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This chat was only partially successful -- about an hour into the chat our web-host began booting people off due to 'excessive cpu consumption', and things went downhill. Patty promised to answer questions for the next couple of days. I've added those questions and answers (including some still awaiting answers) to the chat transcript.

Jenglows: oh, I wanted to Tell you that I LOVE that the herione in the Raven books is a mother. i think it's great to have more than just single 20 something heriones
I'm glad you enjoyed the Raven books. When I realized that I was almost actively avoiding having characters who had a good family, I knew I had to correct that. So Seraph grew out of my need to present a functional family with imperfect people. I had fun with it and I'm glad you did too.
Lynn: Will the Mercy books ever become movies?
Someone, I don't remember who . . . and, not being the genius my husband is I can't find it ... pointed out that in my FAQ I admit to being a control freak about my characters. And since I'm not a screenwriter . . .
However, I have, of late eased up on that. I think it might have been the Jim Butcher SF series. Which was not as good as the books. Not nearly. But it was still pretty awesome. And I thought, how nice of Jim to let me view his world on the TV as well as in print. So. Right now, and I don't know if anything will come from it, there is a producer interested in it. It may come to nothing . . . but it might also be kinda fun. Not the same as the books -- but a different take. We'll see.
Jaelie: Are female werewolves always mated/married to male werewolves? If so, why?
The male werewolves would like to ensure that it is so. Because there are so few female wolves and they are, really the only chance a male werewolf has to avoid the eventual aging and death of their mate. owever, the heart is fickle. So. Adam has an unmmated female in his group (the firefighter, remember her?). I haven't done much with her yet. but I expect I will. I don't know if she'll find a mate or if he'll be werewolf. It's one of the things I might use in future books.
Mandy: Do you think you will ever come to North Carolina for a book signing?
The chances aren't really good -- but I didn't expect to be in Mass. either. And I've been going to ConBust at Smith College for the past three years. . .
Foxgirl so... what's Wulfe's malfunction? I mean why is he like that?I don't know a lot about Wulfe right now -- other than he's scary and most of the vampires think so too. He was either a witch or something very like when he was turned, violating one of the vampire's basic laws. But he has an agenda. He just hasn't let me know what it is yet.
Jenglows: Is the female in Alpha and Omega from the Montana pack or does Charles meet her in Chicago?Jenglows asked if Charles's lady from "Alpha and Omega" is from MT or Chicago. Charles meets Anna in Chicago
Mandy One last question from me, what is your favorite book and movie?
A favorite book is hard. I've worn out copies of several Bujold novels (The Vor Game and Memory are probably my favorites), I'm currently enjoying the Black Dagger Brotherhood from J R Ward, anything Butcher writes, older Dick Francis books, Andre Norton,. . . a new author I'm enjoying a lot is Sarah Monette. I also just discovere Linnea Sinclair.
Movie is easier. The Lord of the Rings (I consider all three to be one movie)
Kumori: how is re-writing Masques comming?
Slowly. I'm doing copyedits in the time I've set aside to work on Masques because I have to deliver the first Anna book in September. I'll be done with the copyedits in a couple of days and then I'll go back to Masques.
Dragon: Question, merely for curiosity's sake. In the Mercy series, you say that Mercy is a Walker, but shouldn't be confused with Skin Walkers. Are you ever going to introduce an actual skin walker?
Question 2: (Again, curcuriosity) Have you ever watched Eric Kripke's Supernatural series? 'Neways, Night-o!
I'm a little hesitant to do that because I understand that it might be hurtful to people from several tribes of Indians. I'm not ruling it out -- but I'll be very careful with it.
I don't watch a lot of TV so I haven't caught the Superatural, though I've eyeballed it at my local movie rental place a time or six.
Jon: I do have a question, and it has to do with Masques, is there any chance for a reissue of the book? Because I know for some of William King's Stuff, they just reissued it.
Masques got caught in contract Hell. Once it was out of print -- and my publisher made it clear they were not interested in reprinting or in buying the sequel, my agent asked for the rights back. So I had the rights to Masques -- a book hardly anyone had read. Fast forward a few years. Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood are selling well. Ace decides to issue ebook versions of my out of print books When Demons Walk and Steal the Dragon. But they are not interested in buying back the rights to Masques to reissue as an ebook. Ebooks don't bring in a lot of money -- they make a few people very happy and don't cost much to produce. In my own time and for my own fun, I revise the sequel and send it back by my editor; offering it to her with Masques as a freebie. Mostly as a favor to me, she looks into it. It was going to be difficult to get the bean counters to approve reprinting Masques (it sold so very poorly) but they counterproposed a compromise. Could I revise Masques and Wolfsbane into one book? Yes! And then I realized that I had to deliver Raven's Strike in just a couple of months. And then they asked me to write the Mercy books ASAP. So Masques is in limbo unless I can somehow squeak the time I need to revise it out of my current schedule. Which is going to be hard. But I'll get it done.
PaulaL: I wonder about the Euro stuff... long ago when I was in the Air Force at Los Angeles Air Force Station, some of the Aerospace Corporation advisors were WWII veterans and at least one of them I think a naturalized US citizen, who said that promotion in the European militaries had often dependned upon being receptive to the superior officer's homosexual advances....
Thank you for the interesting info. I'd never heard that, but I don't doubt it went on. Still, the general population thought it a sin and evil. And wolves (real ones) kill animals they percieve as different. I can't remember tonight if it is white or black wolves that generally are picked upon. But one of them is percieved as different and the pack will kill them.
foxgirl ... My friend just asked me... can Stefan and other vampires fall in love? Also, do your vampires have souls?
