July 21, 2007 Chat

We've moved Patty's site to a higher-capacity server within the same hosting company, hoping that we could get through a chat without crashing. Everything worked beautifully, but there were fewer people attending, so it's not conclusive.

6:41 Patty joins Main
6:55 Havenlystarrs Hi.
6:57 Has hi Patty
6:05 Patty Hello :)
6:07 Havenlystarrs Hi Patty
6:34 Patty I'm in a few minutes early
6:01 Patty Before anyone asks, yes, I've seen the forums and there's no divorce in my near future.
6:03 Havenlystarrs I wanted to make sure and not miss tonight's chat
6:12 Has me too
6:25 Has Im also glad there is a forum
6:30 Havenlystarrs The forum was a good idea.
6:14 Havenlystarrs Every1 must still be reading the harry potter book
6:14 Patty My concern was that I don't have time to moderate -- and neither does Mike. It looks like we're hiring the slave
6:22 Havenlystarrs [smile]
6:28 Patty Er . . . daughter to do the work
6:31 Has awww :)
6:48 Patty I have the Deathly Hallows sitting in my bathroom awaiting me . . .
6:20 Havenlystarrs [blush]. . .i read it already
6:34 Has you know what I have never really got into Harry Potter other than the first book which we had to study for uni
6:37 Patty The bathroom being the quietest place to read. ..
6:00 Has but I will probably read the rest now that the last book is published I hear its good
6:02 Havenlystarrs true. . withkids
6:03 Has lol
6:24 Patty I've enjoyed them a lot. It took me a while to get over the publicity and actually start reading them though. . .
6:17 Has yeh I think that is partly the reason why I have never got into them- the hype puts me off
6:23 Patty I really liked the last movie. The Order of the Phoenix book I got a little irritated with . . . too much whining.
6:37 Has but the main thing is - it got kids reading them
6:56 Havenlystarrs My son thought the movie was too short
6:14 Havenlystarrs but they enjoyed it
6:20 Has I have seen the second movie but its the hype - I dont like things when its all blown up like that
6:37 Patty I wouldn't have objected to a little longer movie -- but I like the long version of LOR
6:56 Havenlystarrs Me 2
6:08 Has I liked the narnia movie and I hear that spyderwick by Holly Black and the dark is rising have been made into movies
6:18 Has I loved LOTR
6:33 Patty I saw previews for Spyderwick.
6:52 Patty Do you meen the Susan Cooper books?
7:00 Has I saw the trailer - the other day I am really looking forward to it
7:11 GreyDrakkon joins Main
7:19 Has yes but I think from the trailers they have changed some things in it
7:34 Patty Hey GreyDrakkon :) I see you're keeping the forums buzzing
7:43 Havenlystarrs Hi Grey
7:52 Has there is also the golden compass - which is out later this year
7:59 Has Hi grey :)
7:18 Patty Movies always change from books -- a good book doesn't always make a terrific movie
7:30 Patty I didn't know about the Golden Compass :) That's cool.
7:40 Havenlystarrs True.
7:46 Has I know - I have been very dissappointed about some movies
7:50 GreyDrakkon hehh, yeah I was getting worried that people were getting sick of seeing my face I was posting so much
7:52 Has like anne rice
7:31 Patty I don't think anyone is getting tired of you Grey
7:03 GreyDrakkon I haven't read the golden compass books, are they any good?
7:04 Has I havent had a chance yet to post on the forum but I have registered though !
7:17 Mandy joins Main
7:21 GreyDrakkon Yeah I saw your name up there Has. ;)
7:32 Havenlystarrs me, too. . I've been wondering if some of my questions are up in the forum yet
7:32 Mandy Hi Patty!!
7:52 Patty Shall we get started? Same rules as last time? I'll take questions/comments in the order people came on line? Welcome Mandy :)
7:54 GreyDrakkon I've been on them so much for the past couple of days because the boss is on vacation and I finished up everything that had come in
7:57 Has oh yes they are fantastic I also recommend Garth Nix Tamora Pierce and Isobelle Carmody
7:27 Patty Hopefully the Chat will stay up this time :)
7:38 GreyDrakkon has it been crashing?
7:47 Has crossing fingers
7:58 Patty The last time it crashed once we got 25 people or so on it.
7:00 Havenlystarrs hmmm. .. okay. . ..why does Mercy have such a strong connection with Adam's pack
7:05 Patty We've since upgraded
7:24 GreyDrakkon this is great, I didn't even know about the chat, or the forums, and I find out about both just before my birthday, good present. :D
7:48 GreyDrakkon oop sorry, I'll stop yammering now
7:51 Havenlystarrs lol. . . i've read the transcripts of the chats
7:58 Patty Mercy's preternatural connection started when Adam declared her his mate
7:27 Patty Pack magic is something Mercy doesn't really know much about -- but she is learning perforce.
7:44 Havenlystarrs that would explain it then, why she felt the pack coming to the rescue in moon called.
7:13 Patty Yes -- and also she's pretty sensitive to magic
7:20 Patty She can't work it, but she can feel it better than most people
7:42 Patty Maybe sense is a better word than "feel", eh?
7:00 Patty Has?
7:04 Has is her connection unique in that sense -compared to another were mating
7:30 Patty Hmm. You mean can she sense the pack better than . . . say Aurielle?
7:40 Has yes
7:06 Has because I have feeling she is more in tune because of her abilities
7:30 Patty I don't think she can, not unless/until she accepts Adam as her mate.
7:43 Patty What she can do is sense magic that the others cannot.
7:50 Havenlystarrs maybe patty is thinking of a way not to tease us too much
7:03 Patty LOL
7:03 Has lol
7:03 thehuntress joins Main
7:10 Patty Who me tease?
7:13 thehuntress good morning :D
7:23 Patty Hey Huntress:)
7:28 Havenlystarrs Hi Huntress
7:30 GreyDrakkon or evening ;)
7:30 Has hi huntress
7:34 thehuntress how are you?
7:50 Mandy Hi huntress
7:05 Patty No one (including me) knows what might happen if Mercy becomes a part of the pack.
7:23 Patty Grey?
7:29 Havenlystarrs lol. .keyword there is IF?
7:39 Patty Of course.
7:41 thehuntress don't you hate it when the characters don't tell you what they're up to?
7:53 Patty Now I'm teasing
7:10 Patty Actually Huntress, I really enjoy that part. Keeps me interested.
