May 20, 2007 Chat

For those who missed it, here's a transcript of Patty's chat. The "smiley" codes are (unfortunately) not properly retained, but everything else should be just like it was. Thank you to everyone who participated, this was a lot of fun.

7:53:36 PattyJoins Main
7:53:39 BlakeyGirl PATTY
7:53:46 HaveMercy! PATTY
7:53:54 has hello Patty :)
7:53:56 Zealith Yay!!!!!
7:53:57 BlakeyGirl lol that was a lil slow....
7:53:58 HaveMercy! Welcome
7:54:00 jenglows oooo!! maybe I can put my kiddos off for 5 minutes...
7:54:04 Zealith Hiya Patty
7:54:11 BlakeyGirl lol ya ignore ure kids
7:54:15 BlakeyGirl theyll be fine lol
7:54:23 has lol
7:54:25 Patty Hey folks :) looks like the fun is starting without me
7:54:27 Sue It's one of her early ones - I love the way the hob wraps his tail around his girl's waist, instead of holding her hand
7:54:40 Sue Hi
7:54:46 BlakeyGirl lol some of us started hours ago
7:54:49 jwestberg Hi
7:54:52 Zealith Some of us have been here for hours. :)
7:54:56 HaveMercy! The fun started for me at about 4
7:55:05 jenglows we've been "reviewing" our questions :)
7:55:05 Patty Hey Sue :) & all.
7:55:06 Zealith Same here, little bit later
7:55:11 BlakeyGirl i dont know when i came in lol
7:55:15 Patty Okay, well then hit me :)
7:55:19 has mine started midnight lol gmt
7:55:20 BlakeyGirl prob 4 lol
7:55:26 HaveMercy! What to ask first?
7:55:32 Zealith How big does the average pack get?
7:55:37 Jenn HI
7:55:37 has its 2.55 now
7:55:40 Zealith For the Mercy series
7:55:51 HaveMercy! Does Mercy age like a human?
7:55:58 Jenn When will get Masques
7:55:59 jenglows Is there a Marrock in other countries that communicates with Bran? If not, how did Ben transfer?
7:56:08 Jenn LOL
7:56:15 Patty About 20 to 30 wolves. A lot of packs fluxuate depending upon how jobs/moving goes
7:56:29 Zealith Thank you
7:56:35 Patty As far as Mercy knows (and me) yes, just like a human
7:56:36 jenglows okay i guess that was everyone all at once ... oops.. we are a little anxious >:-(
7:56:53 BlakeyGirl we should have drawn numbers
7:57:05 Zealith Naw, that'd have taken too log
7:57:05 HaveMercy! Thanks. My biggest question is, Can skinwalkers be bitten and changed?
7:57:07 Zealith *long
7:57:11 HaveMercy! #'s will work
7:57:12 Patty I'm starting to work on Masques in the afternoons. I won't guarantee a publishing date <:>
7:57:35 Jenn Will you do a sequel to when demons walk
7:57:37 Zealith That's good, I'm looking foreward to reading that one alot
7:57:37 Patty Nope. Bran is the only Marrok. He was contacted by Ben's Alpha
7:57:53 jenglows okay.. I 've got more ;)
7:57:54 jenglows Why is stephan so different from the other vamps? does he have part of his soul and that is why he can resist the leader?
7:58:16 Patty I don't know if a Skinwalker can be bitten and changed. Mercy doesn't want to find out -- the death rate is pretty horrible for people who are bitten
7:58:38 HaveMercy! Thanks
7:58:42 has will mercy feature in the charles books or will they be kept seperate?
7:58:58 Patty I won't rule out a sequel to When Demons Walk, but as I have eight books under contract and none of them is a Demon's sequel it's unlikely to be soon
7:59:14 jenglows okay, toddler melt down here. I'm off to bath and bed for little ones. I'll be back later! thanks for answering my questions Patty! I LOVE the book ;)
7:59:21 BlakeyGirl tootles jen
7:59:29 kar joins Main
7:59:30 Jenn bye
7:59:30 has cya soon jen
7:59:32 HaveMercy! Bye Jenglows
7:59:51 jwestberg bye Jen
7:59:59 sleary eight?! I'm torn between "yay" and "sheesh" :)
7:59:59 Patty Stephan was a sheep for a different vampire and changed by Marsilia. He's also extremely strong willed That makes him different. I don't know why he likes humans more than other vamps do, though. He hasn't told me yet
8:00:13 Jenn patty have you seen how much copies of masques is going for on the net
8:00:40 Patty I don't know if Mercy will show up in the Charles and Anna books. Just getting started with the first one :-P
8:00:59 Patty Bye Jenglows
8:01:11 Sweetz joins Main
8:01:24 Patty Yeah. Eight is a lot. I've only ten books out there:-0
8:01:33 sleary Jenn: you made me curious enough to go look. HOLY COW.
8:01:42 jwestberg How many books do you plan on writing a year?
8:02:04 sleary Patty: I'm leaning toward "yay" but I'm just imagining how new ideas would have to go to the back of the line ;)
8:02:32 Janilee joins Main
8:02:53 Sweetz waves hand in air , can i ask a question
8:03:05 Patty Yeah. I got an email from someone who had his/her name up on Alibris and they sent me a copy of the note Alibris sent where they cheerfully announced they had found a match -- $1300 Sheesh. That's about half of what I got for the original book!
8:03:13 BlakeyGirl ok norman just came back as a demon...ill be back at the commercial lol
8:03:59 Patty Two books a year -- and then working on Masques on the side. When I finish Masques, I might start another for fun. Go ahead Sweets ^^
8:04:06 sleary Janilee quit (timeout)
8:04:16 Sue Was Mercy your idea, and did you take her to your agent, or did your agent suggest that you try writing more in the Laurel Hamilton genre
8:04:20 Sweetz gotta say i love your books
8:04:26 Sweetz who is anna
8:04:36 Sweetz can you tell us or do we have to wait
8:05:06 Patty My editor asked me to write an Urban fantasy with a preternaturlaly gifted heroine. Mercy, though is my creation^^
8:05:16 penguinpants joins Main
8:05:22 kar Hi Patty! How did you come up with the idea for Mercy?
8:05:24 Jenn You did great
8:05:25 FH joins Main
8:06:01 Patty Anna is the co-main character from the novella "Alpha and Omega" out this August in an Anthology calld "On the Prowl". She and Charles are also getting their own series.
8:06:11 Janilee Will we get to meet Tad in Iron Touched?
8:06:39 HaveMercy! Hello FH!
8:06:55 Sue Thank you - I won't let my kid read Anita Blake yet - LOL, but she and her friends love these books
8:06:59 Sweetz i guess what i'm asking is are they already mated or is it something we will see develop
8:07:22 Patty I was looking for a career for my heroine, and out the back door were two old Opal GT's and we have had old VW's our whole married life. Once I gave her a career, she told me who she was.
8:08:12 missyb joins Main
8:08:21 Patty Tad only shows up on a phone call, right now. Though I've been toying with adding him to the ending. I also have a bit written about how Mercy first met Zee where Tad plays a major role
8:09:01 kar Will Mercy ever become immortal so that she can happily end up with Adam or Sam?
8:09:15 Patty At the beginning of the novella Charles and Anna do not even know each other :|
8:09:20 Unpublished joins Main
8:09:30 Unpublished Hi!
8:09:38 BlakeyGirl sorry blood ties season back....oo looks like i need to preorder things lol
8:10:14 has wb blakeygirl :)
8:10:24 BlakeyGirl lol thanks
8:10:38 Patty I have a little problem with having Mercy be immortal. I don't know if she is -- and neither does she or Adam/Sam. I like to keep my characters underpowerd when I can
8:11:06 Patty Hey BlakeyGirl WB
8:11:14 FH Hi, I just hoped to see if Patty or Mike was here. I 'm very looking forward to reading Charles' story. Sorry, I've got to go to work! Bye!
8:11:15 BlakeyGirl hehe thanks :)
8:11:15 Janilee There was a suggestion that her father had been long lived.
8:11:18 Zealith Any one mind if I post this on the myspace fan club?
8:11:27 HaveMercy! Bye FH
8:11:40 has will Mercy show more abilities in the future- bye FH
8:12:08 Unpublished Patty, can you give us a clue as to who Mercy ends up with? I just got some friends hooked on your books and they're chafing at the bit for a hint
8:12:09 FH Bye, HaveMercy, has! Thanks!
8:12:11 penguinpants Will we ever find out more about Mercy's father?
8:12:13 FH FH quit
8:12:17 Patty Yes. Her father might have been around for a long time <grin> -- I'm okay if you post on myspace
8:12:27 penguinpants Love your books, by the way
8:12:40 Sue Patty - I like that your characters can't just use their powers to zap their way out of situations - it's too easy.