Yes. They do. Stefan was in love with Marsilia until she killed it with her neglect. He loves, in his own way, all of his sheep. He loves Mercy -- though he doesn't really understand her or he wouldn't have killed two innocents in order to protect her. Or at least he'd have realized she'd never forgive him for it.
As far as do they have souls? Yes. They'd probably be better off without them, eh? The vampires themselves are divided on the issue though, most of them think they do not. Mercy doesn't know.
Girliepants: Hi Patty...I am so loving these books. Your mind is a wonderful place. Are there other types of walkers in your world.....that are maybe wolves and not coyotes? Kind of like those in the Alice Borchardt books?
I'm pretty sure that there are walkers who turn into other kinds of animals, but I'll have to wait until one comes into the story to be certain.
TinaReads: I don't know if any Ben-centric questions have been asked lately, but he's my favorite of the second tier wolves. You mentioned that you learned a lot about his character recently. How much backstory did you have, and how much can you tell us about what you learned about him? Are we going to find out why he's such a misogynist on one hand, and then why he appears to have a soft spot for Mercy on the other?
Okay, I answered this question on the 7/21 chat when one of the other folks repeated it, but I've had a little time to think on it, and maybe this will be a more exact answer. We learn more about one traumatic incident in his life in Iron Kissed, but not why he's a misogynist. There are several reasons that he's beginning to like Mercy. First, he saved her life. Not that he meant to or anything, but still. Second, she killed the vampire partially because of what he did to Ben -- and Ben hasn't forgotten it.
dancingcranes: Will the power struggle in the Vampire kiss be fleshed out in future books?
I'm not sure. Some things just happen within the scope of the story I'm writing. I'm pretty sure that the vampires will have another book. Realistically too many people know that Mercy killed a vampire without Marsilia's approval. Marsilia (the leader of the Tri-City vamps) won't be happy. Since I'm not working on that book right now, though, I hate to make promises. As a prediction, though, I suspect the vampire's power struggle will become important.
Michael'le: if all the werewolfs in the book are over hill, how old is warren and darryl?
Warren is over a century old, maybe as much as 170 years old. He was a real Texas cowboy. Darryl is not so old. He's probably only forty or fifty.
Patty in your answer to Foxgirls question do vampiers fall in love you made the coment that Stefan ' doesn't really understand her or he wouldn't have killed two innocents in order to protect her. Or at least he'd have realized she'd never forgive him for it. but in the book it was Wulfe that killed them. Stefan had him do it because he new Mercy wouldn't for give him if he did it. I'm just wondering if i'm remembering it wrong. and if not then what did you mean?
Nope, you didn't remember it wrong. I should have said that he should know that Mercy will hold him responsible anyway. He was there. Wulfe killed them with Stefan's approval. He allowed/encouraged the murder of innocents to protect Mercy.
fairyfreak Patty, I just read the exerpt for A&O (fantastic!!). I loved the flash we got from Anna. Will there be two narrators throughout the book or just flashes of insight from Anna? Thanks!
Yes. The Anna and Charles books (and novella) are written in third person with the viewpoint character sometimes Anna and sometimes Charles.
no_cute_nicknam: Patti, just a couple questions...first, is Kyle going to ask to become a werewolf, so he can be with Warren longer?
And second, I'm not sure that I understand from the excerpt exactly what it means for a wolf to be an you think you can clarify that one? (I'm sure it's explained more in the actual story too...)
First question: Kyle hasn't decided. He and Warren are just getting back together -- and becoming a werewolf isn't an easy thing. A lot of would be werewolves die. And being a gay werewolf is difficult/dangerous. This might be an issue I deal with in a later book . . . or maybe not. It depends on how the story goes.
Second question: Omega is explained in the short story. It is a wolf who is so noncompetative that he/she appears, at first, to be a submissive wolf. The difference is that the submissive is on the bottom of the pack -- and the Omega wolf is outside of the normal powerstructure. An Omega wolf has no need/desire to obey the Alpha. And there are a few other nifty things about them that will come out in the novella and the books to follow.
kimmie: Hi Patty! One question...Why did the magic(death spell) hit Mercy when she wasn't it's intended target at the end of Moon called. Was it just a fluke or was there a reason? Also, out of curiousity, the first book focused on the weres, the second on the vampires, are we going to see a book that focuses on the witches?
Magic acts oddly around Mercy. She was in the way, she was tied to Adam (his mate, even though she hasn't agreed to it yet) and the combination forced the magic to pause. It would have gone on to Adam, but she held it off for just long enough.
I won't promise a book about witches, but Elizaveta certainly needs more page-time. Which I will give her in the next book or two.
Will you be adding these Q & A 's to the chat transcript?
Mike: Yes!

Chat Transcript

6:56:15 Mike Hello everyone -- Patty will be here in just a second. She was playing on the net and lost track of time.
6:56:24 Mike Mike changes his/her nickname to Patty
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6:57:07 Patty Nope this is really me :)
6:57:08 jwestberg I think losing track of time on the net happend to everyone!
6:57:21 Patty Hi Everyone
6:57:30 jwestberg Hi
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6:57:37 Winterwolf Greetings Patty!
6:57:45 Has hi Patty
6:57:46 Patty Yep. The Net is a black time sink to which I need to treat with caution
6:58:01 Jenn hello
6:58:02 Patty To which . . . sheesh. Guess who can't write.
6:58:13 MarissaNovelSpo getting lost once in awhile is good, relaxes us.
6:58:14 mandy Hi Patty!!
6:58:42 Patty Hi everyone. Does anyone have a question to get this ball rolling?
6:59:00 MarissaNovelSpo we decided to go with the user list, so we don't bombed you
6:59:21 MarissaNovelSpo are you going to have a sample chapter up for Alpha and Omega, or Iron Kissed?