7:13 Havenlystarrs lol
7:20 GreyDrakkon I know you have a bunch more of the Mercy books, and then Masques after that, but will there be another Hurog book?
7:50 Patty Yes. Absolutely. As soon as I get Masques/Wolfsbane out of the way, I'm going to start working on it.
7:54 GreyDrakkon Or are you moving away from the more straight fantasy setting?
7:00 GreyDrakkon Awesome.
7:11 Patty It will be a while, though as afternoon writing is slower than morning.
7:18 thehuntress any ideas you care to share with us?
7:57 Patty Huntress, good question, but we're trying to keep to the order people signed in. So I'll take Mandy's question, then answer yours all right?
7:09 thehuntress no worries
7:23 Mandy About how long will Alpha and Omega be in On the Prowl?
7:25 Patty Mandy?
7:41 Patty It was a hundred manuscript pages.
7:00 Patty That usually translates to about 70 pages, but it depends on the font
7:09 Mandy the book its self is how long?
7:33 Patty They sent me an ARC, but a friend of mine whined and so I don't have it. I believe the book itself is around 400 pages
7:46 Mandy oh ok thanks!![grin]
7:13 Patty Cool :) So Huntress were you talking about Hurog ideas? Or story ideas
7:28 thehuntress in that case, hurog ideas
7:43 thehuntress although i'd be happy to hear any ideas you have swimming around :D
7:45 Patty I have some things I'm playing with.
19:6:15 GreyDrakkon c'mon now, keep this place clean you. >;D
19:6:26 GreyDrakkon gah sorry couldn't keep that one to myself.
19:6:43 Patty LOL There's a scene in my head where Oreg and Tisalla are discussing her continued desire to become like all the other noble women
7:07 Patty Which is not what Ward needs
7:25 thehuntress i can well imagine
7:27 Patty I'm also worried about Civil War, now that Oranstone is already roused
7:02 Patty I might also tell the story from Oreg or Ward's younger legitimate brother's viewpoint
7:40 Patty Mostly because part of me would like to say that Ward is too happy to be the protagonist of another book
7:47 thehuntress lol
7:16 Havenlystarrs In "Blood Bound" ~ When Sam and Mercy Kissed, He was the one that pulled away. Why was that? Or was it
7:18 Patty But I'll have to see what the characters do when I get them going . . .
7:36 Patty Havenlystarrs?
7:00 Havenlystarrs Because of the Mate thing or because He doesn't want Mercy to think he just wants kids from her.
7:41 Patty He is a wiley hunter
7:56 GreyDrakkon heh
7:01 Patty He knew that if he waited until she put a stop to it, it would allow her to run away
7:09 Havenlystarrs ic. . ..he wants the chase
7:11 Patty By stopping sooner, he left her wanting more.
7:40 Mandy smart
7:55 thehuntress 'cheeky bastard' was what came to my mind
7:57 Havenlystarrs but did it work??
7:05 Patty Smart and experienced cheeky bastard
7:09 Mandy LOL
7:14 thehuntress lol
7:21 Has hehehe
7:22 Patty You'll have to read Iron Kissed (he he he)
7:26 GreyDrakkon nothing like getting seduced by the expert
7:38 thehuntress *waits with baited breath*
7:43 Havenlystarrs lol. .. i tried
7:59 Has just 6 months to go -
7:04 Havenlystarrs Patty didn't fall for it.
7:13 thehuntress Patty quit (timeout)
7:23 Mandy when you say 6 months, it seems longer
7:37 Mandy than just saying Jan.
7:55 Has I know and esp if ur abroad it takes even longer to get the book :(
7:04 Patty Especially when it's early January. So really it's just five and a half months
7:19 Patty Has?
7:20 thehuntress yeah, although I've found a place that's pretty good
7:28 Havenlystarrs Well we know that Sam realizes he wants more of Mercy than being a "brood mare"
7:59 Has will you incorporate other mythological creatures from other cultures-
7:14 Has for example Djinns
7:55 Patty Absolutely. I have a plethora of critters to use.
7:22 Patty But I have to come up with good reasons for them to be running around the Tri-Cities
7:26 Mandy sweet
7:47 Has cool - it would be really interesting to see your take on them :)
7:53 Havenlystarrs need an experience mechanic?
7:57 Havenlystarrs lol
7:01 Patty Just out of the blue, while I was thinking about it -- I think I'm going to have to do more with Elizaveta, too.
7:04 thehuntress lol
7:09 GreyDrakkon neat
7:14 Has Yay I love her
7:43 Havenlystarrs showing more of her and her family?
7:50 Patty So I'll have to codify the difference between the various magic using humans
7:56 Patty Yes, more of her and her family
7:24 Patty I like her because she's not exactly a goody -two shoes
7:28 Havenlystarrs cool. .. i wanna know Robert's punishment was.
7:37 Patty Me too.
7:46 Has he is well in the dog house isnt he :)
7:02 Patty I wouldn't want to be him
7:13 Patty Grey, did you have another question?
7:17 GreyDrakkon In the next Hurog book, will the Tammerlain and her god take up more pagespace? I loved every scene with her in it, and the ressurection of a god seems like a good plot point.
7:32 thehuntress i can imagine that what a witch does to someone they dislike could be pretty incredible
7:42 GreyDrakkon (yes, yes I do. ;) )
7:01 Patty I don't know -- Grey. I like her, too
7:30 Patty I usually don't plan out a book that far ahead . . . and gods are awfully powerful
7:38 GreyDrakkon didn't like her god so much with what he pulled, but I can imagine he was pretty cranky
7:44 Patty Difficult to use them in a story without overwhelming the plot
7:52 GreyDrakkon true
7:58 Patty But difficult gods are more useful
7:11 Patty because no one expects them to come in and save the day
7:28 Patty Just the opposite . . . hmm.
7:31 GreyDrakkon yeah he seemed more of a crotchety bastard than a "here I come to save the day!" one
7:36 Patty No promises, but hmm
7:46 GreyDrakkon hee
7:08 Patty Alright Mandy?
7:31 GreyDrakkon Patty quit (timeout)
7:46 Mandy well in the last chat someone asked a question about Ben that you never answered
7:00 Mandy I'm just going to repost it
7:04 Mandy TinaReads: I don't know if any Ben-centric questions have been asked lately, but he's my favorite of the second tier wolves. You mentioned that you learned a lot about his character recently. How much backstory did you have, and how much can you tell us about what you learned about him? Are we going to find out why he's such a misogynist on one hand, and then why he appears to have a soft spot for
7:33 Patty We are going to learn more about Ben.