8:12:42 missyb Hi, patty i was catching up!! Gatta say I love the Mercy books!! They are so great
8:12:46 Zealith Thank you
8:12:51 Patty Mercy, like all of us, will learn and grow. However, I don't think I'll be lightly adding to her power base.
8:12:51 HaveMercy! Let me know where to go if you post Z
8:13:41 Janilee She does have friends who can do things.
8:13:47 kar 8:13:49 Patty I don't want to ruin it for people --Unpublished -- You know it's the "rosebud's the sled" problem :lol:
8:13:56 Jenn Were you surprised at who Mercy chose
8:14:08 Patty Yes, I'm pretty sure that Mercy will find out more about her father.
8:14:19 Unpublished Okay Patty, thanks. Now they're placing bets on who it is!
8:14:20 missyb I dont know if you already answered this, but is there any hints as to the next book?
8:14:31 Zealith
8:14:42 penguinpants has quit (timeout)
8:15:06 Patty I was surprised about how she decided which man and why she was not chosing. I like it when my characters surprise me.
8:15:29 jwestberg that sounds intriguing.
8:15:41 has yikes!
8:15:56 has im getting the gremlins now Z
8:16:03 BlakeyGirl lol
8:16:04 Jenn very interesting
8:16:05 Unpublished Patty, you mentioned in the first book that Mercy can help a werewolf have children. Some human, some werewolf, some skinwalker. Does she herself feel like children would be for her?
8:16:19 Patty Well, Missyb, I can tell you she choses her man. That Iron Kissed has murder and mayhem -- and Mercy gets pretty badly hurt
8:16:19 HaveMercy! I have to tell you Patty, I've been asking everyone on here and it seems everyone is an Adam fan. Don't worry, I don't expect a response.
8:16:51 Jenn LOL
8:17:28 has lol although u cant blame us for not asking
8:17:30 Patty Children are something that Mercy hasn't seriously considered. Maybe it's because of her experience with Samuel. I might just pose that question to her, and see if it creates ideas.
8:17:38 missyb Thank You!! Now i really cant wait, I just love mercy, she is such a great character, I can read her story over and over!!
8:17:41 HaveMercy! Mike posted on the Faq page that her choice "is a good one!" I can't wait.
8:18:54 missyb I think they both are great!! i dont see how she can choose
8:18:56 Unpublished Oh, I just imagined her trying to get under a car with an eight-month belly. Hopefully Z will keep her in line if that happens.
8:19:08 Rynogeny joins Main
8:19:19 has lol
8:19:28 Patty I think I liked both Samuel and Adam so much -- and that made it really hard for Mercy, too.
8:19:34 Unpublished Not to mention whoever she's with!
8:19:43 MoNyua joins Main
8:19:50 missyb Kids add even more a complex story i think, she prob. wont have any till close to end ??????? :)
8:19:59 MoNyua Hello everyone.
8:20:05 HaveMercy! Probably not.
8:20:05 has yes will it cause conflict or repercussions because of her choice?
8:20:07 jwestberg Samuel and Adam are great characters and I don't think I could choose.
8:20:11 HaveMercy! Welcom back Mo!
8:20:20 MoNyua Thanks!
8:20:33 Patty I think Mercy will be really frustrated with men trying to "baby" her even now
8:20:40 sleary Zealith quit (timeout)
8:20:49 Unpublished You've made Mercy real, which is really hard! I've read so many paranormal books (not to mention I'm writing one) that having them be palpable is almost impossible some times. I love that about your books.
8:21:02 missyb she has enough sass to talk her way out of anything at least!! :)
8:21:10 HaveMercy! I feel sorry for Samuel. He's lost so many loved ones in his life. You really bring the individuals to life for me Patty, Thank you.
8:21:14 Patty Babies are hard to write fantasy novels around -- they should be better protected than adventuring people can make them.
8:21:17 Janilee Zealith quit (timeout)
8:21:44 has Z is being attacked by the gremlins now :/
8:21:55 BlakeyGirl lol
8:21:58 Janilee Who would babysit while she goes out to save the local universe?
8:22:02 penguinpants I feel for Samuel too
8:22:02 kar You (or Mike) said that this book will be about the fae. Will Stephan still be in the book? I really like his character!
8:22:07 Patty I am really excited about writing a series, it allows me to flesh out more characters. Here's a spoiler for you -- in Iron Kissed we find out something new about Ben.
8:22:13 Jenn Yes you can really pic her charachters. They are nopt over the top.
8:22:14 Zealith joins Main
8:22:21 missyb You feel that mercy could be real, i really think patty is a great author, she brings it to life and makes you believe it is real
8:22:23 Jenn Ben!?
8:22:37 BlakeyGirl ooooo
8:22:37 HaveMercy! Ben?
8:22:38 jwestberg I love how you keep the little details going through the series for example the graffitti on the VW. Along those lines will we find out about Jess's date?
8:22:42 has yay wb Z
8:22:48 HaveMercy! Hemmm.
8:23:07 has I love the graffiti - I can just imagine Adam's face lol
8:23:07 Zealith My computer has issues
8:23:12 HaveMercy! I love the VW. I laugh whenever I think of it!
8:23:25 kar Will we ever discover what really happened in London to Ben?
8:23:27 BlakeyGirl i like the msytery machine lol
8:23:33 Patty I can't give away what Stefan does in Iron Kissed
8:23:41 HaveMercy! I think Adam likes the bug. What do you say Patty?
8:23:54 missyb Ben the red were? the one mercy dosent like but saved their life twice?? ben
8:24:02 Janilee Personally, I like how you keep all of the details of the world flowing with the story.
8:24:02 Unpublished the VW is great; we put graffitti on my husband's SGTs car before he deployed :-)
8:24:02 has yes
8:24:12 MoNyua Ok, I just got caught up in reading almost everything from the beginning of this forum
8:24:37 Patty Yes. We'll find out more about London and Ben, but not in Iron Kissed. I really don't know, even now, if he was guilty or not. Should be interesting
8:24:46 sleary Sue quit (timeout)
8:24:59 Patty MissyB -- yes that Ben
8:25:04 jwestberg Rynogeny quit (timeout)
8:25:08 missyb Patty is there any meaning if stefan gives blood too much? like would mercy be changed?
8:25:08 missyb Janilee quit (timeout)
8:25:18 MoNyua I hope not..
8:25:21 BlakeyGirl why is everyone timing out?
8:25:29 has gremlins
8:25:36 BlakeyGirl lol darn them
8:25:40 Patty I think Adam is ambivalent about the graffitied VW. He enjoys flirting with Mercy -- but he likes things neat and orderly
8:25:41 Janilee Still here just a computer gremlin.
8:25:42 penguinpants Weird question.. Is Medea really just a cat?
8:26:09 MoNyua Why is Adam that way??
8:26:29 Janilee Does Adam not understand that life with Mercy would not be neat and orderly?
8:26:41 Patty Yes. Medea is modeled after my own littel Manx cat. Who has never met a person she didn't like -- as long as they pet her.
8:26:43 MoNyua I think that's why he's attracted to her
8:26:53 missyb i think you would have to be that way if you were alpha
8:27:22 Patty I don't know what would happen if Mercy drank too much of Stefan's blood. He told her nothing permanent happened. Hum.
8:27:28 Unpublished MoNyua, it might be a throw back to his military days
8:27:56 missyb i see that hum :)
8:28:03 MoNyua Oh yeah, forgot about that for a sec.
8:28:04 Patty Adam is a control freak. Most werewolves have those tendancies. Alphas even more so. Control freaks like order
8:28:06 has also I think they enjoy sparring with each other - its fun;)
8:28:19 Unpublished Patty, are Adam/Mercy/the rest of the cast modeled after real people?
8:28:27 HaveMercy! Off the books, how many horses do you and Mike have?
8:28:35 Unpublished Sweetz quit (timeout)
8:28:38 Jenn penguinpants quit (timeout)
8:28:48 Jenn Janilee quit (timeout)
8:29:04 Emma joins Main
8:29:11 has whoa the gremlins are really at it now
8:29:30 Sweetz i think it happens if you dont type anything for too long
8:29:32 Patty Only Zee -- and him only a little bit. We had this marvelous mechanic . . . who could appear cranky if you didn't know he had a heart as big as the outdoors. Cool man.
8:29:37 BlakeyGirl or they all left to watch blood ties lol
8:29:40 Janilee Have you started the next Anna & Charles book?
8:29:41 Zealith Did any one save the first part of the conversation, my computer lost it
8:30:10 Patty I own six (Heavens) Six horses. And we're keeping another for a friend.
8:30:15 Sue joins Main
8:30:24 has i got signed out earlier so i lost that bit
8:30:25 BlakeyGirl what kind of horses are they?
