Mercy wasn't there for it
Patti: Huh what?
CarolKat: Huh?
Elle: Too much dialogue slows the room down. :)
Kyria: what?
Talyn: Oh, that makes sense Elle
lostbird: i'm back
Kyria: hi lb
Elle: WB, lostbird
CarolKat: WB LB
lostbird: thx
gryphon340: okay Plus in the interveiw for deepdiscount Patty she to happy and have romance
gryphon340: said*
Patti: Are you saying Mercy won't move back out, Gryphon?
gryphon340: don't think so
Has: hey LB welcome back
lostbird: #;-)
CarolKat: I don't think Mercy will leave now too much has happened and their relationship is more solid
Has: I thought in the DD interview it was? I cant see Mercy not moving in- the date scene confirmed that
lostbird: i think the destroyed trailer confirms it ... she has to live somewhere
lostbird: i think it may be next door to Warren for a bit
lostbird: but just until the wedding
CarolKat: There was the for rent
Has: add the fact Adam was in intense alpha mode due to her going missing for the month - I doubt he would want to be separated from her in the next few weeks so I doubt he would let her live on her own even if she has her trailer
Has: the rent house could be for Sam?
gryphon340: At Warren's since lives at Klye's place mostly
CarolKat: and maybe Ari
Kyria: I would like to see Sam rent the place next to Warren.
CarolKat: I wonder where Ari is living? She wasn't from there
lostbird: where do you think Sam was staying during the month Mercy was missing, with no trailer?
Elle: I think Patty put it for rent so that Adam and Mercy would feel comfortable to let their hair down. :D heh
Patti: I still have an odd urge to see Mercy go shopping for new clothes & maybe computer.
lostbird: am I crazy in thinking he was with Ariana?
Patti: I think that would be too much too soon for her.
Kyria: or else staying with Adam.
lostbird: wasn't there something in the ending of SB about Sam saying Ariana was still having trouble with wolves but she was not having trouble with Sam, the man?
gryphon340: No but Maybe he was
Talyn: Yes
Elle: Patty is right that it would be a perfect opportunity for her to fill in his time with a short story or would really work there
lostbird: that said progress to me
CarolKat: That doesn't mean they were living together
gryphon340: Lots wolves not individaul wolves
lostbird: well, there's living together and there's living together
lostbird: Sam is very protective
lostbird: and Ariana seems a bit fragile
lostbird: after all these years, still
Elle: I liked Ari...I think learniing more about her and I'll like her more...I dont' see them living together right now. Sam and Ari
gryphon340: DD Patty said she wants or could do a whole story on Sam
CarolKat: Yeah we need at least a short story here.
Has: Yup and I can see that esp after what happened with the fae queen
Kyria: I agree lb
Kyria: I want a Sam story!!!!
lostbird: damn straight!
Has: with a bit of a prequel too - want to know the backstory!!!!
lostbird: yup1
lostbird: i mean, !
CarolKat: A sneaky way to hear more about Bran as well
Kyria: so many advantages
gryphon340: Nah no back story just no prequel just start from the now
lostbird: oh, Bran, that brings up what Ariana and Sam said when she was in a trance
lostbird: how much you wanna bet the witch in the story was mama cornick?
gryphon340: Patty wants to keep Bran a mysteryman
Kyria: I'd actually like to see a book about Sam, Charles, and Bran back when Charles was pretty young.
Kyria: My money is on the witch in question being Bran's mother.
lostbird: i know what Patty wants, but she has also said that she lets the characters tell her a lot about where she goes
Elle: I'm one of those that doesn't think she was...I think Has and Midangel and I had a very iintense discussion about it. ;)
Kyria: I just don't see it working any other way
lostbird: share, Elle!
Patti: A lot of us suspect that it was Granny Cornick.  It may have had to do with his breaking the bond with her.