7:47 Patty I don't know everything about him, but I learned a Big Thing
7:59 GreyDrakkon oooooohhhh
7:05 Mandy *gasp*!!!
7:13 Havenlystarrs he still don't like women, I suppose. . .maybe he'll out grow it
7:15 Mandy it is killing me!!!
7:25 Havenlystarrs [huh]
7:27 Patty It's not all the reason that he's a misogynist, but it's part of it.
7:31 Has I second that
7:33 Havenlystarrs like what, Patty?
7:55 Mandy did it happen in London?
7:03 Patty He's softer with Mercy (in Blood Bound) partially, I think because he saved her life (sort of inadvertantly, but still)
7:08 Havenlystarrs Care to tell us poor girls?
7:23 Patty The Big Thing is too much of a spoiler.
7:47 Mandy 5 1/2 months to go...
7:47 Havenlystarrs She also protected the pack by her killing Andre
7:51 Patty But I can tell you that he gets to put the fear of Werewolves into some nasty rotten kids
7:51 GreyDrakkon otherwise it'd be a little thing ;)
7:11 thehuntress that sounds like fun
7:15 Patty And yes, Ben feels that she killed Andre for him
7:22 Mandy oooo
7:32 Patty And that certainly plays a part in some things that happen in Iron Kissed
7:43 Mandy I hope he doesn't fall for her
7:54 Mandy she has enought men after her
7:00 Mandy *enough
7:00 thehuntress yeah, that'd just be too complicated
7:04 Has I don't he will
7:13 Havenlystarrs he probably feels compel to help her out in whatever is happening in Iron Kissed
7:23 Patty However, as I've said before, I still don't know if he's guilty of what the police were after him for
7:36 Patty No, he doesn't fall for Mercy
7:47 Mandy dundundun the suspence is killing me!!
7:50 Patty She's not his type. I'm not sure he has a type . . .
7:07 Mandy how old is he?
7:18 Mandy older than Adam?
7:22 thehuntress one man who can resist mercy! yay! :P
7:28 Mandy lol
7:36 Patty Hmm. I don't know how old he is.
7:40 Patty Not older than Adam
7:01 Mandy i see....how old is Adam again?
7:19 Havenlystarrs 60?
7:35 Patty Adam is about sixty -- I'd have to look it up in my notes (at my office) to be sure
7:36 Mandy right.......the war...
7:42 Patty He was raised in the fifties
7:13 Patty I think Ben is probably a little younger than Mercy, twenty five or so
7:19 GreyDrakkon yeesh no wonder the weres are so slow to change, they only get "fresh blood" at a trickle
7:24 Patty That's how old he feels in my head
7:44 Mandy oh wow. I didn't know he was so young
7:50 Havenlystarrs when did he change?
7:55 Patty That's right. And a lot of the 'fresh blood' gets killed pretty soon
7:57 GreyDrakkon would explain why he's so volatile
7:04 Patty I think he's been a wolf for a while
7:12 PaulaL joins Main
7:13 Patty Maybe six or seven years
7:34 Patty The older wolves are the ones who make the rules, too
7:36 Havenlystarrs maybe he thinks he's a monster, like Honey does
7:47 Patty Maybe he is a monster . . .
7:51 Havenlystarrs Hi Paula
7:59 Patty Hey Paula
7:03 Has hi paula
7:11 Mandy Hi Paula
7:24 Patty I guess it's time to take the next question. Huntress?
7:33 thehuntress do you ever find that things you have written into the stories at one point, then come along to mean something much more than you intended at a later point?
7:42 Patty Absolutely
7:53 thehuntress what sort of things?
7:54 Patty Sometimes I'd like to change things
7:22 Patty The bronze doors in Hurog are a great example of something I did early that turned out to be very useful
7:48 Patty I had no idea until I was writing the last chapters of Dragon Bones, what I was going to do with them
7:18 thehuntress and then *pop* 'oh, that's what they were for'?
7:25 Patty I'd thought originally that they'd be the doorway to the dwarven ways, but I liked those being down in the keep better
7:26 GreyDrakkon hah your brain must have snuck that one up on you
7:44 PaulaL Hi all [was catching up reading as much scroll as there was to read, I meant to be in earlier, but stopped at a bookstore in vain hope of the an anhtology coming out early....]
7:57 Patty Absolutely. I remember sitting at the keyboard and thinking, "Oh that's what they're for!"
7:17 thehuntress nice to know i'm not the only one that happens to
7:20 PaulaL sneaky subconsciousnesses
7:48 Mandy well I think I'm going to go now that I asked my questions. Harry Potter is calling to me. Thank you so much Patty!! goodnight everyone!
7:03 Brittany joins Main
7:04 Has nite Mandy
7:06 Mandy I'll read the rest tomarrow
7:07 PaulaL night Mandy
7:10 Patty Good night Mandy, Happy Pottering
7:13 GreyDrakkon have fun with the book
7:21 Mandy i will
7:21 thehuntress yeah, i did
7:23 thehuntress :D
7:26 Brittany Hello.
7:31 GreyDrakkon 'lo
7:35 thehuntress hi brittany
7:36 Havenlystarrs HI Brittany
7:39 Patty Paula, you're up for asking a question if you'd like. Hey Brittany, welcome
7:39 Has hi
7:42 Brittany Mandy quit (timeout)
7:59 Brittany Thanks.
7:11 PaulaL will take me a few minutes to think of one...
7:14 GreyDrakkon (I wonder if its my streak of perversity that makes me say " 'lo " when most say "hi", or if I just feel the need to adjust the altitude)
7:35 Brittany It makes you and individual.
7:36 Patty LOL
7:39 Brittany an*
7:58 GreyDrakkon I'm an individual, just like everyone else. >;)
7:01 PaulaL may I yield to Brittany first if Brittany has an immediate question?
7:24 Brittany Actually I do..
7:40 Patty We're asking in the order people have signed into the chat, Go ahead Brittany.
7:16 Havenlystarrs Patty quit (timeout)
7:16 Brittany I just finished reading Moon Called and now I'm looking for the second book in the Mercedes Thompson series, but I can't find it anywhere.
7:33 Brittany Where can I find it?????
7:50 Havenlystarrs borders & amazon
7:08 Brittany Thank you!
7:09 Havenlystarrs you can request special request it
7:21 PaulaL You could probably order it from Barnes & Noble, too, I saw copies of it in the one in Burlington, MA, fifteen minutes ago
7:29 Brittany I really liked it Patty, you're a great author.