8:30:29 penguinpants MoNyua quit (timeout)
8:30:33 Patty Yes, the next Anna and Charles book is about ten pages under way
8:30:36 Unpublished How is the weather in Montana right now?
8:30:40 Sweetz i have a totally pervy question for patty about the mercy series
8:30:52 missyb i love horses, i grew up around them, and i must say are just the best there is!! What breeds do you have?
8:31:06 Patty Arabians. I've ridden a lot of different breeds and loved them all. But Arabs are special.
8:31:33 BlakeyGirl ooo we have morgans at my school
8:31:48 Patty Montana is rainy and overcast right now. It was eighty last week and should be 45 on Monday. You know, in MT if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute.
8:31:53 Zealith I agree, Arabs are the best
8:31:53 Unpublished An off the wall question, do you have clydesdales?
8:32:02 Patty Pervy questions are welcome
8:32:03 missyb They are beautiful i love their faces, i have quarters, and some paints
8:32:09 Unpublished LOL, I remember that (used to live in Great Falls and Cascade)
8:32:25 Patty No Clydesdales. Can't afford the food bill -- although my girls have been campaigning.
8:32:35 MoNyua MoNyua quit
8:32:41 has here in the UK its rain drizzle sun drizzle then rain
8:32:51 MoNyua joins Main
8:33:01 Unpublished a friend of mine has a ranch in Cascade, he had them. I was the only one crazy enough (and without enough horse sense!) to think they were for riding!
8:33:02 Patty QH are awesome and paints are usually just colored QH >:-(
8:33:11 Janilee Can we assume that Anna & Charles deal with the same murder and mayhem that seems to follow Mercy around?
8:33:12 MoNyua Computer freezing on me
8:33:17 Patty Whoops -- wrong smiley :#
8:33:32 Sweetz will there be any *** scenes in the next mercy book
8:33:35 BlakeyGirl ok kyle shmid is adorable...sorry that was random
8:33:44 missyb yeah, but they are stocky
8:33:46 Unpublished Send the rain to Savannah, Patty, we need it here!
8:34:11 Patty Actually Charles is Bran's trouble shooter -- so they are actually going out and looking for murder and mayhem
8:34:11 has u can have the rain from the UK we have enough of it here
8:34:32 Janilee Ah answered the next question.
8:34:52 Patty LOL Our boarder is a QH. He gives kisses -- and has left stocky behind a long time ago
8:35:14 HaveMercy! You know, I normally like *** scenes in books, but it hasn't bothered me a bit that the Mercy series hasn't had any.
8:35:24 HaveMercy! MoNyua quit (timeout)
8:35:26 missyb Kyle is so hot, i didnt think so at first, but he grew on me!! MAybe when i saw him with his shirt off :)
8:35:33 BlakeyGirl lol
8:35:41 Sweetz me either havemercy i was just curious
8:35:42 BlakeyGirl hes being wicked cute right now
8:35:46 Unpublished I like that about the books; there is tension and heat and attraction, but it's thrown in your face time and again
8:35:56 HaveMercy! Yup
8:35:59 Patty I don't mind *** scenes -- either reading or writing them. But I think that they, like profanity, have more effect when used judiciously
8:36:09 HaveMercy! Agreed
8:36:20 Zealith Yes, definatly
8:36:20 Janilee yep!
8:36:28 Jenn me too!
8:36:30 has I think the UST is great in this series and I agree
8:36:32 Patty As for Iron Kissed <grin> you'll have to find out.
8:36:39 Jenn LOL
8:36:41 Sweetz its created such tension that we all love
8:36:43 HaveMercy! Tease.
8:36:44 missyb lol, I love them!! I love every thing about horses,
8:36:47 MoNyua joins Main
8:36:48 Unpublished *amended "it's NOT thrown in your face"
8:36:50 Patty Mike just tapped me in the head for that one.
8:36:51 Janilee Remeber we have to wait a year!
8:36:53 Unpublished sorry, my first day with new fingers
8:36:55 HaveMercy! J/J
8:37:18 Jenn Patty write faster!
8:37:19 Patty Horses smell good.
8:37:20 Jenn LOL
8:37:23 missyb If she chooses than i see it in the next one
8:37:33 MoNyua 8:37:40 Patty Jenn. I'm trying! I'm trying!
8:37:45 MoNyua Am I missing out on the good conversations?
8:37:48 missyb lol i thought i was the only one who thought that, my husband teases me!!
8:38:19 Unpublished horses do smell good, kind of clean and homey all at once
8:38:24 Jenn are you surprised at the success of the Mercy books. I found you through her and found all of your
8:38:26 HaveMercy! Take your time, although I'm exited for the next book, I'd rather you not make mistakes.
8:38:28 Jenn other wonderful books
8:38:36 MoNyua 8:38:46 missyb Yeah, it is outdoorsy to me, clean scent,
8:39:01 Patty I am shocked at how well the Mercy books are doing. Thank you. Hard to believe that something this fun is successful
8:39:01 BlakeyGirl ok im back again lol..sorry blood ties season finale...trying to type and watch lol
8:39:09 Zealith Horses smell great
8:39:10 BlakeyGirl i love the books!
8:39:21 Janilee It helps knowing a book is due in August.
8:39:23 MoNyua Patty, thank you very much for the books!
8:39:24 BlakeyGirl bartns smell good once ure used to them lol
8:39:25 Emma penguinpants quit (timeout)
8:39:41 Zealith I love all of your books and I'm looking foreward to reading the ones I haven't gotten ahold of yet.
8:39:50 penguinpants joins Main
8:39:53 Patty I'm missing the Dresden Files. Hope SF Channel reups for those. Haven't seen as much of the Blood Ties -- however the books rocked
8:39:54 HaveMercy! I used to clean out the stalls at my Uncles stud ranch just so I could be near them!
8:39:58 MoNyua It helped me to make time for myself w/ 3 small kids.
8:40:13 BlakeyGirl dresden files had its season finale already
8:40:17 o joins Main
8:40:24 BlakeyGirl the books did rock but the tv series is amazing
8:40:25 has Im working my way through ur backlist - and ur def one of my favorite authors
8:40:28 jwestberg Will we ever hear more about John Beckworth's daughter Kara? Is Bran looking out for her?
8:40:29 Unpublished Love Dresden, I found the books from the show.
8:40:32 Patty I'm so happy to know that you've enjoyed the books as much as I do writing them.
8:40:50 Patty Yes. There will be more about Kara -- and Bran is looking out for her.
8:40:52 Jenn Zealith I envy you getting to read them new especially my fav when demons walk and the ravens
8:41:04 has I hope the Dresden files get renewed
8:41:06 jwestberg really that is cool!
8:41:08 Unpublished how did you get into writing? i know that authors are born writing (practically) but what pushed to change gears from the Dragons to Mercy?
8:41:10 missyb i cleaned stalls when i got out of high school for racers, i had to clean stalls and such
8:41:10 Patty I picked up Storm Front when it came out and have been a fan every since.
8:41:11 MoNyua How are the characters created in a writing process?
8:41:13 Jenn Kara and Sam?
8:41:17 BlakeyGirl blood ties got renewed :)
8:41:24 MoNyua I am curious...I'd like to write one day...
8:41:35 Janilee My book club had a long and protracted discussion on the nature of Good and evil after reading Dragon Bones.
8:41:44 sleary o quit (timeout)
8:41:59 Sweetz is anna human or no ? sorry to backtrack
8:42:05 Patty My editor called me and asked if I'd write an Urban fantasy -- and I was pretty burned out on traditional fantasies at that point. Having written Raven's Strike in about three months
8:42:07 has that is great blakeysgirl i hope it comes to the uk soon
8:42:07 missyb di d blood ties get renewed? i read where they only made so many episodes and hopefully they will come back
8:42:18 Sue Your books are one set that my whole family enjoys together - we fought over who got to read Moon Called first. Most other authors are are only one or two of us. Wh
8:42:18 BlakeyGirl ya next season 9 more eps were picked up
8:42:32 Unpublished BRB, dogs need out
8:42:49 BlakeyGirl but theyve already been filmed
8:43:01 BlakeyGirl oops henry is getting beat up by pretend vicki...ill be back lol
8:43:08 has lol
8:43:09 missyb cool, do you know if they are going to do more?
8:43:15 Patty Kara and Sam? Hmm. I don't know how characters grow for other writers. For me I have an instant impression of who they are -- and then they fill out as the story goes along. Sometimes I don't get a character right until the last edit.
8:43:30 jwestberg I am so curious about Bran....what does he really think of Mercy's independence?