Has: But I want to know Ari/Bran and Sam  prequel in the sense I think it was her father and Bran's mother who created the weres
Talyn: I hope we do get that short story Patty hinted at, Anna and Mercy sitting down and talking
Has: :D
Elle: :P
CarolKat: :D
Patti: I think the call from Ari's father could have tipped the balance so Bran could (in berserker mode) break away from her.
gryphon340: who knows until Patty writes it
Has: My theory and I dont have a good track record :P :D That ari is a berserker too - her panic attacks I suspects turns her into one
Talyn: I don't know Has, I think I recall from CW that Bran said that he and Sam were bitten by Werewolves under his mother's control
lostbird: hmmm, didn't Charles deduce (in CW) that what gave Bran the strength to break from his mother was (perhaps) having his mother order him to kill Sam?
CarolKat: Maybe she calls the wild hunt in a panic attack
Zealith: I think it wasn't Bran's mother... but we may never know
Kyria: But Bran has to have someone (Sam or Anna) bring him out of being a berserker.  Ari just has freaky magic fae panic attacks
Elle: I just dont' think that the timing is right for it...I think they as a family (the Cornicks) just don't like witches...I got the impression that Bran had a pack by then and that pack attacked Ari...when Bran killed his mother it was just the two of them. and then Bran was a beserker for quite a while
gryphon340: well never know
gryphon340: We'll never know
Elle: it's a good Patty question. :D
Kyria: I got it as: Her father had the hounds, then lost power... then called the witch, who called in the wolves.  They were after her for an unknown amount of time... during which the witch was also still playing with her "pets"
Patti: Probably not.  One of the whiners in the SB thread was saying that they had a pack already, & I hadn't gotten that impression.
lostbird: i think i see why you have a problem with the timing, but you said it yourself ... they hate witches ... so how would a witch get them to attack a fae if they were an independent pack?
Patti: Black magic.
gryphon340: she won't tell because her writing style ib seat of pants
Has: I dont know but I just think its a conicdence
Kyria: but black magic turns Bran into the berserker.
Patti: And not every detail is relevant.
Kyria: if Bran went berserker more than once, you'd think we'd have heard about it.
CarolKat: I got the impression Granny Cornick was a black witch
Has: altho witches and the knowledge they can tap into pack bonds could have been well known .
Patti: Yep.
Elle: she didn't get them too attack though...Ari's father used his enhanced power to call his fae hounds but they were too far away for them to answer and he accidentally snagged the werewolf pack...all of them except Bran who was too strong...they attacked Ari and Bran her father
lostbird: and the berserker doesn't pick and choose it's targets, it just kills everything in its path ... it certainly doesn't work with other wolves and only kill the father
Has: I think Bran must have been a berserker for a long time
Has: hence why the legend of beowulf came out of it I tihnk
Kyria: Elle, that makes sense... but I'm still in favor of the witch being Granny Cornick.
Zealith: have to go, great chat everyone!
Patti: That was pretty clearly stated, that Bran was berserk for a long time.
Kyria: Hopefully someday we get more clues
gryphon340: bye Z
Patti: Bye Z
CarolKat: Bye Z
Elle: the witch didnt' have anythign to do with the pack attacking Ari...but I get the feeling that they took care of her after the fact
Has: Bye Z!
lostbird: bye Zealith
Talyn: Didn't they say that berzerk Bran spawned a few legends?
Kyria: bye Zealith
Talyn: Bye Zealith
Has: but he used the witch because he needed power
Elle: you see the intensity that was our conversation :D
Elle: night Z
Has: and his beasts changed LOL
Has: im rereading it LOL
Kyria: Oh well, Sam and Bran killed all the bad guys in the end.
Has: k she demanded a price - his right hand for teh spell
Elle: So...does anyone think we'll actually see Tad in the next book? or will it be a running gag with him on the phone?
lostbird: i like phone tad
Kyria: I like phone tad too
Has: and instead of calling his hounds which is what he wanted he got something entirely different
CarolKat: I don't think we'll see Tad until he graduates
gryphon340: Clearly stated Sam killed Ari's Daddy, but it's if the witch was killed at the sametime or mommy Cornick
Has: ari states weres :D
Has: I hope we get to see Tad!
lostbird: i'd love to see the interaction between Tad and Zee
gryphon340: not * stated**
Elle: I like phone Tad amuses me
Talyn: I wonder if we will see more impact on Mercy's impressions with people? She is starting to become heavily assosciated with the local pack and the fae.
gryphon340: Patty does like running gags
Kyria: yeah, how will that impact her business?
lostbird: speaking of running gags, i miss stephan and scooby-doo
Kyria: I missed Stefan this book too
Talyn: I wonder what happened to Stephan...
lostbird: do you think it's the fae she's openly associated with or, rather, weres?