6:59:25 Patty I'm stupid. How does that work?
6:59:43 MarissaNovelSpo *we're following along the list of users, top to bottom, on the right hand side*
7:00:02 Patty I guess I can put up a sample of Alpha and Omega, probably tomorrow pm.
7:00:11 MarissaNovelSpo yay!
7:00:17 MarissaNovelSpo jaelie, you're up
7:00:19 Jon whoot
7:00:22 Winterwolf =)
7:00:43 Patty You folks rock. Thank you for organizing me :)
7:00:43 Jaelie eek I'm lurking for now
7:00:44 mandy Woo!!
7:01:01 FH Hello everyone!
7:01:02 Patty So Mandy do you have a question?
7:01:09 mandy Yes.
7:01:12 mandy Ok well I asked Mike before about this and he said that he wasn't sure and to ask you now so I was wondering if werewolves and vampires could scar.
7:01:50 Patty Yes for the werewolves, but it has to be silver.
7:02:04 Jon PaulaL quit (timeout)
7:02:25 mandy oh ok thanks! I was just wondering.
7:02:29 Patty The vampires, I don't know. They are usually in exactly the same shape they were when they "died". I'll have to think about it.
7:02:59 Patty Er. I get excited. The wound has to be caused by something silver.
7:03:06 Has Hi Patty there was a hint in Blood Bound about Mercy and her influence in the pack
7:03:15 Patty Yes?
7:03:27 Patty What would you like cleared up?
7:03:42 FH Oh I couldn't wait for sample of Alpha and Omega.
7:04:00 Has will she more of that later in the series
7:04:19 Patty Yes. There are a lot of things happening between Mercy and Adam's pack
7:04:22 Has sorry my computer is conking out on me
7:04:48 Has thanks !!!
7:05:01 Patty Some things are because of the magic of the pack. Some things are because of the human influence (like women take their rank from their mates)
7:05:40 Patty Iron Kissed developes that a little more -- but it's another thing we'll see more in later books too.
7:06:29 Patty FH welcome :) and I hope you all like "Alpha and Omega" since it's really the beginning of a new series -- which I didn't know when I wrote the novella.
7:06:32 Has so will her effect be more out of the ordinary ? because it seemed to be hinted that way
7:07:22 Patty Has, yes. Some odd things will start happening (after Iron Kissed) Or at least that's what I'm planning right now :)
7:07:45 Patty PaulaL do you have a question?
7:07:48 PaulaL will there be much or any crossover between the two series?
7:08:39 Patty Some, of course. For instance, in the book I'm working on now (currently untitled, but the first Charles book) we'll get to see Samuel decide to move to the Tri Cities.
7:09:01 Patty It is set right after "Alpha and Omega" and so happens between Moon Called and Blood Bound.
7:09:37 Patty Mostly, though I'm going to try and keep them separate.
7:10:18 Patty I'm trying not to have a soap opera, but still there are a lot of ties between them.
7:10:32 Patty Or is that among them?
7:10:58 jogonturan Nothing wrong with a little soap opera - it's part of human (or wolf or shapechanger ) nature.
7:11:36 Patty I don't mind a little -- in fact it's fun. But I want to keep each book self-contained.
7:11:36 MarissaNovelSpo winterwolf, you're turn
7:11:42 Winterwolf I dont have a question to ask just yet other than Im not sure I can wait to find out if its Adam or Sam.......its KILLING me lol
7:12:00 Patty You'll find out in January :)
7:12:04 mandy me too!
7:12:21 Winterwolf I would like to just say I really LOVE these books
7:12:32 Patty BTW Winterwolf is the one who suggested Mercy Garage shirts :)
7:12:57 Winterwolf I still want one to hehe
7:12:57 Patty So if you want someone to blame . . .
7:13:18 Patty Jon? Do you have a question?
7:13:58 Jon alright. I was alitle confused in blood bound when Mercy went looking for Andre, and ran into Wulfe instead, could you explain what happened there, I didn't understand it.
7:14:10 Jon just in a nutshell please
7:14:23 Jon *a little
7:14:34 Patty Sure. Mercy went out looking for a vampire's lair by looking for someplace that had lots of ghosts
7:15:01 Jon right, and she found them at Wulfe's place
7:15:06 Patty Vampires can hide from magic and from creatures who scent them (like werewolves)
7:15:25 Patty She didn't know whose lair she was going to find when she went in.
7:15:34 Jon oh.
7:15:39 Jon gottcha
7:15:42 Patty Wulfe was not the one she would have picked
7:15:44 Jon thanks Patty
7:16:01 Patty That's why the vampires hate walkers.
7:16:23 Jon lol
7:16:25 Patty They (the vampires) mostly don't even see the ghosts and they can't do anything to drive them away.
7:16:31 Jon understandable I guess
7:17:20 Patty Cool :) Sometimes I don't do as good a job explaining myself in the stories as I would like :)
7:17:50 Jon I've had the same problem :p
7:17:59 Patty I also tend to write very . . . efficiently. So if you skip the wrong sentence, sometimes things get confusing.
7:18:19 Jon that might have been a factor
7:18:37 Patty It's a good thing I have terrific editors -- but they don't always catch everything :>
7:18:48 Patty jwestberg?
7:19:15 jwestberg Will we see more of Adam's daughter dating inthe next book? and How adam deals with that?
7:20:01 Patty Yes :) And there is an incident. Suffice it to say that I hope my son never dates a werewolf's daughter
7:20:10 Patty Sometimes people just ask for torture.