7:40 Brittany (or would it be authoress???)
7:42 Brittany Okay.
7:45 Brittany Cool.
7:47 Patty I seem to have a lag in my Internet response. But yes, you should be able to order it anywhere.
7:00 Patty I'm so glad you liked it :) Author is fine
7:00 Has also chect out Barnes and noble website its just as good as amazon I hear
7:01 Brittany Alright.
7:06 Havenlystarrs call your book store and request it if you want to pick it up
7:09 PaulaL Ah, I think I have a question now...
7:21 Patty Shoot :) Paula
7:38 thehuntress *shoots paula* lol
7:38 Patty Uhm. Maybe I should have rephrased that
7:44 Havenlystarrs true. . has better info about the books than amazon
7:48 Brittany LOL
7:07 Havenlystarrs lol
7:30 PaulaL Oreq's a quarter dragon, but is able to turn into a dragon... given the genetics of that sort of thing, might there be bastards (or even non-bastastards) of the Hu Hurogrog like
7:33 Patty I think Amazon ran the B&N website at one time. Don't know if that's still true.
7:47 Brittany Brittany quit
7:50 Patty I've been playing with that idea too, Paula
7:50 Brittany joins Main
7:52 PaulaL Hurog line who unexpectedly might find themselves shapeshifting?
7:08 Patty Dragons are pretty rare, though. So I'll have to see.
7:29 Patty Most of the people of Hurog are of that bloodline and if they intermarry enough . . .
7:50 Patty Or run into a Person who is a Dragon in disguise.
7:52 PaulaL [the dupes there are from running into the end of the line and trying to unsuccessfully backspace... my FAVORITE keys involve rewriting
7:49 PaulaL there is the dragon who showed up after the curse got lifted...
7:54 Patty I've had a couple of keyboards that stick, too. And it's why I hate wireless keyboards
7:09 Patty Yes, and it's not the only one.
7:22 PaulaL [hmm, getting shot by huntress, ESPECIALLY after having reread Anne Bishops Gaian series...]
7:27 GreyDrakkon (yay more dragons!)
7:34 Patty So there are a number of dragon things going on . . .
7:45 Patty Anne Bishop is a goddess
7:46 Brittany Dragons are cool.
7:49 PaulaL hooray
7:54 Patty Loved her latest series.
7:13 Has I love her black jewels series and there is a new book out next year
7:22 Brittany Patty quit (timeout)
7:36 GreyDrakkon I just bought "Sebastain" last night while waiting in line for the potter book
7:40 PaulaL I also just read Cast in Secret ty Michelle Sagara, I got into work late because I couldn;t put it down...
7:46 GreyDrakkon told my friends I bought "fantasy smut" ;)
7:03 Patty Yep. And we share an editor So sometimes I get to peek ahead of time.
7:12 PaulaL Belladonna is wonderful [sequel to Sebastian]
7:15 GreyDrakkon oh neat
7:34 Has belladonna is on my to be read pile
7:36 Brittany I preordered the potter book...cuz I had to work till 3 today and figured they'd all be sold by the time I got to the store.
7:39 PaulaL I'm just glad though that I managed to get my hands on a copy of Masques a few years ago...
7:59 GreyDrakkon ::shakes a fist at Paula:: I still haven't found that around here
8:07 Patty I bought mine today at Costco.Costco wouldn't dare to be out of HP
8:18 Brittany Lol.
8:21 thehuntress i've already finished reading Harry
8:25 PaulaL the local supermarkets even have them... [Harry Potter]. I went to the Borders to see the party but wasn't really interested in buying the book
8:28 Havenlystarrs me 2
8:28 Brittany Wow.
8:33 Havenlystarrs Patty quit (timeout)
8:38 Patty I still get people who write to me and tell me they found Masques for $2.50 at their used bookstore.
8:53 Brittany You read really fast. I wanted to go to the thing at borders, but I couldn't. :(
8:54 PaulaL Cast in Secret, on the other hand, I've been haunting the book stores for the past week
8:56 Has in the news today a woman sped read the book under an hour
8:07 GreyDrakkon my friend works for UPS...There's some angry Texans right now I bet, since a huge pallet of the books got mis-shipped to Iowa. :P
8:07 Havenlystarrs you can try amazon for used books
8:16 thehuntress wow - that's impressive
8:23 Brittany Yeah it is.
8:35 Brittany Haha...Texans....
8:38 Has I know apparently its the informal world record
8:45 Brittany Patty quit (timeout)
8:56 Patty Speed reading a good book isn't a good idea
8:01 Patty You lose too much
8:14 Brittany True.
8:22 GreyDrakkon yeah I can barely remember the last Potter book since I stayed up and read it that night. >_<
8:23 Brittany But it's still impresive.
8:25 Has I know - I had a freind who could do that and she missed huge chunks
8:40 PaulaL I could speed read but then I'd lose a lot of the flavor of books, on the other hand, there are probably some highly regarded books that I I sped read them, I co
8:41 Patty Big books are meant to take time to read.
8:50 PaulaL wouldn't find them unreadable...
8:04 Patty To be savored, and sipped.
8:14 Has I like to savour a book esp if its good read
8:40 Brittany Like Patty's books. :)
8:56 Brittany (Even though I've only read the one so far...)
8:56 Has yeh :)
8:17 Patty I read too fast anyway. It makes my book budget cringe.
8:27 Patty Thank you :)
8:27 GreyDrakkon well it looks like my birthday supper is ready, so I'm heading off. Thanks for answering the questions, Patty (I feel weird calling you by your short name)
8:31 Brittany Haha.
8:39 GreyDrakkon later peoples!
8:41 PaulaL but, but, "So many books, so little time"
8:44 Brittany Happy Birthday!
8:45 thehuntress happy bday drakkon
8:46 Patty Take care Grey :)
8:49 GreyDrakkon GreyDrakkon quit
8:54 Havenlystarrs In "Iron Kissed" how soon does Mercy make her decision between Adam & Sam and will it have an overall effect
8:56 Patty Happy Birthday!
8:02 Has happy bday and good nite
8:16 Havenlystarrs on everything that happens in the book
8:31 Patty About halfway through the book she makes one decision -- and in the last chapter she makes another
8:39 Havenlystarrs Happy B/day, Gray.
8:43 thehuntress cruel!
8:06 Havenlystarrs which means she picks both of them?