Kyria: It made me sad when Mercy made the reference to the her friend the Soldier who had been broke
Kyria: n
Elle: I wonder what he's beeing doing all this time
CarolKat: Stefan has some healing of his own to do with his "family"
lostbird: i don't think it's common knowledge about her association with the fae
Patti: He is undoubtedly renewing his ties with his flock & working out his relationship with Marsilia.
lostbird: i think it's only the fae that are very aware of her always becoming involved
gryphon340: will Slyia ever come around, I think Adam will buy a trailer just to get him out close poxsemtry to Jesse
lostbird: and i think her involvement is entertaining to them
lostbird: which is probably why they never kill her
gryphon340: Gab that is
Patti: No, remember it goes back to Beckwith hunting her up for his daughter's sake.
Kyria: Do you think most people realize the level of distinction between "Fae" and "werewolf" or do they just think "preternatural, eek!"
Has: that line made me laugh about staying away from jesses bedroom
lostbird: good question, K
CarolKat: I like that Adam put him in the basement as far from Jesse as possible.
Kyria: hehehe
Elle: I'm not sure who is scarier...the fae or the vampires...both seem almost unstoppable
gryphon340: with out being in the Cage
Kyria: like that stops teenage boys.
Patti: I'm thinking that Tim's cousin & the other Bright Future people, the John Lauren society may both be watching Mercy.
lostbird: but remember the hospital scene where nurse jody takes one look at Mercy, Ben, and Sam the wolf and we get a little narrative about the fact that everyone knows Mercy dates the local alpha
CarolKat: The cage might LOL
Patti: Bits stick out of the cage...
CarolKat: Do you think Nurse Jody knows Sam is a were
Patti: She may have guessed, but I suspect she'll keep her mouth shut.
lostbird: no, CK, I don't, but I think she has healthy suspicions
Elle: I think she suspects CK...pretty certain
Kyria: I agree
Kyria: but I also agree with Patti, she will probably not mention it
lostbird: and, clearly, she seems to have no problem dealing with weres
CarolKat: I don't think she'll rat him out though she appears to have a great deal of respect for him
lostbird: she knew how to look down when Adam was freaking out
lostbird: she didn't freak out herself
gryphon340: Wonder if Sam's Bond with Ari kept screw his other relationships?
lostbird: she kept her cool
Elle: I like that his coworkers really respect him a lot.
lostbird: i'd like to see her character developed
gryphon340: elle maybe it to clear again?
Kyria: well he's had how many years to practice medicine and get really good and experienced?
CarolKat: What other relationships gryph?
Elle: sure. hang on everyone

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Title: Re: Briggs Book Club: Silver Borne Chat | April 04 [Spoilers/Spec for future books]
Post by: Elle on April 11, 2010, 07:11:57 pm
Hurog Chat
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lostbird: if only we could take turns ... sigh ..
Patti: Oh, rats, I missed that.  Stupid phone call.
gryphon340: All of them, Texas and his famlies from the past
Elle: I'll post the transcript Patti. I've been saving it along the way
Patti: Yes, but I'm lost at the moment.  So I'll read y'all for a while.
