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Title: Werewolf | ID Card of Charles Cornick [Second]
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Charles Cornick

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called (
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed (
Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne (
Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked (
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned (
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken (

Alpha&Omega 1a: Alpha and Omega (
Alpha&Omega 1b: Cry Wolf (
Alpha&Omega 2: Hunting Ground (
Alpha&Omega 3: Fair Game (
Alpha&Omega 4: Dead Heat (

Short Story: Roses in Winter (
Short Story: Underappreciated Gifts (

Old ManCW-23 | CharlieCW-72 | old loboCW-100 | pupCW-125 | He Who Must Run Into Trees | Running EagleHG-11 | ChiefHG-02


[Pack Affiliation] See Marrok Pack ( | Second

Classification Description:
[Changed] an oddity among werewolves: a natural-born werewolf rather than made(the only one of his kind, that we know of)MC-80

196 yo during the events of Moon Called

Spring 1813 MC-98

Montana | Indian LodgeAO-13

See Bran Cornick (

See Blue Jay Woman (

[Half-Brother] See Samuel Cornick (


Other Relatives:
[Cousins] Names UnknownCW-148
[Step-mother] See Leah Cornick (
[Brother-in-Law] Name UnknownCW-294
[Father-in-Law] Name UnknownCW-294
[Uncles] Names UnknownCW-177
[Grandfather] See Grandfather ( | Name UnknownCW-123
[Grandfather] See Bran | Dafydd(X)  (

Significant Other:
[Mate&Wife]See Anna Cornick (

Mate Bond:

See Aspen Creek, Montana ( |
See Blueprints and Property Descriptions (

Financial Guru; handles the pack financesHG-17
Bran's Hitman, an assassin even feared by other members of his own packCW-108

Has a green truckCW-45 that's older than his mate Anna but looked as if it was brand-new; driven less than fifty thousand miles about two thousand miles a yearCW-44

Physical Description:

Character Traits & Facts:

From Social Media:

Ann Peters Oh, my goodness, I go out of town for my daughter's wedding, and you all start such an awesomely crazy string! Let me see if I can answer
some of these questions! (I had to ask Patty on some because you have some stumpers here!) Charles first changed when he was less than a month old, at
the first full moon. His changes are much faster than turned wolves, but still as painful. Even though Bran was grieving for Blue Jay Woman, he always, always takes responsibility for what is his, so he was very involved with Charles as a baby, with a lot of help from Samuel and Charles' maternal grandmother. I'm sure he did tussle with Samuel, because that's what little kids and also wolf pups do! I asked Patty about potty training issues, because not only are little boys harder to train, but so are pups! Mike suggested that Charles probably barked at the teepee door to be let out, so Patty smacked him one for that and said he did not! <grin> Although she did mention that in the days of outdoor latrines it wasn't such a big deal! Let me know if I missed any thing else you want answered! facebook 01-05-13

From Moon Called:

From Alpha&Omega:

From Cry Wolf:

From Hunting Ground:

From Bone Crossed:

From Silver Borne:

From River Marked:

Fair Game:

Guilty Pleasure:

Character Traits & Facts:

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