8:06 Patty My husband tells me that I need to repent
8:09 PaulaL [facetiously] Aha, she decided to move to London with Ben!
8:11 Brittany Interesting.
8:29 PaulaL repent Harlan said the Ticktockman?
8:31 Has does she tell who it is
8:32 Havenlystarrs or neither of them
8:46 Patty So how is this. The pack is unstable with Adam declaring Mercy as his mate
8:55 Patty But she has not yet accepted.
8:13 Brittany Okay.
8:14 Patty It is causing problems -- and that's one of the reasons she makes her decision clear in this book
8:22 Patty Is that better?
8:39 PaulaL This doesn't quite remind me of The Judgment of Eve by Edgar Pangborn [set in the same post-holocaust world in the northeastern
8:46 Havenlystarrs she becomes neutral and not pick any1
8:50 thehuntress it will be when we actually get to read the book and find out what happens
8:23 Has its gonna be a very long 6 months -
8:23 PaulaL USA with the oceans risen, as Pangborn's novel Davy, the first third of which, The Golden Horn, was a Hugo winner] in which there's one
8:42 Havenlystarrs But~
8:52 PaulaL woman and two men, and.... if I said what happened I would be giving away the ending.
8:26 Havenlystarrs Warren listened to her. . .he sees her as Adam's mate.
8:48 PaulaL are there there more questions being asked?
8:06 Has and she showed a dominant side to Darryl
8:18 Has yeh I think its my turn
8:24 Patty Yes. Because some things happen (magically speaking) when Adam declares her his mate -- and the pack individuals accept it.
8:42 Brittany Well they have to don't they?
8:49 Brittany He's the Alpha afterall.
8:59 Patty Has?
8:07 Has Will you ever set a Mercy book outside the tricities- where she has to travel somewhere?
8:15 Patty Brittany -- not until Mercy accepts it.
8:33 Brittany ok.
8:38 Patty Has, I don't know. She might very well have to run from the vampires.
8:51 Havenlystarrs probably to London to investigate the rapes?
8:52 Patty But she's tied to her business.
8:08 Patty She might visit family in Portland, though . . .
8:09 Has eeeek they find out about Andre?
8:09 Has Brittany quit (timeout)
8:29 Patty Has, as Mercy says, too many people know.
8:46 Patty Adam, Samuel and Stefan won't tell, probably.
8:59 Patty But Wulfe is a nasty customer
8:00 Havenlystarrs that leaves the warlock
8:09 Has but Wulf is the one to watch out for
8:12 Patty He'll do what seems him good.
8:18 Havenlystarrs (I forgot his name)
8:27 Patty Ben knows and so does Warren and Kyle.
8:33 Patty Way too many people.
8:50 Havenlystarrs and secrets have a way of coming out
8:06 Patty And Marsilia doesn't like losing her favorites -- and she's not too happy that Stefan likes Mercy as much as he does.
8:15 Patty Stefan is hers.
8:40 PaulaL sometimes a bunch of diverse people can keep a secret, though... when FLEETSAT V was launched and iti got to its reserved orbital
8:48 thehuntress great, jealous vampires, as if Mercy didn't have enough on her plate
8:52 Havenlystarrs Stefan have more intense feelings than he is letting any1 know?
8:54 Patty She's also not too happy with Mercy killing the Sorcerer. She had plans for the Sorcerer
8:06 Has lol poor Mercy
8:17 PaulaL location in at least two pieces (the main antenna and the spacecraft body had come apart), there was no announcement of a successfuel
8:47 Havenlystarrs sounds like Marsilia may bite the dust in the future.
8:52 PaulaL launch. Aviation Week started making phone calls, one to the launch facility, one to the program office, one somewhere else...
8:56 Patty Paula, you are right. Which is why Mercy is alive for Iron Kissed.
8:21 PaulaL independently everyone called made the decision to not say -anything- about it. "Aviation Leak" couldn't find any leaks...
8:33 Patty The vampires just don't talk to the werewolves much -- and the werewolves don't . . . yet . . . have a reason to wish Mercy dead.
8:35 thehuntress but wouldn't that set the seethe in a riot and make them more dangerous?
8:55 Havenlystarrs ut oh
8:08 Patty Huntress. The seethe is in rough shape right now. And that might help Mercy -- or not.
8:16 Patty I don't know for sure.
8:25 Havenlystarrs sounds like the werewolves will have a reason later on
8:32 Has I think Wulf will use this as way to wrest power from Marsilia - I think he will involve Mercy in this
8:34 PaulaL Marsilia seems stuck in a place that's lost among centuries, cultures, desires, and a few decades of being out of things...
8:58 Patty I don't know. But Mercy can really rub some people the wrong way. And . . . a coyote in a wolfpack?
20:6:07 Has Brittany quit (timeout)
20:6:17 PaulaL MONGRELS!!!
20:6:38 Patty Has and Paula, yes I'm thinking that way about the seethe too.
20:6:38 PaulaL Coyote's a trickster, though...
20:6:49 Patty Wolves kill coyotes in their territories.
20:7:07 Patty There are a lot few coyotes in Yellowstone Park, for instance, than there were twenty years ago
20:7:27 Patty And we haven't seen all the wolves in Adam's pack.
20:7:55 PaulaL I think there's supposed to be some wolf in the coyotes on the east coast.... saw something a few years back that looked like a red
8:15 Patty So, I've got nothing firmed up yet. But I think it is unlikely that Marsilia will continue to be ignorant of Andre's death.
8:16 Havenlystarrs i think that was an evil grin patty. . teasing us like that
8:20 PaulaL wolf trotted across a limited access road in Burlington, Massachusetts, which was probably a coyote
8:46 thehuntress what i'd like to know is do you ever plan on writing more about the walkers in the mercy series?
8:54 Patty Paula. Coyotes also interbreed with dogs. Wolves only interbreed with Coyotes when they can't find a wolf mate
8:34 Patty A lot of biologists believe that the Mexican red wolf has a lot of coyote
8:50 Patty and that there may be no more red wolves who don't have coyote
8:10 Patty Huntress, I don't know. Mercy is not the only Walker left.
8:30 PaulaL eastern coyote's 10 pounds heavier than the western one. Wolves got wiped out here long ago, coyotes moved in a couple decaddes or so ago
8:31 Patty But they don't grow on trees either. And they blend with the general population.
8:47 Has I also wondered if other walkers can shift into other forms ?
8:45 Patty Has. I don't know. Mercy isn't going to be able to do anything but coyotes.