7:20:27 Patty He he
7:20:41 MarissaNovelSpo that's so mean lol
7:20:42 jwestberg I guess part of me wants to see Mercy giving her dating advice. :-) I love how the little details keep going in the books. It is great.
7:20:54 Jenn Will Samuel and Adam both continue in the Mercy books after Mercy makes her pick
7:21:21 MarissaNovelSpo dating a human's daughter is dangerous enough, and all a human can do is shoot the son of a gun who took his daughter to the movies
7:21:36 Patty Jenn. Yes. Both of them will continue -- at least for now.
7:21:39 mandy haha
7:21:57 Patty Okay My husband tells me I need to give a better hint.
7:21:57 Janilee Not a question in particular. Thought I'd tell you your name came up as a favorite author in a Word Wenches Blog. Word Wenches are a group of professional romance authors. They often discuss their research. I look at the site for the research books they frequently mention, as some deal with the historical/textile research I do. They also frequently discuss the art of writing.
7:22:05 Jenn at least for now!?
7:22:32 Jon rofl
7:22:42 Janilee Oops sorry!
7:22:50 jwestberg go Mike!!!
7:23:04 Winterwolf Woot Mike
7:23:05 mandy lol
7:23:05 MarissaNovelSpo yay for mike!
7:23:19 Jon yeah Mike you go man!
7:23:20 Jenn yeah help us Mike
7:23:34 Patty Jenn. Yes. I have to let the characters act according to the events that happen. Which means that for right now both Samuel and Adam have sufficient reason to stay in the Tri Cities.
7:23:36 Has Please this is torture :)
7:23:54 Patty Let me give you a hint about Jesse
7:24:24 Jon I thought Sam was moving back after Mercy's trailer got fixed?
7:24:26 Patty What do you think would happen if her classmates find out that her father is a werewolf?
7:24:41 jwestberg OH man.....
7:24:41 Patty Jon. Nope. He's still living with Mercy.
7:24:48 MarissaNovelSpo they'd either adore her... or turn their backs and treat her like a freak.
7:24:55 Janilee osticization or instant fandom
7:25:01 MarissaNovelSpo more than likely, the latter. teenagers can be cruel like that.
7:25:01 Jenn WOW!
7:25:06 Jon yup I agree
7:25:10 Patty I'm with Marissa
7:25:13 jogonturan Or try to make friends with her hoping to get something from her.
7:25:16 jwestberg If they are like my classmates, I vote for freak.
7:25:20 Patty I think teenagers are very unhappy, mostly.
7:25:34 mandy she would find out who her real friends are I think
7:25:36 Winterwolf oh thats the "incident" he lets it slip....maybe
7:25:45 jogonturan Jesse seems pretty well-balanced .
7:25:51 Patty And they want everyone else to be happy
7:25:58 Patty er unhappy
7:26:07 MarissaNovelSpo especially considering her mother (sorry, couldn't resist it)
7:26:08 Patty Jesse is tough.
7:26:21 MarissaNovelSpo jesse seems like that kid who was friends with everyone
7:26:21 Patty She has had to be tough. Like a lot of kids I know
7:26:25 PaulaL Mamas don't let your sons go and date werewolves' daughters...
7:26:34 Patty Yep.
7:26:44 Jon haha
7:26:47 Patty Talk about putting yourself in harm's way
7:27:00 jwestberg She had to grow up fast that makes you tough whether you want to be or not.
7:27:05 Patty Gabriel gets to play hero.
7:27:11 jwestberg YES!!!
7:27:18 mandy does Adam know that they're dating?
7:27:20 Jon finally
7:27:20 jogonturan Yay!
7:27:22 Winterwolf Can you imagine being him when you get the "my dad wants to meet you speech" ?.....
7:27:24 MarissaNovelSpo yay!
7:27:40 jwestberg I am such a "tween" at heart.
7:27:47 Jon that would be bad from the start.
7:27:50 Patty Yes, Adam knows they are dating. Sneaking out on your werewolf father isn't really an option.
7:28:05 Patty Gabriel's tough, too. He can take it.
7:28:06 mandy Thats true.
7:28:09 jwestberg LOL
7:28:15 Winterwolf Knowing her she might
7:28:21 mandy lol
7:28:43 Janilee She might ask Mercy to help her.
7:28:57 Patty Lol
7:28:59 Winterwolf eep
7:29:01 Patty Mercy might just do it.
7:29:17 Janilee I figured!
7:29:19 jogonturan Heh. Mercy keeps getting entangled in Adam's life even when she doesn't want to.
7:29:22 Patty Depends upon how ticked she is at Adam -- and how much she likes the boy Jesse's dating
7:29:30 jwestberg exactly
7:29:33 Winterwolf That would make the old car in her back yard look pale lol
7:29:41 Jon agreed
7:29:46 Patty Yeah, Mercy's life keeps getting more complicated -- and dangerous
7:29:52 mandy ha! yes it would
7:29:57 jogonturan That's cool. :)
7:30:01 jwestberg I think Mercy would definitely stand up for Gabriel.
7:30:06 MarissaNovelSpo "do not piss off the werewolf. it shortens your life expectancy"
7:30:18 Patty Mercy needs a llama I think . . . I probably won't do it . . . but
7:30:20 SilverSun Wow its my favorite author just before Jim Butcher..
7:30:23 Winterwolf unless he likes you
7:30:44 mandy and his wolf
7:30:48 SilverSun Sweet I thought I was late
7:30:49 MarissaNovelSpo okay, who asked the last question? Jen?
7:30:50 Patty JIm is awsome. Hope they continue the TV series
7:30:57 Janilee Gabriel seems to have a good enough head on his shoulders not to try.
7:31:06 jogonturan Me, too!
7:31:16 SilverSun I've signed the petition to restart the series.