Elle: I wonder how the other werewolves see their pack bonds...I loved Mercy's interpretation
CarolKat: I liked Sam's as well
Has: Oh I would love to see how Adam views his :D
CarolKat: I loved when she mended her mate bond
Patti: Sam's which?  I didn't notice him being mentioned in her recitation.
gryphon340: golden ball and chain
Kyria: I wonder if visual imagery is the prevailing way of interpreting them
lostbird: i liked that it wasn't Bran's version of the pack bonds, it was Mercy's, and she saw Christmas garlands and rocks
Elle: Can you imagine what Bran's are like? Lot's of pressure there
Kyria: or if some of them use other senses
Elle: So many wolves to be connected to
lostbird: i was just confused about the mating bond
CarolKat: When she was messing with Darryl and Aurielle
lostbird: daryl and aurielle, yes, aurielle was attached not to the garland but to daryl
lostbird: aurielle is pack as well
Has: I think with Bran - its got to resemble a spider's web
Kyria: but she takes her place in the pack from her mate
lostbird: what do you think that means ... that the mating bond is stronger than the pack bond
Kyria: Wolves can mate with humans
CarolKat: Aurielle was attached to the pack as well
Talyn: I would figure it is
Talyn: mate bond > pack bond
Elle: LB I think Auriele has her own garland but she and Darryl have their bond as well
Has: its described to be deeper
lostbird: really? i guess i missed that
Kyria: so it makes sense
CarolKat: the pack all attaches to Adam
lostbird: i thought Mercy traced to Aurielle from Daryl
Patti: The garlands attach both D & A to Adam/the pack, their mate bond was different, additional.
gryphon340: just like ticks
lostbird: ticks!!?!
lostbird: yuck!
gryphon340: pack bond = ticks LOL
CarolKat: Gryph! LOL
Has: :P Ticks are parasites
Has: LOL
CarolKat: Well maybe some of the pack could be that way LOL
lostbird: how is a were like a tick?
Has: ohhhh wonder if there could be  a parasite living/feeding off packponds - makes you wonder like mariposa
gryphon340: in some sense so are children lol
Has: and another thing!!! If Sam could feed off of Mercy - could Mercy in a way do the same and does this open up other things to her?
Kyria: Hey!  I resemle that remark!
Kyria: Has, good question.  I suspect that she could if she knew how.
gryphon340: Kayira we all do
Kyria: Or is it an alpha thing?  Sam outranks her
Elle: open up things from Sam's end you mean?
Has: or the possibility of it
Kyria: That she could draw energy from Sam (or from Adam's pack) the way Sam drew from her
Has: if sam can do it to her then she has the potential rihgt?
Kyria: unless it's something that Alphas can do but nobody else
Has: shes an alpha's mate!!!
Kyria: I know Adam can draw on his wolves
lostbird: this brings to question Ben's shock at learning that someone was messing with Mercy through the pack bonds ... is it taboo for anyone but the alpha to pull on the energy of the pack?
Kyria: I don't remember if it's Alpha only
Has: potentially she can share his power
Patti: Well, I wonder if it's a dominance issue too, plus that coyotes aren't used to (usually, and esp. in Mercy's case) working in packs.
CarolKat: We know she can draw on the pack for help with panic attacks
Elle: now that she knows about it...I like how angry Bran was with Sam and Adam because they didnt' explain things to her
Kyria: But that's a mate bond thing
Kyria: she isn't mated to Sam
gryphon340: both
gryphon340: both bonds
Patti: Leah draws on Bran's power, so it can be done.  But the question is, can only a werewolf mate do that?
lostbird: yes, CK, but she's pulling then because of need
Has: Yeah - Elle  I tihnk Bran knows more about Mercy's abilities but I dont think hes allowed to say anything
Kyria: I got the impression that there are certain things that any pack member can do with the PAck bonds; and certain extra bonuses to the Alpha to help with keeping track of his wolves
CarolKat: But Sam considers her to be his pack even with the ceremony
Patti: Or, with education, will Mercy be able to draw on Adam's power?
lostbird: Leah pulls out of anger and a desire to overpower
Has: and I tihnk the pack bonds affected that
Elle: I think he just doesn't want to tell her. :D  heh he's contrary like that. lol
Has: Patti I think she will discover that
Has: I dont think he can - I think he has an agreement with the Walkers and its like shes got to learn/come across her own powers herself
Elle: I think with education, Patti...Mercy always thought she knew so much about werewolves but she's learning more every day
Has: hes always teh type to know ur enemy/the full facts - Mercy did mention this several times
lostbird: whoa whoa whoa ... Bran has an agreement with the Walkers?
lostbird: i haven't seen this anywhere
Elle: just speculation, LB
Kyria: me either
gryphon340: not to our knowlege
Kyria: ah
Has: this is all spec LB :D
lostbird: sorry ... stepped away for a bit and thought i missed something
Patti: Bran has a very "Intelligence agency" attitude of not passing out info except on a need to know basis.