8:43:32 Unpublished Patty, your books are making the rounds in Iraq right now; I sent them to my husband and he's passing them around the tent
8:43:40 Patty Anna is a werewolf Sweetz
8:43:56 MoNyua Patty, has anyone contacted you about making your other books into movies? If not, if anyone might in the future, how would you feel?
8:44:04 Sweetz :)
8:44:09 Patty Janilee, how cool. I think a lot about the nature of good and evil when I write. Dragon Bones especially.
8:44:55 MoNyua 8:45:02 Zealith I have to get off, would anyone e-mail me the rest of the conversation? Thanks, my adress it
8:45:04 kar Ooh, I just thought of another question. Does a person really have to agree to be someone's mate? Mercy hasn't yet many of the pack treat her as such.
8:45:07 missyb Mercy is good, are you ever going to have her walk that line, call a situation up where there is aline?
8:45:15 Patty Bran is pretty used to being in charge. I'm not sure he realizes how little Mercy really listens to him <grin>
8:45:27 Janilee Several of the people in the group wee abused as children and really related to your book.
8:45:31 has goodbye Zealith
8:45:50 missyb bye zealtih
8:46:11 Jenn bye
8:46:12 HaveMercy! I will Z.
8:46:24 Zealith Thank you!!!
8:46:28 Patty Mercy's series has a producer who likes them, and who is searching for money. I'll believe it when I see it -- most of these things don't go anywhere. Still, if anything happens on that front I'll post it to the board. I do have a comic book company that is probably picking up Mercy's books
8:46:41 none joins Main
8:46:45 missyb Zealith quit (timeout)
8:46:45 Patty Bye Zealith
8:47:13 Janilee I could see them in a good drawn book series.
8:47:18 MoNyua :-0
8:47:22 has that sounds great Patty- I love comics
8:47:36 Sue Congrats - I must admit, I like Dragon Bones best myself
8:47:41 Patty Unpublished -- How cool. I do get email from the troops -- I've had email from Helicopter pilots people on ship and on the ground. Glad to give them a little rest from the real world.
8:47:51 HaveMercy! Different ?. Was it the same model on Moon Called and Blood Bound? I couldn't tell.
8:47:54 MoNyua Cool, now I can try to get my husband to read what I've been reading.....:lol:
8:47:55 missyb most of Adams pack sees mercy as his mate, already, so....
8:48:04 kar 8:48:42 BlakeyGirl im back again oooo a comic!!
8:48:45 missyb MoNyua quit (timeout)
8:48:55 Patty Yes. Mercy has to agree to be Adam's mate -- however, once Adam has declared it to be so -- his pack are supposed to act as if she is until she agrees. Imagine anyone trying to consummate a relationship with Mercy without her permission!
8:48:56 has wb
8:49:24 BlakeyGirl its gonna be a cliff hanger...i can feel it
8:49:38 missyb but adam is doing everything but.... isnt he?
8:49:38 Janilee She knows how to use a tire iron!
8:49:47 has that is what im afraid of :-P
8:49:52 BlakeyGirl lol i would like to see what mercy would do if he did that lol
8:49:53 missyb this show is good at the cliff hangers
8:49:57 MoNyua But didn't he say something like that? Sorry, if I forgot.
8:50:02 Patty Yes. Missyb, Mercy is going to have to make some calls/choices. We'll see how it goes for her.
8:50:04 missyb and her teeth
8:50:14 BlakeyGirl well the back 9 eps were supposed to be this season
8:50:16 Unpublished Oh, what would happen within the pack (especially with the females!) if goes to someone other than Adam!
8:50:22 sleary Sue quit (timeout)
8:50:33 missyb cant wait patty, very much looking forward to it
8:50:41 has all shows liek this like to have cliffhangers
8:50:57 BlakeyGirl i hate cliffhangers of all kinds lol
8:51:04 MoNyua Moi Aussi!
8:51:11 Patty Janilee -- There are a lot of abused people out there. The ones who overcome it are heros -- and I like to write about heros.
8:51:13 BlakeyGirl at least in tv shows u only have to wait a few months...books on the other hand u hafta wait longer :(
8:51:27 Jenn who turned Bran and what makes him so powerful
8:51:30 HaveMercy! I don't mind cliffhangers, it's what keeps me coming back for more!
8:51:31 missyb if she does go with adam, and becomes his mate, will she have challenges from the other females wanting the post? or is that way out there?
8:52:09 BlakeyGirl lol i know its a love hate thing havemercy
8:52:23 BlakeyGirl i have a feeling corrine is about to die though...
8:52:24 Patty HaveMercy, yes, it was the same model for Moon Called and Blood Bound -- and also for Iron Kissed
8:52:26 Unpublished The female wolves get their status from their mates... and since the men seem to chose their own mates (with her input of course!) there might not be competition....
8:52:42 Unpublished Where do you get the tattoo ideas?
8:52:43 missyb hey if the promise of him taking his shirt off again is in there i am not going to miss it :)
8:52:55 has lol
8:53:00 BlakeyGirl lol
8:53:06 BlakeyGirl mm shitles men :)
8:53:14 has lol
8:53:16 jwestberg none quit (timeout)
8:53:19 Janilee kar quit (timeout)
8:53:31 BlakeyGirl o ok last 8 minutes..ill be back
8:53:36 jwestberg penguinpants quit (timeout)
8:53:42 missyb ahhh thanks unpublished, i did not how that worked.
8:53:57 Patty Unpublished -- if Mercy doesn't pick Adam. Things will go back to where they were and Mercy will just be a stray coyote for the pack
8:54:03 Unpublished hey, i'm taking stabs in the dark here :-D
8:54:10 Lady joins Main
8:54:11 missyb this shirless man is hot
8:54:21 MoNyua This might be a repeat question, but say that she doesn't choose Sam, will he go back home?
8:54:31 Patty I hate cliffhangers -- at the end of books or the end of movies/TV series.
8:54:41 jwestberg HaveMercy! quit (timeout)
8:54:56 has esp when u have to wait for a very very very long time
8:55:04 Unpublished Does Mercy's model have tattoos like Mercy or are they done via computer graphics?
8:55:14 jwestberg but if Mercy is a stray that could be dangerous for her because the pack doesn't have to respect her. But if Mercy chose Sam I wonder if Adma would allow him to be alpha to keep Mercy safe? :-)
8:55:17 has or the show gets cancled
8:55:21 missyb i really like to have thing ended for now, you know! i like that closure.
8:55:24 Patty I don't know who turned Bran. He's powerful partially because he's so old (how old? Now that's a question <grin> I know). Partially because he's just that dominant.
8:55:48 Unpublished How old IS Bran? And Sam?
8:55:57 Unpublished he said before that Sam was born to him when he was still human
8:56:08 MoNyua Because Sam is just as old as Bran...
8:56:15 MoNyua I think
8:56:15 missyb if she didnt go with adam sam is alpha enough to keep her safe i think :)
8:56:24 Janilee Lady quit (timeout)
8:56:24 MoNyua if I can recall.....
8:56:25 Patty Missyb, If she does go with Adam, she probably won't be challenged by other females -- there just aren't that many female werewolves, and most of them are mated.
8:56:27 has Patty - the older a were is - does he get more powerful or does it depend on the natural innate ability of the person?
8:56:33 missyb slighly younger if he is the son
8:58:01 Patty The tattos come from the artist:lol: Including the pawprint tattoo (I think, though the art director or my editor might have suggested it) Dan Dos Santos is pretty awesome.
8:58:31 MoNyua Sam loves children, but I think he's too much of a loner...
8:58:33 Janilee I still have his tutorial for Moon Called
8:58:40 jwestberg yes, Sam is dominant enough to keep her safe but Mercy is still a coyote in wolf territory.
8:58:45 Emma Sweetz quit (timeout)
8:58:48 missyb penguinpants quit (timeout)
8:58:54 has I forgot to mention this but he has posted the cover for Iron Kissed
8:59:08 missyb Patty quit (timeout)
8:59:09 missyb he's make a great dad thow
8:59:17 Janilee Where?
8:59:25 MoNyua Where is the cover?
8:59:29 has its on his website
8:59:39 has let me get the linl
8:59:43 Janilee Ah, thank you.
8:59:44 Patty MoNyua, Sam won't go back to MT if Mercy doesn't pick him. He doesn't fit in there anymore. And he can't join a pack without becoming Alpha -- which he doesn't want. He already is responsible for all of his patients.
21:00:00 BlakeyGirl uh...
21:00:07 BlakeyGirl that was seriously anti climatic
21:00:12 has
21:00:22 Unpublished oh, SWEET cover!
21:00:27 Jenn thanks has
21:00:33 MoNyua Will he move out if she really does pick Adam?