7:31:16 jwestberg I think we are onto FH
7:31:16 Patty He he. Okay anyone know who has the next question?
7:31:19 mandy jwestberg started hers
7:31:36 MarissaNovelSpo i think Janilee
7:31:39 Jon no she went
7:31:40 Jenn I asked mine
7:31:41 FH Hi Patty, thanks for everything. How will Alpha and Omega be connected with(to?) the new series of Anna and Charles? Should I read A&O first (Of course I'll read it but I wonder)?
7:32:03 Janilee I slipped in my comment a bit too early.
7:32:06 Patty Yes A&O is the beginning of the series and it would be very helpful to read it first.
7:32:11 jwestberg janilee made a comment but she may want to restate it before we move onto kimmie.
7:32:33 Patty I will, of course, make sure that the story is self contained . . . but Charles starts it out pretty beaten up
7:32:46 Patty So janilee?
7:32:48 Janilee Not a question in particular. Thought I'd tell you your name came up as a favorite author in a Word Wenches Blog. Word Wenches are a group of professional romance authors. They often discuss their research. I look at the site for the research books they frequently mention, as some deal with the historical/textile research I do. They also frequently discuss the art of writing.
7:33:28 Janilee Your name came up in authors whose writng stlye they admired.
7:33:32 Patty Cool :) That's always fun. I have a number of writers I adore -- and it's really fun to know that they like my stuff too. You should have seen me
7:33:37 FH Who's the authors?
7:33:50 Patty when I found out Andre Norton and Anne McCaffery liked my books
7:34:23 Patty Mutual admiration societies are fun :)
7:34:30 Jon that must have made you happy
7:34:35 Janilee Jo Beverly, Mary Jo Putney, and five others
7:35:00 SilverSun Whats the question queue here?
7:35:07 Patty Yep. Love 'em. I've been reading Mary Jo since her first book (which I still have, battered though it is)
7:35:15 Patty Jo B. is a newer find for me.
7:35:18 mandy none. it was a comment.
7:35:31 Patty We're following the order of the people on the right side.
7:35:32 MarissaNovelSpo Silver, you're up after jogonturan
7:35:35 jogonturan In the order of the users box on the right, Sun.
7:35:38 MarissaNovelSpo we're going in order :-)
7:35:42 jogonturan I think.
7:35:42 SilverSun thanxs
7:35:43 Patty FH are you finished?
7:35:56 mandy oh. my bad i read the question wrong!!!
7:36:23 mandy SilverSun's question.
7:36:25 Patty No problem
7:36:42 FH Yes, thanks.
7:36:51 Patty Kimmie?
7:36:56 kimmie First I just want to say that I love these books! :) This world is so interesting. Now for my question...
7:37:08 Patty Thank you :)
7:37:36 kimmie If someone has already asked it, that's fine, but does Samuel really just see Mercy as a broodmare?
7:38:08 kimmie he keeps being evasive
7:38:09 Patty No. Though at the beginning of Iron Kissed, that's what he thinks.
7:38:27 jwestberg oh now that is interesting.
7:38:30 Patty Wow. That sounded confusing let me try again
7:38:46 Patty Samuel believes that he only wants Mercy as a broodmare.
7:38:59 Patty At the beginning of Iron Kissed. He finds out differently.
7:39:13 kimmie oohhh.
7:39:29 Winterwolf How ever this ends one of them is going to be crushed......sigh
7:39:30 Jenn hmmmm
7:39:36 me but could mercy ever realy forgive sam
7:39:57 Patty I think they'll work it out. These are tough men . . . er werewolves.
7:39:57 mandy I hope so!
7:40:02 jwestberg hmmm....I wonder if a little jealous makes him realize this little fact.
7:40:06 Patty If they weren't, they wouldn't have survived this long.
7:40:26 kimmie true
7:40:26 Patty jwestberg, if I answer that I'll be too misleading.
7:40:43 Patty My husband tells me not to tease too badly.
7:40:48 MarissaNovelSpo sam can love someone else, or at least care for them. like in texas, right?
7:41:11 jwestberg lol....but half the fun is trying to read between the lines.
7:41:26 SilverSun SilverSun quit
7:41:32 kimmie exactly:)
7:41:40 Patty At the point where Blood Bound ends, none of the principle characters is eternally committed to anyone else
7:41:56 jogonturan No, they're all confused.
7:41:59 Patty except for Adam. Who can't look elsewhere unless Mercy tells him "no"
7:42:27 jwestberg okay that is a sneaky little comment
7:42:28 Janilee "eternally committed" sounds interesting
7:42:41 jogonturan Wolves mate for life.
7:42:44 SilverSun Will we find out more about Zee and why he wants to hide his past?
7:42:49 me i think it well be adam he is the only choice
7:42:59 MarissaNovelSpo i think my head would explode with all three of them in there. esp. with all the testosterone of adam and sam.
7:43:01 Patty Yes, we'll find out more about Zee.
7:43:05 jogonturan Hey, Kumori. Did you bring Cowl?
7:43:30 kumori hi, did i bring what?
7:43:30 Patty Though the reason he's hiding his past is the same reason the werewolves don't talk about the past.
7:43:38 Janilee "eternally" suggests beyond life
7:43:47 jogonturan Never mind. Confused your name with one from the Jim Butcher books.
7:43:49 SilverSun Ahh thanx.
7:43:59 kumori ok ok
7:44:10 kumori so what are we all talking about.
7:44:14 Patty It's too hard to live in the now, when you remember two hundred or two thousand years of your life.
7:44:15 SilverSun thats funny jog
7:44:30 jogonturan :) I live in the state of Confusion.
7:44:38 Patty So none of the really old creatures like to talk about what used to be.