8:53 Patty I'll have to think about the others.
8:24 Havenlystarrs but she hasn't been exactly trained as a walker yet.. . .hmmm. . .time will tell, huh?
8:31 Patty Native American beliefs certainly don't restrict interactions with animal guides.
8:48 PaulaL The curious situation in Massachusetts is regarding mountain lions--they're not "officially" here... the local farmer's explanation is that they
8:49 Has I just got the sense that with walkers unlike weres can shift into different forms
8:14 Havenlystarrs i agree has
8:14 PaulaL are in the state, but since they're endangered, if there were any official acknowledgement, large areas of forest would have to be made
8:23 Patty A medicine man who is strongly associated with one animal, can connect with other animals -- though that usually involves more work/tasks not more power
8:35 Has well there have been large cat sightings here in the UK - sheep and cattle have been attacked Paula
8:48 Patty I've heard that Paula
8:50 PaulaL offlimits to people... but since they aren't officially present, that doesn't have to happen.
8:27 PaulaL surfeit of deer here--population density is too high for hunting most of them, and there's not much left of wildlife large enough to take them down
8:30 Patty I've also heard that the "officials" sometimes downplay attacks. So we get hiker attacked by bobcat on Popular Hiking Trail X
8:32 thehuntress the other possibility is that they might just be ferral housecats. heard stories of them getting pretty big and vicious
8:49 Patty Instead of Cougar or Grizzley
8:06 PaulaL not the size of the pawprints sometimes seen... largest housecats get to something around 20 pounds
8:10 Patty Also some house cats are interbred with larger cats
8:51 Patty I remember seeing a petstore advertising that they could sell you a lion (african male) for $700 about fifteen years ago.
8:54 PaulaL I had an interview out in Snoqualmie, and one of the people at the company had gotten stuck (not exactly stuck, but he wasn't willing to get out of his car)
8:09 PaulaL in his car in the parking lot because there was a cougar there
8:23 Has blimey
8:52 Patty I know someone in Maine who had a moose wander into their parking lot at work and destroy a few cars.
8:00 Has he got a free drive through safari
8:09 Patty She was working the night shift at a radio station.
8:24 Patty I'd rather meet a cougar than a moose
8:25 PaulaL I thought that bobcats are larger than tthey are--someone who used to be in an online forum I've been in, took home what he thought
8:49 PaulaL was a feral kitty which was living off a convenience store dumpster--turned out to be a bobcat!
8:00 thehuntress lol
8:04 Has we had attacking flock of birds like from the movie and no joke but psycho squirrels here as well
8:33 Patty Bobcats are still kept as pets around here (Montana /Washington/Oregon). I've been told you don't want to do that with a lynx, though
8:43 PaulaL moose are serious problem in northern New England... I visited Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald who live so far north the neartest city is in Ca
8:14 PaulaL Canada, and the town they live in had a car on display by a road showing how utterly demolished a car is after a moose hits it
8:35 Patty We've got a lot of moose here in MT too, but not so many people. They aren't usually a problem except in the Nat'l Parks (Yellowstone and Glacier)
8:42 PaulaL and every few years, a moose shows up wandering around in Boston!
8:56 Has they are huge arent they - but everytime I think of them I think of the cartoon Moose and squirrel lol
8:02 Patty Where city-dwellers think that just because the critters don't run away they must be tame.
8:05 thehuntress i don't think i've ever seen a moose, unless you count bulwinkle
8:21 Havenlystarrs Bullwinkle looking for Rocky?
8:25 PaulaL they don't have much in the way of natural enemies, and they don't scare....
8:41 Patty There are more buffalo, though. Mike and I once saw a little blue car honk at a bull in Yellowstone -- and the bull demolished the car.
8:45 PaulaL and they're high up enough that hit head oh, they go -through- the windshield
8:51 Patty Moose are meaner.
8:19 Patty Meaner than grizzlies, meaner than buffalo.
8:38 Has we have problems with foxes here - more and more are entering the cities and I live in east london and there are quite few of them here
8:52 PaulaL The bear population's been increasing in the northeast
8:58 Has they are driven out of the country and also lack of food
8:23 Patty Saw a fox running around uptown Butte (all paved and four story plus buildings).
8:30 PaulaL there are foxes but they're not really problems... LOTS of things like squirrels and field mice around. The coyotes though kill and eat pet
8:40 Has there was one case where a fox entered a living room and attacked a toddler but most of the time they tend to hide from humans
8:47 PaulaL cats and dogs and there have been a few attacks on children
8:48 thehuntress i've seen a possum in a university classroom
8:57 Has lol
8:06 PaulaL possums turn into road pizzas sometimes
8:12 Patty Apparently we have wolverines around here, too. But they stay away from people, mostly.
8:35 PaulaL and there have been attack turkeys insome cities and towns occasionally
8:55 PaulaL Got a question...
8:05 PaulaL [returning to book stuff]
8:09 Patty Mike's folks had an attack turkey once . . . made great dinner out of him. Go ahead Paula.
8:19 Patty Book stuff is good.
8:21 Has lol
8:40 Havenlystarrs lol
8:04 PaulaL Where's the demarcation zone and criteria regarding where "urban fantasy" falls on the SF/F side for marketing versus romance?
8:25 Patty Honestly, part of it is the author.
8:48 Patty But mostly it is the plot.
8:10 Havenlystarrs Patty quit (timeout)
8:17 Havenlystarrs that makes sense. .
8:29 PaulaL I noticed that the new M. J. Putney [Pultney? whatever] is in the SF/F section rather than romance, where the previous volumes are
8:44 thehuntress well, I'm going to head off now. it was great talking to you all
8:47 Patty A romance turns on the relationship -- check out JR Ward (something I recommend)
8:56 Patty Take care Huntress.
8:57 Havenlystarrs night huntress
8:59 Has nite huntress
8:11 Patty A fantasy plot revolves around the magic.
8:12 PaulaL [though that's historical romance/fantasy and not contemporary or near-contemporary urban fantasy]
8:13 thehuntress (mid-day here)
8:15 thehuntress bye
8:24 PaulaL night huntress
8:30 PaulaL or day!
8:38 Patty I think one of the problems Luna has had, is that no one knows where to shelve them.
8:42 Havenlystarrs thehuntress quit (timeout)
8:18 Patty MJ Putney's books have all been romances (and good ones, too) until the last couple.
8:23 Havenlystarrs I ran into the same problems trying to find your books actually.