21:00:44 Unpublished I even like the 'tramp stamp' (lower back ink work)
21:00:58 has sorry i totally forgot to mention that - i saw this was posted on charlaine harris board- dont know if this is the final cover have to ask Patty
21:01:05 jwestberg I never thought of Sam not wanting the Alpha position. I guess I just a ssumed with his Dad bing Marrok it woudl be expected sooner or later.
21:01:14 Patty Unpublished. I don't know if the model Dan uses has tattoos. I do know that Daniel decides what Mercy has and it changes with every book, except for the pawprint. -- I think that that artist draws them all in. They aren't photos --as good as they are.
21:01:35 BlakeyGirl theylook good enough to be photos
21:01:37 MoNyua :)
21:01:44 Patty Jwestberg -- you are right about Mercy's situation.
21:01:50 has I got the Moon called cover as my desk top at the mo
21:02:14 missyb is it at his website you said?
21:02:28 Patty Bran is very old. And Sam was his son back when he was human. So Sam is very old too.
21:02:29 has yes
21:02:38 MoNyua Of all the poses.....he did that cover...I like it...but it leaves you wondering from a male's point of view....
21:02:59 BlakeyGirl btw that anti climatic comment wasnt about u patty lol
21:03:09 has lol- its def attractive
21:03:10 Patty I know how old, but don't want to give it away too much for further books. He is older than Marsilia.
21:03:17 missyb if she chooses adam, will sam go away or will he stay? he has proven he can wait
21:03:45 has but im worried that as the series goes on Mercy wont have enough space for all the tats
21:03:58 jenglows okay, I'm back! It looks like I can't scroll up to read what I 've missed so I hope I don't re ask questions.
21:03:58 MoNyua :-0 Older than Marsilia?
21:04:14 Patty Has, Age makes them more powerful -- but who they are is more important.
21:04:27 has thanks Patty
21:04:44 Janilee MoNyua quit (timeout)
21:04:48 jwestberg okay Marsilia knows about skinwalkers because she was around when they were. If Bran is older than her, then Bran could know more about Mercy's situation thatn he lets on.
21:05:17 Patty Yep Dan posted the cover, but there will be some little changes from what he has posted.
21:05:34 jenglows I'm a huge Sam fan, so i know from other boards that puts me in the minority. But lately, I've been thinking that Mercy would be happy with someone other than a Wolf. It seems the pack ord rules are a littel t too oppresive for her
21:05:38 missyb patty could mercy have more in her than just skinwalker blood?
21:05:57 Patty MoNyua I don't know if Samuel will move out if she chooses Adam.
21:06:31 missyb Sam i feel for sam, he seems so safe and stable to me, yet exciting!
21:06:34 jenglows does she pick between the two or are there other characters we haven't met yet that could be good for her?
21:06:36 Jenn adam won' tlike that
21:06:57 missyb adom would not allow for any one else in i think
21:07:03 Unpublished As Mercy has said, she's her own woman
21:07:11 Patty has, the tattoos change on each cover. Mercy doesn't actually have all those tattoos :D
21:07:35 Patty Jwestberg -- Bran knows all. He choses what he tells:lol:
21:07:36 has that is good to know lol
21:07:43 missyb i firmly believe that everywoman can hold her own, but hey it's always nice to have a man at her back!! :)
21:07:50 Unpublished I think that, considering the history, Adam might like Sam living there. She doesn't seem the type to just move in with him until she's comfortable, and Sam being there, she's got someone to look over her without Adam coming off as overbearing.
21:07:58 jwestberg Patty that is cruel to tell me about Bran....AHHHHHHH
21:08:01 jenglows I really like Sam, I hope he can find happiness in the story even if it sin't with Mercy
21:08:24 Jenn me too jennglows
21:08:26 sleary Unpublished: I can't see that working now that Adam knows Sam is a rival
21:08:29 Patty Missyb -- I think Mercy is half human and half walker (not Skinwalker, that's a little different thing . . . skinwalkers are EVIL)
21:08:31 BlakeyGirl i agree jen
21:08:39 MoNyua I don't think my other question went through, but will Marsilia finally get to go back home?
21:08:49 jenglows Why is Bran's mate so evil? He seems like a fairly stable guy, but his chic is very mean. what's the deal?
21:09:02 missyb sorry that popped up!!
21:09:40 MoNyua Female werewolves are threatened by Mercy. She can have kids, while they cant
21:09:49 Patty I don't know if Marsilia gets to go home. She wants to, but Milan is different than it was two hundred years ago . . . you can never really go back>:-(
21:10:06 jenglows that is very true!
21:10:15 MoNyua Yeah........
21:10:37 Janilee She would probably discover there were language difficulties after 200 years.
21:10:37 Patty Bran's mate has a problem, because everyone knows that Bran was really in love with Charles (now dead) mother. It makes her a little unstable.
21:10:40 missyb didnt mercy have a great great grandfather that was were
21:10:41 missyb 21:10:46 MoNyua But will her situation be more thoroughly explained in the next coming books?
21:10:48 Psyko joins Main
21:11:06 Patty MoNyua is right about Leah, as well
21:11:09 has missyb I think it was a great uncle but not too sure
21:11:30 jenglows Why does Bran stay with her? it seems like unstable and werewolf aren't a good combination
21:11:47 Patty missyb, yes. But her relative died before she really knew him. She was raised by one of Bran's wolves and his human wife.
21:12:05 missyb i thought it was somewhere in her background, would that mean anything in her future
21:12:07 Unpublished Patty, he loved Charles mother.... obviously deeply, so why did he mate again?
21:12:23 Patty MoNyua, I assume you are talking about Leah? She'll play a big role in the Anna and Charles books
21:12:30 MoNyua Because they're
21:12:31 jenglows Hey Penguinpants - i've seen you on Ch's board! LOL
21:12:54 Patty Bran stays with her because she is his mate. And wolves don't leave their mates.
21:12:55 MoNyua Cool, I can't wait for the Anna and Charles books ^^
21:13:21 Jenn LOL MoNyua
21:13:26 missyb are you going to tell the story in a short story how they became mates?
21:13:27 Patty Or at least they don't leave their mates lightly. (Patty leaves herself an escape route if she needs it <grin>)
21:13:32 jenglows Is Anna the character briefly mentioned by Mac in Moon Called? As the girl in the cage next door?
21:13:39 MoNyua :lol:
21:13:45 missyb lol
21:13:47 jenglows LOL
21:13:51 Patty MoNyua -- Yep. Men are men.
21:14:11 Jenn Patty you are good at this----Tease!
21:14:15 missyb right and what happened to the others there with him
21:14:17 Patty penguinpants quit (timeout)
21:14:19 MoNyua Can't live with us, can't live w/o us...:D
21:14:37 Patty Missyb -- assuming you're talking about Bran and Leah -- no story planned.
21:14:48 BlakeyGirl ok i really need to go study for my exam 2morrow uck! lol but it was great chatting with everyone! thanks patty! adore the books!
21:14:50 missyb yeah, thanks patty
21:15:01 missyb bye
21:15:13 has bye blakeygirl it was great chatting with u
21:15:15 Janilee What happend to the other wolves Leo turned?
21:15:18 Patty jenglows, nope. That one died. Anna first appears in "Alpha and Omega" (Aug 2007)
21:15:22 Jenn bye
21:15:30 kar MoNyua quit (timeout)
21:15:30 BlakeyGirl tootles!!!!!
21:15:33 jenglows okay, thanks
21:15:35 Patty Bye folks :)
21:15:41 HaveMercy! Will there be any mention made of the teenage girl whose father had to cage her? The one that was sent to Bran?
21:16:01 Patty Janilee. Mostly they were used in the experiments and either died or were killed.
21:16:06 Sweetz BlakeyGirl quit (timeout)
21:16:08 jenglows thanks a lot for having this and answering everything!
21:16:24 Lady Thanks Patty
21:16:26 missyb this is pretty cool, are you doing this often?
21:16:26 Sweetz thanks soo much patty for the chat
21:16:38 MoNyua I still can't wait for the books, my hubby's getting annoyed with me talking about it.
21:16:40 Janilee Ah, to have survived turniong and then that!
21:16:43 Sweetz and thanks has for reminding me on LKH's site
21:16:43 Patty HaveMercy -- Yes. Kara will appear in the Anna and Charles books and maybe in later Mercy books
21:16:46 Jenn Yes thank you Patty
21:17:17 Patty You're welcome. Yes, we'll do it again. At least once a month if not more often. We'll see how it goes.
21:17:21 has thanks patty - I was so looking forward to this even if I had to stay up lol
21:17:21 Patty <:>
21:17:21 Janilee Does Kyle want to change or is he considering his options?