7:44:40 SilverSun I see..
7:44:43 MarissaNovelSpo in the city of mass, jog?
7:44:49 kumori i think alot of us live in a state of confusion
7:44:53 kumori lol
7:45:04 jogonturan Exactly, Marissa!
7:45:07 Patty Rofl
7:45:16 jogonturan You've visited, I see. :)
7:45:16 SilverSun Sorta like starting over after a century or so.
7:45:25 Patty Right
7:45:50 MarissaNovelSpo visited jog? i grew up here! lol
7:45:51 Janilee How would you know when to start over?
7:46:05 jogonturan :)
7:46:09 Patty If they live too much in the past, they start to resent the present. too much change, too many regrets and deaths . . .
7:46:46 me u start over when the poeple u love are dead
7:46:47 kumori isn't that true of everything
7:46:50 Kat By the way, I didn't have a question. I'm just lurking, driving myself crazy trying to guess whether it's Adam or Sam.
7:46:52 jwestberg you would have to consistently make yourself move forward with a life like theirs.
7:47:14 Patty That's what I think Jwestberg
7:47:22 Janilee too many new generations connected with the past?
7:47:23 SilverSun Does that make the wolf Dymanic difficult considering how they treat their mate?
7:47:29 jogonturan Or you'd have to give up and do something to end your life.
7:47:33 jwestberg I think jogonturan might have been skipped unless I wasn't paying attention at some point.
7:47:50 jogonturan I do have a question.
7:47:54 Patty Yes, Silversun. Though individuals vary, of course.
7:48:00 Janilee This is the niece of my great granddaughter
7:48:24 Patty Yep. It would suck. Did we skip you jogonturan?
7:48:33 jogonturan But first a comment. We did "Moon Called" at my book club this month, and we discussed Samuel and the broodmare matter in
7:48:35 jogonturan depth.
7:48:51 Patty :)
7:48:56 jogonturan And we figured what happened was he'd had so many disappointments in the past, with relationships and children who didn't
7:49:25 jogonturan make it, that the human part of him tuned out his emotions for Mercy and convinced himself he saw her as a broodmare.
7:49:30 jogonturan but the wolf knew the truth.
7:49:38 jogonturan It's why he grieved when she left.
7:49:51 Patty He's a control-freak. He's trying to control the things that make his life unbearable. Yes.
7:49:55 SilverSun I like that view jog.
7:49:56 Jon so much going on at once
7:50:16 jogonturan Everyone at book club loved the book, BTW. and the overwhelming opinion when it came to Adam or Samuel was Adam. :)
7:50:17 kumori hey i have a question.
7:50:44 jogonturan Ok, on to the question....will we find out more about Mercy's father, and that side of her family?
7:50:44 Patty We are doing questions in order. We're at Jogonturan whom we skipped
7:50:49 SilverSun I asked mine already so skipme.
7:50:59 Patty Then it is me's turn. But Jogonturan hasn't asked yet
7:51:32 jogonturan Will we find out more about Mercy's father, and that side of her family?
7:51:40 Patty Yes. I think we'll find out more about Mercy's father
7:51:45 Patty But not in Iron Kissed.
7:51:56 Patty So it'll be a future book.
7:52:02 jogonturan Cool. :)
7:52:10 Patty I'll have to do a lot of talking with my Indian buddy.
7:52:25 Patty So I can capture her father's family correctly.
7:52:43 jogonturan We were really interested in that part of her past, too.
7:52:49 Patty Also some more about walkers.
7:53:00 TinaReads Hi.
7:53:13 kumori hi
7:53:17 SilverSun hi
7:53:22 Patty Hey Tina. Me. I think we're up for a question from you.
7:53:22 Jon heylo
7:53:33 jogonturan Hi, Tina. :)
7:53:39 mandy Hi!
7:53:42 Has TinaReads quit (timeout)
7:53:49 me ok one sec
7:54:01 kimmie Hi!
7:54:08 FH Hi
7:54:20 Has hi Tina and Jenglows
7:54:39 focgirl Hi
7:54:47 SilverSun Jenglows weren't you in the last chat posted on site?
7:54:49 jenglows hi, looks like I'm late. got the time change wrong!
7:54:51 Patty Welcome. We're allowing questions based on the right column. It's me's turn.
7:55:00 SilverSun I thought I read some of your questions.
7:55:02 jenglows yes, I was here last time
7:55:03 focgirl focgirl changes his/her nickname to foxgirl
7:59:02 MarissaNovelSpo whoops!
7:59:04 TinaReads TinaReads quit
7:59:07 MarissaNovelSpo the site crashed on me
7:59:14 Has . quit (timeout)
7:59:32 Winterwolf Me to
7:59:35 SilverSun Still here
7:59:37 Has me too I thought it was my computer
7:59:37 FH Same to me
7:59:45 kumori yep
7:59:54 Janilee no problems here.
7:59:57 PaulaL same here...
8:00:00 jogonturan I thought we were just having a moment of silent to contemplate the Adam or Samuel question.
8:03:27 foxgirl wth?
8:03:42 Patty okay
8:03:45 foxgirl i got kicked off for a moment...
8:03:48 Patty I guess I can post again
8:03:50 jogonturan Ok, NOW it crashed on me
8:07:35 Patty me too
8:07:45 Patty looks like its up temporarily
8:08:06 Mandy Mine is messed up too.
8:08:12 Patty I get a message that says we're using too much CPU. We'll try to fix it before the next chat
8:08:12 jenglows oh, I didn't get kicked out the second time :0
8:08:19 NovelSpot There I went again!
8:08:27 TinaReads looks like I broke it
8:08:31 Mandy and now I'm at the bottom...