Has: I keep thinking about what Bran said in the bonding place saying getting his round to it
Elle: I looking forward to River Marked for sure
Patti: Huh, Has?
Has: yeah but getting his round to it- maybe the walkers arent the good guys or as helpful
Has: getting his round to it
Has: sorry - :P I dont think the forrest lord helped with the 'boost' when he talked to Mercy
gryphon340: damn gooing have reread the book
Kyria: ah
lostbird: yes, Patty, but that is perilously close to lies of omission, and he doesn't like those
Elle: I think I read in one of her interviews where Patty hasn't decided if the walkers will be good/evil
CarolKat: Yeah he keeps silent then chatizes the guys for not education Mercy
lostbird: so i guess i'd be surprised if it turned out that he knew of a bunch of walkers all this time and hadn't told Mercy anything about them at all
lostbird: basically, he let her believe all these years that she might be the only one
Elle: I see it as a need to know kind of situation. :D
lostbird: i think Mercy would find that to be hurtful
Kyria: Alright folks, I gotta go grocery shopping if I want to eat tomorrow.  Nice chatting with you all!
CarolKat: Maybe he knows there are others but can't contact them
lostbird: bye Kyria!
CarolKat: Bye Kyria
Has: cya Kyria
gryphon340: wonder if Bran had Mercy's dad killed for some eason
lostbird: happy shopping
Elle: night Kyria :)
Kyria: tnx.
lostbird: gryph, i don't even want to consider that
Patti: I tend to think Walkers have the same ratio of good/evil as any other group, but there may be some sort of "council" that leaned on Bran somehow about educating Mercy on the group.
CarolKat: I thought the Vampires killed Mercy's Dad
gryphon340: bye Kyria
Janilee from x.x.x.64 joined the chat 86 minutes ago
Elle: Maybe other walkers killed him :D
Talyn: bye Kyria
CarolKat: as well as many other ones
Has: I dont think Bran would hide something like that- maybe the walkers when they found out Mercy was with him demanded they have custody and he refused and then they became unhelpful - I wonder how they viewed werewolves
Talyn: Or maybe it was just a accident ;) :P
lostbird: i thought Mercy's dad was killed in a car accident
Has: maybe vamps killed her father? LOL
Patti: Or maybe Charlie Old Coyote just got in a car accident, like Talyn just said.
Janilee: There was an inference that Vampires finished what the accident started.
Has: I dont think he died in an accident - there was a mention that he bled to death pretty easily
Elle: maybe Bran didnt' say anything to protect Mercy from them. :) or yes...maybe just an
CarolKat: That's what I was remembering
lostbird: can anyone give a reference? i'd like to re-read that section of whatever book it's in
Elle: I think it was that he would have survived if he hadn't been impaled on something and he bleed out
gryphon340: but the best to cover a murder is with accident
CarolKat: and Marsilla was real upset when she found out
CarolKat: Mercy was a walker
Talyn: Maybe the vamps did kill her father
Talyn: and they didn't know he had fathered Mercy beforehand
Elle: Moon Called page 192
lostbird: Marsilia was only upset because ALL walkers killed vamps in the past, so vamps targeted ALL walkers
Janilee: I think it was in Blood Bound that the refinement of the accident was emntioned
CarolKat: impaled on a vampires teeth
Has: I got a feeling that her father was a rebel and wasnt exactly a team player
Elle: somthing sharp sliced open a vien. :D
lostbird: and Mercy, being a walker, to her is no different
Elle: we're getting really out there. lol
Has: LOL
lostbird: thanks J, i'll reread BB
Has: elle its half the fun!