21:17:28 jenglows Oh, I have another questions about a conversation that Adam and Mercy had about the 13 yr old wolf. Kara. Adma semed to question that Mercy trusted Bran and i was wondering i
21:17:38 Patty We'll have the next one a little earlier for those on the East Coast
21:17:54 has and UK ers lol
21:17:57 Sweetz ^^
21:17:59 jenglows I was wondering if that is because Bran has other "sides" or if Adam was just surprised by it
21:18:17 jwestberg thanks Patty this was really enjoyable.
21:18:17 Patty I don't know if Kyle wants to change. He's just getting used to Warren being a werewolf <grin>
21:18:33 MoNyua I think Bran is like a grandfather who loves children very much
21:18:43 missyb i dont know about anyone else but i liked mac and was sad to see him go, he had a small part but he played it well!! :)
21:18:52 Patty I'm not leaving, just saying goodbye to those who were leaving;)
21:19:00 jenglows okay good!
21:19:05 has can we get mini blurb about Iron Kissed?
21:19:16 jwestberg Has Warren shown his wolf to Kyle yet?
21:19:29 missyb Yeah in blood bound
21:19:33 Patty jenglows -- you caught me. I don't know why Adam questions Mercy. I trust I had a reason at the time, I'll take a look at it.
21:19:41 missyb i like warren
21:19:42 missyb he
21:19:44 missyb 's
21:19:46 missyb a guy
21:19:47 Unpublished thank you for the earlier time Patty, my work runs off of your time zone, but I'm in coastal Georgia!
21:19:51 Patty has. What time is it for you?
21:20:03 has 4.20 am
21:20:15 has i live in london
21:20:21 HaveMercy! That's ugly!
21:20:32 Jenn wow 4:20
21:20:33 jenglows Ah, ha. I'll try not to do that again ( as I quickly re read all the books)
21:20:44 Jenn just 10:20- here
21:20:48 Patty MoNyua -- I think that Bran is Bran;) He is a chamleon. Remember his favorite game is appearing harmless.
21:20:51 has i know but im not sleepy but luckily I dont have to get up early tomorow
21:20:51 Unpublished wow, thought I was bad at 1120 pm!
21:21:00 jenglows I'm outside Portland, so it's early for me
21:21:07 jwestberg has that is amazing!! that is dedication to an author.
21:21:12 missyb wow, same here it's only 11:20
21:21:13 Patty Jwestberg. Yes, Warren has shown his wolf to Kyle.
21:21:13 MoNyua I have to work at 5:30
21:21:18 MoNyua a.m time
21:21:31 jenglows ouch.
21:21:46 MoNyua So i'mma go sleep in a little bit
21:22:08 jenglows Is Bran in the Anna Charles books more? He is a very interesting character. He has all sorts of wrinkles
21:22:09 has i really love this series and I just wanted to get this opportunity to chat- its really rare to do so but its hard esp when most of my fave authors are us US based
21:22:10 Patty 4:20 am Wow. I'm flattered! I don't think that moving it back is going to help you!
21:22:14 Unpublished Patty, I understand that males are males... but why did Bran mate? They have *** outside of marriage, so I can't really see the draw of Bran tying himself to Leah that way
21:22:15 missyb some things are worth staying that little bit up for huh!! :)
21:22:21 MoNyua I really like Bran. I love how you created his character.
21:22:49 MoNyua Will we find out more info about Bran later?
21:22:59 Patty jenglows: yes, Bran is in the Anna and Charles books more. (Patty rubs her hands. Bran is fun)
21:23:09 has well lucking its going to be a monthly thing so its not so bad :)
21:23:15 jenglows I like him too MoNyua, I think Bran and Sam are some of my favorites
21:23:16 has luckily
21:23:38 Patty Unpublished. Sometimes the werewolf makes the choice for the man.
21:23:41 missyb maybe he saw something in her,leah, that appealed to him, or she simply caught him at a bad time?
21:23:51 MoNyua I feel sorry for Sam, but at the same time I'm angry at him for taking advantage of her :(
21:23:57 jenglows timing is everything with men
21:24:03 MoNyua Mercy, I mean...when she was young
21:24:08 Janilee People change as wll.
21:24:09 Patty Bran is one of my favorite characters too. I love sneaky. And Bran is sneaky.
21:24:28 jenglows I don't he really took advantage of her, or atleast that wasn't his intention.
21:24:29 Jenn I like Bran too
21:24:38 HaveMercy! Hey Patty, in some were books mates will "bond" to the point where if one dies, the other soon follows. But it's always an option to bond. Will this happen in the Mercy books?
21:24:40 Jenn sneaky
21:24:44 Patty MoNyua. Remember Sam came from an age in which women commonly married as young as 13.
21:25:05 MoNyua It still happens in my culture >:-(
21:25:13 MoNyua yeah.....
21:25:24 Unpublished MoNyua, he also didn't think she loved him. He cared for her, and still cares for her (and lusts after her too) but he didn't see himself as lying to her.
21:25:35 Unpublished he figured she knew
21:25:46 Unpublished can't blame him for that really. how he was raised.
21:25:51 MoNyua That's such a guy's point of view
21:25:58 MoNyua not you, i meant Sam
21:26:00 missyb i think he really cares/loves her, but wants children that wont die too much to see beyond that maybe
21:26:04 Sweetz will sam and mercy ever have that conversation and hash out their pasts
21:26:08 Patty Have Mercy, probably the death of a mate will not mean the mate follows. Remember the werewolves are immortal -- and most of them (due to lack of female werewolves) mate with humans. Who died off pretty easily.
21:26:27 jenglows and I think he wasn't offering her a bad deal in his mind. He cares for her and would be a faithful, involoved husband and father. Many women would like that love or not
21:26:41 Patty MoNyua -- Yeah. But then Sam is such a guy <grin>
21:27:09 Unpublished I agree it's a guys point of view MoNyua, but I know a few women who have that same POV
21:27:12 Patty Sweetz, I don't know. We'll see what the story brings.
21:27:21 has I am just wondering when Mercy chooses - will there be conflict between Sam and Adam
21:27:23 missyb that is also a new angle patty for futre books, mercy and who ever she gets with, kids who are were's and there story
21:27:26 jenglows not that that would fly with me, or anyone I know... but I guess historically it's okay
21:27:32 has or will they accept her choice
21:27:37 Patty jenglows -- Yeah Leah knew what she was getting into.
21:28:25 Psyko Hi Patty, I just wanted to say that I love your books. I was wondering if there would be more about Ben and Mercy's relationship in Iron Kissed.
21:28:34 Patty has -- I don't know how much conflict there will be. Iron Kissed takes place during a very short time period. The guys will have to shake out their feelings about each other/Mercy in the next Mercy book.
21:28:38 missyb i think there is conflict now, but for mercy they dont
21:29:04 jwestberg How short of a period of time is Iron Kissed?
21:29:06 missyb act on it maybe?
21:29:12 jenglows Patty, did you say if there are any new guys Mercy can choose in iron Kissed? or does her choice happen between Adam and Sam?
21:29:34 Patty Psyko -- Hi. Yes, there will be more about Ben and Mercy's relationship in Iron Kissed. See -- I can answer a question with a straight answer sometimes:D
21:29:45 has thanks Patty I have a feeling that the book after Iron Kissed was going to deal with her choice
21:29:48 Jenn LOL
21:30:02 Unpublished Patty, are we going to see an excerpt any time soon? :-)
21:30:10 kar Lady quit (timeout)
21:30:20 Patty I've got it written down somewhere, but Iron Kissed is about two weeks of Mercy's life.
21:30:25 Psyko Thanks Patty.
21:30:32 Unpublished sleary quit (timeout)
21:30:41 jwestberg wow that is a quick paced book then.
21:30:45 Psyko Does Iron Kissed take place directly after Blood Bound?
21:30:56 MoNyua I hope Stefan doesn't try to turn her into a vamp.
21:31:16 Patty missyB -- there is conflict now (Moon Called -- Iron Kissed) but they are very careful.
21:31:18 Unpublished since she's a walker, can she be turned?
21:31:45 jenglows I bacame much more suspicios of Stephan after he made a move towards her.
21:31:49 MoNyua I think so. She's immuned to their magic, but not their blood
21:32:08 jenglows I can not spell tonight!
21:32:13 MoNyua lol
21:32:15 Psyko Will we learn more about the vampire Wulfe?
21:32:15 missyb ben and mercy bonded i think after blood bound, at the end, i see a bond ??????
21:32:27 Patty Unpublished, I'll post an excerpt for Iron Kissed sometime in October or so. I don't want to be cruel . . . I've been looking for an excerpt from "Alpha and Omega" but it will have to be short. Probably I'll post something in the next few weeks.
21:32:42 Unpublished yay! I need new book fixes
21:32:46 MoNyua Oooohhh...this is torture...
21:32:54 Patty Psyko: Yes, a few weeks after Blood Bound.