8:08:33 TinaReads smiles
8:08:46 kumori lol
8:08:51 kimmie I crashed too. Unfortunately, we are now out of order. Who was next?
8:08:56 Patty We'll buy a better hosting service, my husband says.
8:08:58 Has got kicked out 3 times
8:08:59 NovelSpot if I get bombed out again, i'll go crochet on the couch
8:09:09 Patty We were waiting for a question from me
8:09:11 Mandy me was next
8:09:23 Patty Has, I got kicked out several times too!
8:09:25 NovelSpot me is gone.
8:09:30 foxgirl is me still on the list?
8:09:39 Patty I don't see me. Maybe kumori can ask?
8:10:15 Has i see you patty and foxgirl your both up on the list
8:10:18 kumori oh...well my question is about your dragon books
8:10:18 Patty are people still getting bumped?
8:10:40 NovelSpot we might again if many more people come back
8:10:41 Patty go ahead
8:10:45 Mandy people are starting to come back now.
8:10:52 jenglows I'm still here, but it took me foreever to get back iin last time I was bumped
8:11:05 Patty me too jenglows.
8:11:10 foxgirl probably, every time there's a pause keep thinking i got kicked off again
8:11:13 Patty We'll be upgrading for next chat
8:11:16 NovelSpot Same here, I was told that the site couldn't be found, and that too much CPU (whatever that is) was being used
8:11:16 jwestberg yeah it is the service provider sorry
8:11:26 Mandy me too. my name was on the list but it wouldn't let me chat
8:11:51 jogonturan I'm kinda afraid to type anything.
8:11:53 kumori well in all of your other books the main charater is a girl. and i just started reading dragon bones and was wondering if there was a reasone to make the main charater a male.
8:11:57 Patty Hehe
8:12:03 NovelSpot Patty, how are Warren and Darryl handling the fact Warren isn't submissive to him?
8:12:20 NovelSpot oops, sorry kumori
8:12:23 Patty They aren't really dealing with it.
8:12:39 kumori thats ok
8:12:47 Patty Kumori, yes.
8:13:01 Patty I tried three times to make the main character a girl
8:13:11 Patty But Ward kept coming out male.
8:13:21 kumori lol. ok
8:13:30 Patty I decide that it was fate, and I was just going to have to learn to write from a man's viewpoint
8:13:38 me i get kicked out
8:13:51 Patty Then he told me he wanted to tell the darn story himself
8:14:00 jogonturan Welcome back, me.
8:14:08 Patty Yes, we're going to upgrade. Ask your question me
8:14:23 Patty He he. I like your screen name.
8:14:46 Patty Is it letting you ask?
8:15:06 NovelSpot testing one two
8:15:07 jenglows I really love Ward, he seemed very genuine
8:15:16 NovelSpot keep think i'm being booted again
8:15:17 Mandy testing
8:15:25 kumori i just started the book
8:15:25 Mandy nope I'm good
8:15:35 Jon testing
8:15:42 Jon still here!
8:15:45 Patty i'm okay
8:15:50 jwestberg jenglows, foxgirl, TinaReads, and Kat I know haven't gotten to ask questions yet just for future reference.
8:15:51 kumori same here
8:15:52 jogonturan No, no tests! I don't test well!
8:15:54 me i wanted to ask if mercy well get merryed before haveing sex
8:16:04 kumori lol
8:16:13 Patty I don't know.
8:16:25 Patty By pack law she is currently married to Adam
8:16:26 Jon not for premerital sex? lol funny
8:16:35 Jon for mercy.
8:16:41 kumori lol
8:17:00 NovelSpot would her dating sam, without saying no to adam, been seen as cheating?
8:17:05 Patty Mercy prefers not to play around.
8:17:12 me if not then my mom mit not let me read your books any more she reads them to
8:17:16 Patty As long as she's not having sex with Sam. She's not cheating
8:17:16 NovelSpot how would the werewolve handle if their alpha's mate was seen with another male?
8:17:31 Patty NovelSpot, not well.
8:17:59 Patty It would be seen as a weakness on Adam's part -- and invite a challenge.
8:18:14 Patty Unless he killed the offending pair (ie Mercy and Sam)
8:18:15 Lynn and that would be bad for the pack
8:18:22 Patty So Mercy is being very careful.
8:18:24 NovelSpot very bad indeed
8:18:38 jogonturan Not to mention for us. No more books if there's no more Mercy!
8:18:49 kumori how many books are there going to be in this series
8:19:03 Patty I can tell you that Mercy isn't going to sleep around or cheat or have an adulterous affair.
8:19:04 jwestberg and it isn't like Mercy and Sam don't know the consequences if they would go there.
8:19:10 Patty I don't know how many books there will be.
8:19:19 PaulaL she could turn into a ghost [no, I am NOT being serious with that comment]...
8:19:25 foxgirl ouch, but isn't Sam more donimant then Adam? So, there really wouldn't be much Adam could do
8:19:29 Patty I've sold seven altogether right now, includign the ones in print.
8:19:43 Jon If Adam died, who would take over? Mercy,Warren, or Darrel?
8:19:51 Patty Dominance is a flexible thing outside of the pack.
8:19:57 Lynn Warren
8:19:59 kumori i can't wait for your next one to come out
8:20:03 Patty Warren could not take over, the other wolves would never accept him.
8:20:04 Mandy Warren
8:20:12 Mandy ooo
8:20:14 jogonturan Plus, Mercy's not a wolf. So she'd have some say in who she chooses.
8:20:14 jenglows How do the wolves get out of their marriages? It seems like there wouldn't be any divorce, but there is
8:20:22 Patty Without Adam, Mercy has no standing in the pack at all.