Janilee: There is the impression that Mercy's mother wasn't aware she was pregant when he died.
Patti: I'm reminded of a Tom T. Hall song; "Hang them all, you'll get the guilty; Hang them all, you cannot miss."
Elle: I really am excited to see what Patty comes up with
Talyn: Which old ruler was it that said to execute everyone? Let God sort it out?
gryphon340: put a blood thinner in his system, rigged car equals dead walker blood out real fast
CarolKat: That's right Janilee and when coyote Mercy showed up she tracked down his family
Janilee: Talyn I think it was Old King Cole
CarolKat: Led to great uncle werewolf
Has: yep and then she found out later -right?
Janilee: Has to whom do you refer?
Patti: Margi tried to find the father, & couldn't, so she went to her own family for help.
gryphon340: brb
Has: he died a few days later
Talyn: which of her relatives was a Werewolf?
Talyn: I can't remember
Has: after Mercy was concieved - I cant find my copy of MC
Patti: Great uncle, like CK said a few sentences ago.
Janilee: Mercy's Great Uncle was a werewolf
CarolKat: Yeah I got the impression it was on her father's side the were
Elle: on her mother's side. :)
Patti: No, Margi couldn't find any family to the father.
Janilee: I remember rereading that sentence just to be sure.
Has: Hey WW!!! :D
lostbird: yes, it was the mother's side ... an unspoken secret
Mikel from x.x.x.214 joined the chat 77 minutes ago
Patti: Now, she was a young woman with no money, so that's not so surprising; Marsilia, on the other hand has money & connections.
Elle: Hi Wycked. :)
Patti: Hi, Wycked.
CarolKat: Hey Wycked!
Mikel: Elle, Patti, Carol, morning
lostbird: morning?
Mikel: just woke up
Has: its officially morning my end its nearly 2 LOL
Talyn: No where to go tomorrow Has?
lostbird: i'm getting ready to call it a night ... swim practice is @ 5 am so kiddies have to be woken by 4
lostbird: and that would be my job
Patti: Yuck, loathe mornings that early.
Janilee: Glad it's not mine
Has: Oh I have to get up early :P
Mikel: I have a doctors appointment in the morning, but yesterdays ride too more out of me then I expected
Mikel: too=took
Has: I plan to go in a bit :D
Talyn: Right, I believe you Has ;)
Patti: Shall we shove her out the door?
Has: I will - I promise to be a good night owl :P No late nights :P
Elle: lol
Janilee: I believe she's a functioning adult
lostbird: before i go, i would like to say that i enjoyed this chat, wish i could stay longer, still have a lot i would like to discuss but can do that on the forum
Has: wth a few killed off brain cells :P :D
Patti: We'll do this again in a week or two, won't we?
Elle: thanks for chatting, LB
Has: Cya LB - We will have more chats!!! Yep DEF
CarolKat: bye LB
lostbird: i'm game ... 'til next time everyone!
Patti: Bye.
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Janilee: Why do people think Bran knows more about walkers than he is allowed tosay?
Patti: You've got me on that one, Janilee.
Has: maybe he cant say or refuses to because its a can of worms?
Has: also he could be protecting Mercy
Patti: From what, do you guess?
CarolKat: Because he's so old and had connections to Indians
Elle: Patty mentioned in a chat that he knows more than what he's saying but not that he's being blocked from saying anything...that's just specualtion
Elle: Bran knows all about walkers; he chooses what he tellsChat 2007-05-20
Janilee: There is his whole mysterous personality thing going, but most of his magic connections are European in nature.
Patti: Hee hee.  I just thought; we need to get Mercy to read "The Curse of Chalion" and quote it to Bran!
Patti: "Don't send me into battle blindfolded!"
Janilee: AH. I'd think then that Charles would tell MErcy about Native American walkers from knowledge passed from maternal grandfather.
Talyn: heh
Has: Maybe thats a factor- I dont think Walkers may have liked the new supes coming over esp if its other predators if werewolves hated to share territory same could be said for Walkers if some of them are in similar forms
gryphon340: hey wyched
Has: :D LOL
Talyn: I wonder why Bran would keep the information from Mercy? Do they have a power that he fears?