21:33:07 HaveMercy! Wulfe was creepy, why'd he keep banging his head in time to Mercy's heart? That was what he was doing, right?
21:33:11 missyb wulfe was creepy wasnt he?]
21:33:12 has yes because its going to be 8 months till iron kissed is published
21:33:18 Psyko So there's a small break period in there, thank you.
21:33:20 Patty MoNyua -- I hope Stefan doesn't try to turn her into a vamp, too.
21:33:26 Janilee Has her ankle and wrist healed by then?
21:33:34 MoNyua Wulfe sounds sneaky to me
21:33:55 Psyko I'm drawn to Wulfe, he's a mystery that I want solved.
21:34:07 MoNyua He comes off he has plans to overthrow Marsilia???
21:34:07 Patty Unpublished -- I don't think anyone knows if Mercy can be turned. But if someone tries (remember it takes a long time) -- I suspect that neither Bran, Adam or Samuel would lef the vamp live long.
21:34:12 missyb there is more there, with wulfe\
21:34:30 jenglows I like him witch/vamp combo, he shouldn't be trusted but he seems interesting to me
21:34:32 Unpublished true. gotta love the bodyguards.
21:34:47 Patty Wulfe is creepy. I like creepy. He's a little crazy, even by vamp standards . . . and like Bran he's very old.
21:35:01 MoNyua I hope to know more about him
21:35:17 has will we see nire about the ghosts and Mercy's interaction with them?
21:35:23 Janilee Is there more abour Elizabeta in Iron kissed?
21:35:27 missyb patty did you ever say how long walker live?
21:35:33 Patty Janilee. Yes, Mercy is all healed up (mostly by the end of Blood Bound, actually). Just in time to get put through the wringer again.<:>
21:35:36 jwestberg Gotta go everyone. Thanks for the wonderful chat and all the new ideas to think about.
21:35:36 MoNyua But will Stefan take advantage of her w/o her knowing?
21:35:50 jenglows What was the deal with the picture Ms.hanna gave mercy of Adam?
21:35:58 missyb see ya jwestbery
21:36:03 Emma has quit (timeout)
21:36:06 missyb jwestberg
21:36:16 Patty missyB Wulfe doesn't appear in Iron Kissed. He'll certainly appear in later books. I like him. He'll be back.
21:36:27 has bye jwestberg
21:36:33 Patty Bye jwestberg
21:36:46 Psyko Goodnight jwestberg
21:36:47 MoNyua To me, I think that's a sign that she's leaning towards Adam
21:36:55 Patty has -- yes, of course there will be more ghosts.
21:37:06 jenglows Does that pcture mean that Ms.Hanna has the ability to create solid objects and give them to Mercy or can Mercy get any ghost to do that?
21:37:13 missyb ahh than who am i thinking of? the one that helped stefan and mercy at the end of blood bound?
21:37:19 HaveMercy! Bye jwestberg
21:37:40 Patty Janilee -- Not much about Elizabeta in Iron Kissed. Maybe in the next book . . . (Patty rubs her hands. You folks give me the best ideas)
21:37:48 has yes she helped Mercy find the church where the weres and stefan was held
21:37:58 Jenn LOL
21:38:25 missyb yes we can no need for mercy to ever end!!!! :)
21:38:26 Patty MoNyua -- Stefan is old, born in a day when honor ment something. he would not take advantage of Mercy.
21:38:35 missyb lol
21:38:38 has I love Elizabeta - btw Patty is her grandson still in the dog house ( no pun intended ) really:D
21:38:44 Patty jenglows -- Mrs. Hanna likes Adam.
21:38:56 MoNyua It's hard to believe Stefan...him, being a vampire and all
21:39:12 jenglows jwestberg quit (timeout)
21:39:14 MoNyua lol
21:39:34 jenglows I liked the chocolate VW Bug - what a cute idea
21:39:35 Patty jenglows -- Mrs Hanna is an extraordinarily strong ghost. Yes, in this case it means that she was able to manipulate the real world -- which most ghosts cannot do very well.
21:39:36 Sweetz well goodnight all
21:39:43 Sweetz thanks again for the chat patty
21:39:46 missyb hey another thought did ben kinda flirt with mercy in bloodbound?
21:39:48 MoNyua I remember someone told her not to trust vampires....
21:39:50 Psyko You've skated around a lot of the romance stuff in Mercy's life, but I noticed that it had started to pick up at the end of Blood Bound. Will she become a little less stubborn when it comes to relationships in Iron Kissed?
21:39:51 Sweetz and the reminder has
21:39:51 has bye sweetz
21:39:54 Unpublished night sweetz
21:40:05 Psyko goodnight sweetz
21:40:06 MoNyua blah...i'm tired. I don't know what I'm talking about now.
21:40:19 Patty missyB -- are you thinking about Wulfe? He helped Stefan & Mercy.
21:40:20 missyb bye sweetz
21:40:23 Patty Sort of.
21:40:25 Unpublished Patty, what about past relationships with Mercy? There was Sam, but has she tried with anyone else?
21:40:31 Jenn bye
21:40:39 Patty Bye Sweetz
21:40:44 HaveMercy! Bye Sweetz
21:40:53 Janilee Sweetz quit (timeout)
21:40:55 missyb yeah i thought he helped them that was who i was talking about
21:40:56 Unpublished She seems very relaxed around men, so either Sam didn't burn that badly, or she learned to trust them.
21:41:04 Patty has -- Yes Elizaveta's grandson is still in the doghouse and very unhappy.
21:41:13 has lol
21:41:23 Janilee good
21:41:48 Jenn I have a six hour drive in the morning. Thank you so much Patty. Night!
21:41:57 has bye jenn
21:42:13 jenglows bye Jen
21:42:14 HaveMercy! bye Jenn
21:42:14 Patty jenglows. When Moon Called went into reprints the first week it was out, my editor gave me a chocolate bug. It sat on my desk for a couple of days before we all gave in. It was very good.
21:42:23 jenglows Jenn quit (timeout)
21:42:30 jenglows funny ;)
21:42:40 Patty Ben hates women. He'll do whatever he can to bother them.
21:42:58 missyb ahhh, is he gay?
21:43:05 MoNyua Might be repeat question, but will we find out if (her father lives) there are others like her and if she has half-brothers/sisters that are like her?
21:43:08 Janilee Mercy seem to handle it well.
21:43:14 Patty Psyko -- A lot less stubborn in Iron Kissed.
21:43:19 jenglows Moon Called was the first modern paranormal book I read and it opened up an entire genre for me
21:43:19 has will we get an explaination why he hates them in the books
21:43:26 Psyko I picked up on that. I like the guy, even if he is a misogynist.
21:43:34 Patty Bye Jenn drive carefully
21:44:17 missyb sam? he seemed to kinda like mercy at the end of iron kissed, or was that imagination? on my part? :)
21:44:18 Psyko Thanks Patty. I like her stubbornness, but sometimes I just feel like she should've given in.
21:44:18 MoNyua Moon Called was actually the first book I had picked up after ten years of not reading. Since then, I've been reading a few other books.
21:44:32 Patty Unpublished. She tried dating humans for a while when she was younger, but eventually gave it up -- because you can't have a relationship without being honest -- and she couldn't be honest without putting them at risk.
21:44:54 Unpublished okay, thats what I figured, just wanted to be sure.
21:45:31 Patty missyB -- Nope Ben isn't gay. Most gay men I know like women just fine. Oddly enough, a lot of lesbians I know dislike men intensely.
21:45:59 MoNyua Then why does Ben hate woman? Was he abused by his mom?
21:46:06 Patty MoNyua -- I think we'll find out more about walkers in the future. I can tell you that Mercy is not the only one left. Walkers, like coyotes, are very good at blending in.
21:46:24 missyb lol, i have a few friends who are gay and you are right!! will you ever get into why he hates women so much?
21:46:37 MoNyua :D Ahh...I can wait...
21:46:38 has will we see new spieces of supernaturals or is it just going to be confined to vamps/weres/faes and walkers
21:46:51 Patty jenglows -- Cool. I've always loved paranormal romance/urban fantasy. Like the dark stuff mixed with tough characters.
21:47:13 missyb ahhhhh, more walkers coming then!!! rocky for sam and adam????
21:47:14 Psyko With Adam and Mercy becoming closer, will more of his Pack be mentioned? I seem to only recall maybe 8 reoccuring Pack Members.
21:47:17 jenglows I've really become addicted the last year and ahlf.
21:47:24 Patty has - yes, we'll find out what makes Ben tick. I can tell you that mostly he just hates everyone.
21:47:29 Patty has quit (timeout)
21:47:31 MoNyua I'm starting to wonder if Ben hates women, because they all cheated on him....I hope not.