8:20:22 Jon But isn't he really Adam
8:20:33 Jon Adam's Second?
8:20:40 NovelSpot i thought Bran appointed Alphas in the States
8:20:41 NovelSpot ?
8:20:49 Patty It is possible for a werewolf to be married -- and not mated
8:20:59 jenglows what is the diference?
8:21:20 kumori what would happen to mercy if adam dies
8:21:22 Patty Yes. Bran would have to approve a replacement, but he wouldn't leave Adam in if Adam's actions were making the pack unstable.
8:21:31 Patty Mated is forever.
8:21:35 Patty or until death
8:21:50 Jon but warren didn't listen to darrel.
8:21:50 Patty Married, from the wolf's standpoin, is a convenience.
8:21:54 TinaReads which really puts Mercy in a tight spot.
8:21:57 jenglows So Adam tied Mercy to him - Forever - without her consent?
8:22:08 Patty Dominance in real wolves is flexible.
8:22:22 Patty It's the need of the human to have inflexible standing in the pack
8:22:37 Patty So, nature and human rules don't always run together.
8:22:54 foxgirl doubtfully, i'd like to see someone force her into anything
8:22:55 jwestberg isn't that the truth in so many ways.
8:23:00 Patty Mercy would grieve for Adam
8:23:02 Mandy Are we still asking questions by the order of the list? since we got out of order no one really knows whos next.
8:23:04 Patty If he died.
8:23:10 NovelSpot a real wolf alpha will play with his packmates, letting them get in nips and bites, but the human side of werewolves see that play biting as challenger?
8:23:26 Patty NovelSpot -- right
8:23:48 Patty Let's hold up on the questions a moment until I can get the ones on the table answered.
8:24:04 kumori kk
8:24:10 Jon dunno, I think we're asking questions before the system crashes
8:24:13 Patty Warren is more dominant than Darryl. But he would not be accepted as Adam's second.
8:24:14 NovelSpot *sits on hands to keep them off of the keyboard*
8:24:24 foxgirl sounds good
8:24:30 NovelSpot because he's gay? dangit!
8:24:30 Patty Because one of the second's duties is to take over the pack.
8:24:57 Patty Right now both of them are trying to ignore it. But it will cause problems . . . in later books (not Iron Kissed)
8:25:05 Patty Yes, because he is gay
8:25:09 Jon and he can't do that because he is gay, that is not cool
8:25:28 jogonturan I like both of them, though - so don't kill either of them off, please! (Darryl and Warren)
8:25:37 jwestberg and I bet Mercy is right in the middle of the problems between Warren and Darryl.
8:25:39 Patty Remember the wolves are a product of how they were raised. Most of the dominants are old -- and they come from European countries
8:25:52 Lynn (I have a question when ur ready)
8:25:56 Patty where being gay was, in some cases, punishible by death.
8:26:06 Jon you would think sexual preference wouldn't have anything to do with it
8:26:11 jenglows I don't understand the implications of that Patty, could you give more detail?
8:26:33 Patty Okay. Werewolves can sense sexual arousal.
8:26:34 jenglows Oh, I got it. That'
8:26:44 Patty They know if Warren is turned on by one of them.
8:26:54 Lynn lol
8:27:12 me but being guy is not natrul the wolf in them would not exspited it
8:27:14 Patty Now. Think about what would happen in a redneck bar if a flaming gay man announce that he was looking for some fun in the sack.
8:27:26 kumori rolf
8:27:31 jwestberg plus, to older generations it would be seen as a weakness.
8:27:36 NovelSpot ouch; i've been there when that happened, it's NOT pretty.
8:27:36 Jon roflmao
8:27:38 Patty Right.
8:27:46 Patty And weakness, in the pack, is bad.
8:28:03 NovelSpot i've got another question when you're ready
8:31:50 jenglows I can't se my questions
8:31:54 jenglows oh - it's back!
8:31:56 Jon testing
8:32:08 Mandy kicked me out again
8:32:09 TinaReads we're back again
8:32:15 Patty Me too
8:32:26 foxgirl kicked out again
8:32:28 jenglows is there any way for Adam to seperate himself from being Mercy's Mate if Mercy chooses someone else?
8:32:32 jule i was wondering why no one was typing
8:32:36 Mandy too many people is crashing it.
8:32:42 jule oh
8:32:45 jule sorry
8:36:15 kimmie oh dear.
8:36:16 jule hi?
8:36:18 jenglows hello?
8:36:20 foxgirl Gr, that's really annoying
8:36:22 Mandy testing
8:36:27 Dragon Hi ^^
8:36:33 jule I'd laugh
8:36:36 Lynn testing
8:36:43 jenglows Hi Dragon, we are having some tech issues it seems...
8:36:48 jule but i don not think anyone would appreciate it
8:36:51 Patty okay. I'm going to call a halt. But. If you post your questions on the chat. I'll check tomorrow night and tuesday night and then answer them.
8:36:54 Dragon So I noticed....
8:36:55 Jon test
8:36:55 kumori can you see me
8:37:00 Mandy I think once it gets past 20 people it dies
8:37:02 Patty then people can drop in a see.
8:37:07 Lynn ok
8:37:12 Patty and see what the answers are.
8:37:13 Jaelie ok
8:37:22 Patty I'll get a better set up for next time.
8:37:25 Jaelie thanks for doing this, Patty :)
8:37:25 Dragon Mmkay
8:37:26 kumori kk
8:37:27 Lynn my question- Do you think the Mercy books will ever become movies?
8:37:31 foxgirl so your going to cut it off at the people in here already?
8:37:35 jule when will the transcripts be up?
8:37:37 Patty So. I'm signing out for now.