Janilee: I'd think more respect than fear
Elle: I'd love to see more types of walkers. like NA predators. cougar, fox maybe...birds would be interesting
Mikel: Bran wants to keep Mercy safe, and he alreaady knows how she has a penchant for trouble on her own, why give her the fuel to add to her own trouble
CarolKat: Maybe he just thinks it's not his place to tell her, it would be another walker
gryphon340: Maybe charles  grandfather is one blocking Bran
Has: yep CK
Has: Elle I tihnk it would be a nice twist if one of them was a wolf lOL
Janilee: Mercy gets into trouble with lack of information.
CarolKat: That would be an interesting twist Has
Patti: Don't think he's still alive, and I seem to recall in CW it said witch magic doesn't survive the death of the witch.  Don't know about Walkers...
Elle: maybe he thinks she's doing fine on her own. :D who knows how Bran's head works
Elle: Has that would be interesting
Patti: Exactly, Elle.  But I still think that it's pot calling the kettle black if he doesn't give her info but gets mad at Adam & Sam not telling her about pack bonds.
Janilee: If Bran gave his word to his father-in-law that would still be binding.
gryphon340: But they go along the line of the Totems, Wolf, Couger, Coyote, Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Bear, snake, dog, otter and maybe Turtle
Elle: Good point, Patti
Janilee: Interesting Gryphon
Mikel: what I mean is, when Mercy found out about how she can kill Vampires, she went and did just that on her own without back up. If bran tells her all about Walkers, she may follow that thinking again, they she can't endanger others with what she needs to do
gryphon340: Shaman not witch
Elle: I cannot imagine a turtle walker. lol...I see them more like predators...hunters so maybe not snake but I love owl
Has: Or maybe she has to learn from deeds - it seems everytime she does a deed she unlocks an ability or it develops or becomes more easier
Mikel: true, learning by fire and not a book
Elle: I want them a little faster moving. :D
Has: the themes of heroes is pretty strong in the books and Mercy is a hero through and through albeit unconventional but shes got a noble streak
CarolKat: Just like the bad things prevented the walker from developing his
Has: were-cheetah :D
Janilee: Has that contains both plot potentials and eduction principles.
Has: Yup!
Patti: Hero's journey... but I don't know how/why Charles' grandfather would make Bran take an oath about not telling walker info.
gryphon340: remember Coyote is a trickster in NA culture
Has: I feel its more innate instead of sitting down for lessons in what to do. Maybe its not spose to happen or not but I think its part of being a walker
CarolKat: gotta love the baptism by fire thing all the time
Janilee: I can give you this sacred info, but you must promise never to reveal it.....
Patti: What would the point be?
Has: hey - Mercy said she was reborn in the crucible like a pheonix that line stuck with me
gryphon340: Mercy doing a visionquest with charles as her guide
Elle: that was pretty sexy, Has :)
Janilee: Patti a need for a one time fix to a bad situation
Patti: Possible but too convenient, in my opinion.
Janilee: Rather inconvenient
Mikel: interesting conversation all, but, Mrs. Wycked and myself are starving so we are heading out for food.
gryphon340: choas baby
Has: It was!!! :D I love that line though because it has multiple meanings :D
gryphon340: have fun
Elle: night Wycked
Has: night wycked!
Patti: Night, Wycked, have a good dinner, & regards to the missus.
CarolKat: night Wycked
Talyn: night Wycked
Patti: I wonder if Ari will finally destroy the Silver Borne, after all the trouble it's caused.
Janilee: Can she?
Patti: Or finish it, or just hide it yet again, or (as I suggested elsewhere) put it to a good use, blocking the magic of a flat out evil person, fae or other.
Has: I think its unfinished with the original intent - maybe she might finish it but not the way it was originally intended it will def crop up again
CarolKat: If she could have wouldn't she have done it already?
Janilee: It was created under mental duress.
Has: no choice
Janilee: It took a great deal of power to create.