21:47:53 jenglows mostly just hates everyone.. sounds like a 13 year old boy
21:48:05 MoNyua :lol:
21:48:09 missyb i love reading but i read all kinds!! i just read Heather Graham's The Dead Room, that was so good!! a really great stroy!!
21:48:21 has lol
21:48:48 MoNyua Patty, but even if walkers are good at blending in, can't she sniff them out like werewolves do w/ each other?
21:48:50 Unpublished Patty, why are your werewolves immortal?
21:48:50 Patty has, Yes there are a lot of supernaturals. The weres, vamps and fae are just the most organized.
21:49:23 sleary oh, excellent. More story opportunities. ;)
21:49:26 missyb what other supernaturals are you bringing in for future books?
21:49:33 Janilee I enjoy reading how many ways old legends can be reinterpreted.
21:49:34 Patty Psyko -- Yes we'll see more of Adam's pack. Part of writing, though, is paring down the characters:-P
21:49:49 has great I really love ur insight and the world you have created its def unique and I look forward to seeing them
21:49:57 jenglows Are the Fae in this world comprised of all sorts of beings like Elves and faires too?
21:50:17 Psyko Very true. You can't exactly mention all of the people in Bran's Pack either.
21:50:26 Patty missyb -- I don't know what I'll bring in. Just the fae have a zillion different types and you'll see a handful of them in Iron Kissed <grin>
21:50:36 bec joins Main
21:50:38 Patty Heather Graham rocks.
21:51:21 HaveMercy! Patty, I was wondering if you had a favorite author?
21:51:28 missyb have you read this one yet? It rocks, it is such a great story
21:51:43 Patty Unpublished: I don't know why they came immortal. It just seemed logical that along with their ability to heal from incredible injury they should also be able to heal from aging.
21:51:48 jenglows Do you read in the genre's you also write?
21:52:29 Patty jenglows -- Yes. The fae in this world are all sorts. They just have glamour in common.
21:52:33 jenglows wish I could prevent aging ;)
21:52:44 Unpublished you and me both jen!
21:52:53 Unpublished though, you've got to admit, there are advantages to being older
21:52:58 HaveMercy! Ditto!
21:53:06 Unpublished Do the wolves stop aging when they were changed?
21:53:18 Unpublished or do they grow to adulthood and then stop?
21:53:18 Patty Have Mercy! -- I have a housefull of favorite authors. Just ask my family every time they have to move a thousand book boxes when we move [grin] Too many to mention.
21:53:21 jenglows mentally older with the body I had at 19 frozen in time would do me fine !
21:53:32 Unpublished mainly, is that little girl who was bitten, is she going to stuck a little girl forever?
21:53:32 Janilee mature not older please
21:53:33 Emma bec quit (timeout)
21:53:42 Psyko Does a Walker age just like a normal human, or is their lifespan a little longer?
21:53:53 has well they discovered a miracle cream here in the uk- people queued up for hours when it was featured on a bbc doc lol
21:54:05 Unpublished I'd go for the body at 16, with my knowledge now, that would be just fine
21:54:16 HaveMercy! A walkers lifespan seems to be the question of the night!
21:54:22 has lol#
21:54:24 jenglows Right the 13 year old, now but she was bitten when she was 9? And what about Charles? Did he become a wolf as an infant?
21:54:26 Patty jenglows -- Yes I read the genres I write. I read a lot. (About three books a day). I write in the genres that appeal to me the most. One of the reasons my editor asked if I'd write an Urban Fantasy is that we've been exchanging reading lists for a few years [grin]
21:54:30 MoNyua Hmm...I like my body now than before.
21:54:43 missyb lol, that is so true unplublished
21:55:19 Patty Unpublished -- no the wolves don't just stop ageing -- age is reversed. That is not true for vampires who remain the age they were when they were killed.
21:55:20 HaveMercy! Isn't Charles the only born were?
21:55:32 missyb i like my body before two kids and a c-section
21:55:34 Unpublished okay, i forgot that part, thanks
21:55:41 has lol
21:55:47 missyb but am working on getting it somewhat back!! :)
21:55:54 Unpublished missyb, i was married by 19 and i'd suffered that whole 'body is the first thing to go' thing
21:55:55 jenglows no joke missyb- me too !
21:56:00 Patty If changed as a child, a werewolf will grow to maturity -- they just won't age
21:56:01 Unpublished sixteen, i was single and looked better LOL
21:56:13 missyb lol
21:56:32 missyb i married by 19 too he was 20
21:56:36 Patty Psyko -- no one has told Mercy what age will do to her. If Bran knows, he hasn't told her either.
21:56:40 Unpublished okay, thank goodness! it'd be terrible to be stuck as a 9 year old!
21:56:44 MoNyua sounds just like me.
21:56:55 MoNyua married by 18
21:57:03 Unpublished i married army, we marry young
21:57:10 has its like in anne rice claudia stuck as a child vamp or wulf
21:57:16 Patty Yes, Charles is the only born were. He also has a bit of magic from his mother's family.
21:57:17 missyb but in were world what is mature? 16,
21:57:27 jenglows wow. I was much older when I was married and didn't have kids until 28
21:57:34 MoNyua Wow, that's pretty cool.
21:57:49 Unpublished i'd like my 16 year old body back missyb LOL
21:58:04 Unpublished can charles supress his changes, like his mother could?
21:58:06 has im not really concerend about body image maybe its due to my disability - its about acceptence i think
21:58:12 Psyko Thankfully I have a few years before marriage or kids.
21:58:13 jenglows How old do the were's look? twentyish ? thirtyish?
21:58:16 MoNyua I wish they had a miracle cream to get rid of all the marks thoug :(
21:58:17 missyb lol we just had our 11 th married year, and together for 13
21:58:20 Patty has -- a vamp could be stuck as a child -- though it takes a long time to change a human to vampire so they couldn't be a very young child. Ewe. That just gave me an aweful idea. I probably won't use it.
21:58:24 HaveMercy! Good ? Unpublished.
21:58:46 Unpublished ty HaveMercy!
21:58:49 Unpublished :-)
21:58:53 Patty missyB -- Wolves stop in mid twenties, which is when our human bodies start to break down.
21:59:01 Unpublished i'm nosy and a reviewer, i'm terrible
21:59:02 Psyko So what is Wulfe's rough age? Teens, right?
21:59:12 missyb ahh i did not know that thank you
21:59:37 has but ther is something very scary about a child es vamp children
21:59:47 jenglows It's hard for me to wrap my mind around power and authority in a 22 year old kid
21:59:50 Patty Unpublished: I don't know if Charles can stop his changes, he hasn't tried. It didn't do his mother any good (it's why she died). Maybe he'll get put into a position where it becomes important. . .
22:00:02 MoNyua Ok, night everyone. It was wonderful to talk to you Patty.
22:00:06 missyb yeah it is creepy, hamilton had one in one of her books and it seemed weird
22:00:13 has iithnk it was in interview with a vampire where lestat describes changing his entire family even the babies and that was scary
22:00:17 Unpublished Patty, what about smoking? They're immortal, but could they suffer the effects of cancer, or liver damage from drinking?
22:00:25 missyb night Monyua
22:00:37 jenglows by MoNyua
22:00:40 Patty jenglows -- how old they look sort of depends upon the weres. Less than thirty and more than twenty usually
22:00:43 has bye monyua
22:00:48 has MoNyua quit (timeout)
22:01:04 HaveMercy! Night Monyua
22:01:14 missyb i only saw the movies of that, i never read any of her vamp books, i read the naughty beauty books!!!
22:01:19 has but can an alpha stop a change for other werewolves?
22:01:35 Patty night MoNyua. I think I'm head out, too. I'll post the next chat when we get to it. Thanks for showing up! Hugs to you all.
22:01:40 jenglows okay, my mental picture of Bran, Adam and Sam is more early thirties. I think guys don't really look like Men until about 28ish
22:01:53 Psyko Thanks for answering all of our questions Patty. :)
22:01:59 Unpublished Night Patty, thanks for doing this, it was fun!
22:02:07 Psyko kar quit (timeout)
22:02:12 HaveMercy! Thanks so much Patty! Keep up the good work!
22:02:12 Janilee Thank you, I enjoyed this. Must pumpkin as well.
22:02:15 has yes im glad I stayed up - I really enjoyed it
22:02:16 Psyko Have a good night.
22:02:21 jenglows Yep, Soprano's is on! thanks again for the Chat patty! Keep writing faster and faster ;)
22:02:29 missyb night patty and thanks this was fun
22:02:31 Patty Unpublished. Nope no cancer, no ill effects from drinking :) Adam looks older . . . it's in his manner. When he sleeps he looks younger :) Night all
22:02:33 jenglows Bye bye
22:02:39 Patty Patty quit