8:24 Havenlystarrs lol
8:35 PaulaL There might be an identity crisis with them--most of them to some degree involve romantic relationships as main plot, but the Michelle
8:44 PaulaL Sagara books for example, aren't.
8:50 Has I found ur books on amazon recs - thank god for them
8:53 Patty However her audience is theRegency romance crowd, many of whom are reluctant to read fantasy.
8:21 PaulaL there have been some HORRIDLY sudsy romances in some straight SF/F books [consider Startide Rising by David Brin, where even the
8:29 PaulaL dophins all get paired up....]
8:30 Has there is a series of regency/fantasy ala buffy style which is going strong
8:48 Patty Which one Has?
8:57 Has the rest falls away
8:07 Patty I'll have to check it out.
8:17 PaulaL the straight Regencies seem to have mostly died off... NAL/Signet killed off its Regency line some months back
8:19 Has I cant remeber the author but I have it on tbr pile
8:26 Havenlystarrs I found Pattys in the horror section @ borders. After I checked the romance and SF/F sections
8:31 Has but tis like buffy but set in the regency era
8:43 Patty Yep and some of my favorite authors (Carla Kelly) are having trouble getting published.
8:00 Patty Havenly, Horror? Really? Wow.
8:00 PaulaL I think they're in the SF/F section in the Burlington Borders but I'm not sure
8:25 Havenlystarrs She was in the Horror section. . . lol
8:30 PaulaL Moon Called and Blood Bound are on the end cap in the Burlington Barnes & Noble
8:32 Has here in the UK it use to be difficult to get urban fantasy paranormal romance
8:36 Patty I've never been horrible .. . er Horror before. Mostly I see them in the SF section . . . at least it wasn't romance
8:48 PaulaL got werewolves and vampires, after all...
8:57 Patty Has, I've just sold the first four Mercy books to Orbit.
8:01 PaulaL where's the collection going to be?
8:08 PaulaL congratulations on the British sale!
8:08 Has but that is changing - piatkus which picked up JR Ward and others
8:10 Patty And it looks like they're buying up a number of UF's .
8:22 PaulaL anthology, I mean
8:27 Havenlystarrs You were a recommend author from Charlaine Harris's website. So I assumed you were at the SF/F section
8:29 Has Yay they also do Kelly armstrong
8:47 Has yes - they are doing Lilith saintcrow series as well
8:54 Patty Charlaine is awesome.
8:59 Has the UB genre id picking up here npw
8:20 Has I finished her latest the other day and I cant wait for trueblood
8:23 PaulaL I;m starting to get really tired of "big alpha male" male protagonists....
8:43 Patty I like a variety of heros in my reading.
8:55 Havenlystarrs oh, I know. .especially every episode is suppose to be a chapter of the book
8:03 PaulaL [thinking of J R Ward, the Brotherhood giant 300 pound 6'6" hulks...]
8:07 Patty I don't mind Alphas -- but I like clever or kind just as well.
8:19 Patty I prefer "real" characters.
8:29 Has yes esp if they are done well- its all in the characterisation
8:32 Patty The ones who aren't so much a type, but a person.
8:37 PaulaL I'm waiting for more beauty and the beast with the male beauty and the female beast...
8:55 Patty I actually love the Ward books -- though I skim over the size thing.
8:17 PaulaL one of the really nice things about Cast in Shadow/Cast in Courtlight/Cast in Secret is that the main character and most of the other characgtrracters\
8:22 PaulaL characters LIKE one another
8:24 Patty I have a friend who is 6'7'' and 350# and he has a lot of trouble with normal things -- like finding a car he can drive.
8:25 Has they are getting bigger - I read on her board that her latest is gonna be longer
8:28 Havenlystarrs Which is why Mercy is not going to disrupt Adam's pack and not pick anyone at the end of Iron Kissed
8:17 Patty I assure you she does pick someone.
8:18 PaulaL what some really tall types tend to do, is get small small cars and pull out the front seats
8:18 Patty I promised.
8:37 Havenlystarrs but then she unpicks him
8:42 Havenlystarrs (grins)
8:45 Has lol
8:50 Patty I knew someone (an American) living in Italy, who found that driving from the back seat was the only way he could do it.
8:04 PaulaL Divorce court, shapeshifter style? Er....
8:40 Patty Uhm. I don't know about divorce in a mating . . . not sure anyone would survive. But then maybe Kyle . . . but , no, that's just too silly.
8:52 PaulaL I'm at the other end.... back when I was using the private pilot ticket I was working on and eventually got, I promised myself that
8:03 Havenlystarrs ut oh.
8:14 Havenlystarrs spill about Kyle, Ms Patty
8:20 PaulaL if I ever owned an airplane anyone over 5'9" was going to have their knees in their NOSE I was so annoyed with having to use custions,
8:28 Havenlystarrs lol. . .
8:44 PaulaL cushions, phone books, briefcases... to sit on and in front ot...
8:50 Patty Kyle is a divorce lawyer . . . Honestly that's all I meant.
8:03 Havenlystarrs will Kyle be recognized as Warren's "mate"?
8:22 Patty Paula, my husband's family is short 5'6 and under. His dad built a house and all the doors were 6 feet high.
8:25 Havenlystarrs or to farfetched for the pack?
8:30 PaulaL I live in Massachusetts, several of my friends who're married have same gender spouses...
8:40 Patty Havenly, I don't think the werewolf world is ready for that.
8:03 Patty Adam, though, doesn't have a problem with it. Just a little don't ask . . .don't tell . . .werewolf style.
8:21 Has will Kyle choose to become a werewolf? it was kind of hinted in Blood Bound
8:25 Patty In a hundred years, I'm sure the werewolves will be much more enlightened.
8:31 Havenlystarrs would be interesting seeing him dressed up in the purple cowboy outfit in front of the pack
8:34 Havenlystarrs lol
8:40 FH joins Main
8:50 PaulaL cultural stuff... Garden in the Woods, home of the New England Wildflower Society, was the home of two men who were til death did they
8:01 Patty I don't know Has. That's a terrific risk. A lot of people don't survive their first Change.
8:16 PaulaL part, and the survivor of the pair bequeathed the property to the New England Wildflower Society
8:29 Havenlystarrs If Mercy became Adam's mate, she make some changes to the pack or try to anyway
8:59 Patty Kyle would have no trouble wearing his cowboy clothes in front of werewolves. It's the werewolves that would have trouble.