Patti: No, she didn't finish it, but thought she had, and then it sucked up her magic.
Janilee: It is now old magic in its own right
gryphon340: she created it, besides  fire purefies everything
Patti: Then she had it stolen & didn't care, & so on.
gryphon340: Was Ari ever stable until now
Janilee: It might be beyond her powers now to destroy
Elle: I think it may just be hidden again...but is Ari herself hiding from the Gray Lords?
Elle: would they put her to work making artifacts for them?
Has: I think shes keeping a very low profile - shes powerful
Janilee: They are just regaining power themselves
Has: yep esp with the remergence of the  elphames
 and underhll
Patti: Could they compel her any more than her father could?  Especially with Sam...
Janilee: Destroying it might be something that could be done when more power has been accumulated.
Elle: good point, Patti...I didn't think of it like that
Has: nuclear powered fae gift I suspect if that happens- I think if they did then it would be all out war
Patti: Um, are you picturing a circle of Fae standing around it pushing magic at it?  I think it would suck it down.
Artangel from x.x.x.185 joined the chat 50 minutes ago
Elle: hi Artangel :)
Talyn: Heya Art!
Janilee: Was thinking of an unbinding myself
CarolKat: Hi Art
Patti: A more mortal sort of destruction might work.  Saw it up & melt the pieces.
Artangel: Hi guys! I can't stay since *shhh* I'm at work, but I just wanted to say hi
Has: Hey Art!!!
Has: :D
Patti: Hey, Art.
Artangel: I wondered why the forum was so quiet :)
Elle: okay. :) heh
Has: :D guys im going to the land of nod!!!
Elle: night Has
Janilee: If burning it makes it reveal itself spectacularly, I'm not certain what sawing it might do.
Has: you all have a great time chatting!! :D night!!!
Janilee: Say hi to winkin' and blinkin' for me
Elle: I wonder when the dust settles what Ari will be doing...working with Phin or maybe doing something else
Elle: I can see her being an artist...sculptor maybe
Patti: Silversmith.
Janilee: What about the fae inability to create? It has been inferred from other books
Patti: Yeah, Dana...
Elle: She seems to be the exception. I think the silver borne was pretty wasn't it?
Patti: Yes.
Janilee: Could be a fluke of the power
CarolKat: an exceptional work of art
CarolKat: I wonder how powerful Ari really is
Janilee: A forest lord had difficulty controlling her
CarolKat: I mean now
Patti: Well, that's an interesting question, CK; Zee is "unnaturally afraid" of the Gray lords, per Tad.
Elle: I guess it said it was realistic...not pretty...still...silvers​mith would be pretty interesting...considerin​g werewolves arent' fond of it. Nice twist
Patti: And he was very worried for Mercy & Jesse when she had the panic attack...
Janilee: She had found some measure of control at the present time. The Fae are now gathering more power. It isn't a certain thing either way
Elle: I think she was like Marsilia and her power was sleeping and now it's waking up...i think she's very powerful
gryphon340: night Folks
Patti: yes, it says (just looked) "amazingly realistic", doesn't say necessarily artistic.
Patti: Night, Gryphon.
CarolKat: night Gryphon
Elle: night gryphon
Janilee: Had a mental picture of a silversmith presenting Marcy with a set of silver wedding bands
CarolKat: Hee hee that won't work very well!
Patti: Well, she can work in all metals, maybe gold ones, and a new (extra) lamb necklace?
Janilee: Make it easier for the pack to put bars in their prisons
Elle: I think poor Mercy needs a fist full of lamb necklaces. lol
CarolKat: I'm with you on that one Elle
Janilee: Good luck charms, saints medals.........
CarolKat: Maybe she'll open a jewerly store in the mall by Phin
Patti: That's not a bad idea.
Patti: Do you think it's time to wrap up here?
CarolKat: Well my fingers are becoming very dyslexic so I'll say good night. Good chat!
Patti: Good night, Carol.
Elle: Night CK.
Elle: Too slow. :D
Janilee: O.K., good night all.
Patti: Night, Janilee.
Elle: Night Janilee

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