8:20 PaulaL Mercy being a coyote, though.... they already have reservations about her, and her pushing for change... might make them even more
8:25 PaulaL resistant to it
8:27 Havenlystarrs I can just imagine their faces. .. lol
8:47 Patty Mercy has been trying to change the werewolf packs since she was six. I don't know that she'd have more success with Adam's pack than she did with Bran's.
8:25 PaulaL that is, her being accepted is a large step, and there's a limit to the leeway allowed
8:39 Havenlystarrs but I felt she didn't feel like she belonged in Bran's pack.. . Seems like she feels more at home with Adam's pack
8:44 Has and also respect-
8:46 PaulaL Adam though doesn't have a mate who dislikes her
8:17 PaulaL she's older than she was with Bran's pack, and the leader of the pack doesn't have a disapproving wife, and doesn't have an approving
8:25 PaulaL full human daughter
8:32 Patty Lots of room for me to play :) If, of course, Adam is who Mercy ends up with.
8:00 PaulaL if it's Samuel... and he's Lone Wolf....
8:05 Havenlystarrs Probaby Samuel cause it's First Love
8:36 Havenlystarrs Someone new coming as a love interest for Mercy?
8:51 Has my money is on Adam but then again from these hints it can be Sam
8:12 PaulaL one traditional thing in SF/F "What's the worst thing the author can do to the character? Now do it".... but that's not quite accurate, because the worlset thing may be to kill off
8:41 PaulaL the character and then there isn't the character generally left around to star in the story [expect for e.g. vampire stories...]
8:46 Havenlystarrs I want it to be Adam but~ Mercy is too hmmm scared of how Adam makes her feel. She doesn't like it
8:58 Havenlystarrs shes more comfortable with Sam
8:06 Patty Are you folks trying to make me give it away? He he.
8:33 Patty Six months isn't so long to wait.
8:33 Has but remember Adam says that mercy wouldnt allow him to dominate her unless she wanted to
8:36 Havenlystarrs Hi FH
8:40 Has it is
8:58 Patty Hey FH, didn't see you come in :)
21:00:00 PaulaL who's your editor?
21:00:05 Has hi FH - didnt notice u there:)
21:00:14 Patty Anne Sowards -- she's terrific
21:00:20 Havenlystarrs True Has,but how long before the impatient man blows that out of the water.
21:00:43 FH Hi
21:01:07 Havenlystarrs especially if he jumps to conclusions like with the warren being challenged at death's door.
21:01:15 FH I've been reading.
21:01:34 Patty Harry Potter? FH
21:02:00 Havenlystarrs probably the chat so far.
21:02:04 Havenlystarrs i think
21:02:15 PaulaL ah, scroll catchup
21:02:16 FH NO, sorry, I mean previous dialogue...is it correct?
21:02:24 Patty That reminds me, I need to do something with Paul (the wolf who challenge Warren). Didn't do it in Iron Kissed (which takes place over a very short period of time).
21:02:38 FH Oh, the chat so far. Yes. That's it.
21:02:43 Patty But sometime.
21:03:12 Has how long is the time between blood bound and iron kissed
21:03:15 Havenlystarrs hmmm. . .Paul gets his butt chewed by mercy?
21:03:18 Havenlystarrs lol
21:03:36 Havenlystarrs i think i read somewhere a couple of weeks later
21:03:43 Has has to be coyete form tho not human :)
21:03:51 Patty Not very long. I've forgotten exactly (darn those notes) but no more than a month. I think just a couple of weeks.
21:04:19 Havenlystarrs how hurt does Mercy get in Iron Kissed
21:04:29 Havenlystarrs I understand she gets really hurt
21:04:38 Patty Havenly -- very badly.
21:04:42 Havenlystarrs but how badly
21:05:00 Havenlystarrs near death like warren
21:05:03 Patty Badly enough that without magic she'd have had to find a new career.
21:05:24 PaulaL character torture...
21:05:30 Patty I'm usually leery about healing with magic, but this was a special case
21:06:02 FH I'm relieved.
21:06:06 Patty If characters don't get hurt, then readers quit believing they are risking anything.
21:06:20 Patty Without risk, there is no tension.
21:06:28 Patty Without tension -- why read the story?
21:06:49 Patty Mercy is underpowered for the place she's allowed herself to be put in.
21:06:56 Patty She is going to get hurt.
21:07:12 Havenlystarrs does Zee have any influence in the magic that heals her. . .meaning is the magic coming from the fae or the witches
21:07:34 Patty Not Zee, but fae. Yes.
21:07:47 PaulaL but you did establish that there is a lot of magic to what she is, though she she is uneducated about it
21:08:17 Patty Paula, right. But it's intrinsic magic, not usable magic for the most part.
21:08:40 Havenlystarrs she sensitive to the magic
21:08:57 Patty So she can see ghosts, but she can't command them to do things for her.
21:09:03 PaulaL I wonder about the title of the book, "Iron-kissed" Zee can work with iron and not have deleterious things happen to him, unlike a lot o the other far
21:09:14 Patty Yes, very sensitive to magic's presence.
21:09:17 Has can u tell us the blurb for this book? what is the basic premise?
21:09:17 Havenlystarrs Jessie and Gabriel still dating in Iron Kissed
21:09:23 PaulaL fae [not far]. But what might Iron Kissed mean, I wonder
21:10:02 Havenlystarrs Mercy to the rescue for the Fae folk.
21:10:10 Has lots of iron I presume
21:10:17 Patty Mercy is asked to take her nose to the Fae Rez and see if she can scent a murderer.
21:10:28 Patty Yes, Jesse and Gabriel are still dating.
21:10:44 Havenlystarrs serial killer or just one murder
21:10:46 Patty Iron Kissed is a term that refers to Fae who can deal with iron.
21:11:30 Patty I see that it is after nine and my children are telling me that I need to feed them So I'm going to head out. Thanks for dropping by!
21:12:03 PaulaL hmmm... various of the werewolves are probably not happy with Mercy for creating links and issues in the more open to the other non-hu
21:12:08 Havenlystarrs Nite Patty thanks for the hints and clarifications
21:12:10 PaulaL mans types
21:12:15 Patty Havenly: Multiple murders, though not at serial killer in the sense that there is a purpose to the deaths rather than just killing for the pleasure of it.
21:12:19 PaulaL night, and thank you!
21:12:21 Has thanks Patty for the chat and good night
21:12:29 FH Bye, Thank you!
21:12:30 Has and have a great weekend
21:12:35 Patty Good night all :)
21:12:39 Patty Patty quit